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  1. @Toogie53 Glad your Dad caught it before it got worse. I hope he heals up fully and has no more issues, that is really scary.
  2. What if they release an extended director's cut bluray collection and in it Obi-Wan had the low ground?


    1. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      I would consider it non canon :( no part of "low ground" exists in Obi Wans vocabulary, thats just blasphemous 

  3. I bet people in the "Don't break the Chain" thread would like this. I don't think my streak would be longer than a few days but the random stats are one of the only things that interest me about trophies so I am all for it.
  4. I had no neuro grenades but my gf did and the boss was literally unable to attack for her entire fight. Just don't throw them when he is doing his first animations after getting down from the crates he climbs on. Then press the shotgun against his chest and blast away till he is able to move again. I save the RAMROD for his head and when he climbs on the crates I pelt him with standard pistol rounds. When he hops down again RAMROD his head and blast his chest with shotgun rounds. If you run out of RAMROD (which you obviously will even if you had triple your ammo) just use the shotgun at point blank range. If he does go to attack you just hold block.
  5. I went with the "other" option for RE7's Lucas Baker.
  6. Finished the Hard-Hardcore mode in Trine 2 with my gf the other day. It wasn't hard at all honestly, I think the trophies are so rare because compared to the first release on the ps3 they actually require you to play the game. I'll have the other trophies done on it by tomorrow but I won't be getting the platinum till later this month. RE7 and FFXV dlc are about to take up my freetime, very excited!
  7. Been a year and a half but Raiden has finally saved up enough cash for a Mariachi outfit this Christmas.
    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance platinum obtained.

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    2. BG_painter


      :O!! wow! that's very cool! It was one of my first games in ps3 and i loved it sooooo much... Buti don't think i cant be revengence mode with s rank lol 😅

    3. RVMcypress_grave


      @BG_painter You can definitely do it! If you haven't started it yet it you may not know this but Revengeance mode is kinda easy since the counter attack damage is through the roof.
      tvx and I just saved the mariachi costume so that we could get the platinum at the same time. 😄

    4. BG_painter


      I need to properly learn how to counter parry. 😬


  8. Finally got the $10 from Sony rewards. It is counting up again so this is repeatable? Really cool if it is, I'll have another $10 in a few days.

    1. Mako


      Yeah seems like it is, Plat one might be a monthly thing or smth because last time i finished it, it wasn't there. Gold and silver definitely repeat.

    2. RVMcypress_grave


      I only finished it the other day and it says it is at 2 out of 10 so I guess I'll have to wait and see. Their counter is really poor, it doesn't update properly even after the 5 day wait period. 

      I lucked out in saving so many platinums saved, between me and my gf we'll end up with $70 in psn money for seconds of work. I just cooked a ration in MGS: PW today and got a platinum. lol 

    3. Froopy


      Aw, fudge.  I knew I forgot to do something.  Congratulations though!

  9. Today is my one hundred and eleventh platinum!

    Alas, eleventy-one platinums are far too few to have among such excellent and admirable games.

    I haven't played half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve (lookin at you Blazblue...).

    So I guess at this point I slip on the ring, which in trophy terms is probably a thumbdrive loaded with other people's saves and I disappear by getting removed from the leaderboard. Sounds like a lot of work.


    1. Scyther


      Nice work!

    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    3. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

  10. If any of you croak I'm going to be ticked off. Don't ruin my holiday, lookin at you toogie and ImplyingYouCare. Seriously though I am glad you are both ok. Soooo update time: I've been getting other platinums since the 3rd I started working on the Trine 2 Hard-Hardcore playthrough yesterday. It isn't that hard so far but I am only a little over halfway. I don't like using guides so I have just been figuring it out for myself but I've been playing it since it came out on ps3 so it isn't anything new. I didn't even bother to finish finding all the exp so I could technically make it easier on myself if I find a level too hard. I have to say Amadeus is super useless most of the time. Had to restart an entire level because he had no way of damaging a boss even though I had him in a safe spot and the level would end if I hit it like 2 times 😑. He does come in handy fighting the flameswords though, I'll give him that. Haven't started Bioshock or Hatoful Boyfriend yet but they won't take too long to complete even though I will be taking my time and a buttload of screenshots.
  11. If I click X on my ps3 and vita at the same time I will get two Hot Shots Golf platinums.

    I don't see how but I wonder if that would cause issues with anything...

    1. Phil


      Nice. I haven't touched the vita one in a long time. I never did buy the ps3 version. Kinda wish I had. Oh well. Congrats. That's a nice tough plat.

    2. ee28max


      That's really great, especially when it's 2 plats at the same time :).

  12. lol, same thing happened to me. I lost Jessica (at the end), Ashley, and Mike. I realized as soon as I made the choice for the first two that I was probably screwed. With Mike I was just mistaken with what I thought I was supposed to do to save him, literally one "move" away from getting him out. Oh well.
  13. My girlfriend refers to them as "The Yharnam Boys". lol I didn't see anyone mention this so I just want to add that your equipped runes are very important. If you are going to riposte the boss you can even get health back for the visceral followup with some of the runes.
  14. I did them all with the default hands, including the added maps, and they aren't that bad with practice and a good spot. It would be much easier if you use your multiplayer hand though since you can get much better cards and faster cooldowns. I can't remember but I think the trait might work as well. If you aren't already in 3rd person you should switch to it. I prefer first person but the game is broken lock-on and hit detection wise, so much easier in 3rd p.
  15. How have you been my friend? :) Hunting a lot of trophies?

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    2. BG_painter


      Hi ^_^ i have been painting a lot and i think maybe next month my canvas will be ready, then i'll post it here... it's going to be the first time i paint a fantasy art character! Overall i am doing very good, i love Christmas and i am cooping a lot some games with hubby, we started Bloodborne from scratch again :D .


      Now that you mentioned it, our ps3 sounds like a jet engine too >_<... it's very old... probalby won't last very long :(

    3. RVMcypress_grave


      Awesome, I can't wait to see it! 
      Christmas and Halloween are the best holidays, I'm excited for presents. 😈

      Bloodborne is amazing! If you turn off the HUD you can get some great screenshots. Using the monocle with it off lets you set up some really cool pictures. My gf figured it out and we used to have photo sessions a lot (probably more than actually playing the game. lol):










    4. BG_painter


      i can't see the hidden content 😭 you sure hid it alright!! 😂