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  1. I have some bad news. I just unlocked Perfect Explorer... but to do so I had to use Giveexplorernote up to 690 -- if you hit 350 or so, I would then try 688, 689, and 690 and see if it unlocks then. I know for sure that 688-690 are required, but I don't know which ones between 350 and 688 that are/aren't required. I did try GiveAllExplorerNotes at about 450 -- but that still froze the game and I had to restore from a save backup.
  2. Same issue here with a ps4 pro. It unlocked the first 3 achievements and then just crashes. Even after deleting save and starting fresh it just locks the game and doesn't unlock any further trophies. Looks like you managed to get the 40% one to unlock at least.
  3. Unless this is different than the xbox one version this is misleading. The leaderboards do in fact reset spring 1 of each year, but you dont lose your overall D,C,B,A, or S rank and the point total is cumulative over the years even if the leaderboards isnt. I had 17k points at the end of year 1, leaderboard reset and when I had gotten 500 more points on day 5 of year 2 the achievement popped. I'd assume it's the same on playstation. You just have to get 17.5k reputation points over the course of the game to unlock S rank, doesnt have to be in one year.
  4. Heres more details:
  5. With gmail you can use a single email as multiple either using periods i.e. [email protected] and [email protected] both go to the same place or you can do [email protected] and [email protected] etc and all 4 emails should all go to the same email address. That way you only have 1 email address but you can have multiple psn accounts linked to it.
  6. There was an issue with profile updates yesterday - or at least there was a banner on the site about it. Your automatic update was probably just caught up in that.
  7. Unfortunately, it looks like you just chose a really bad month to do the multiplayer trophies. I know at launch the event missions took like less than 30 minutes to complete -- and the multiplayer then was pretty dead too. I spread the trophies out over 2 months so I wouldn't have to actually worry about grinding it out -- but I think by using saves you might be able to get all the multiplayer trophies just by completing the events for a single month, i.e. save and then buy all the things you need for one and then reload the save and repeat. The events do change monthly, so for someone looking at getting them -- if your not in a hurry, you can wait for an easier month. That said, I really need to get back to this game... but your post definitely makes me dread rest of the grind haha.
  8. My guess would be that the ps4 doesn't wake that specific hdd in sleep mode for updates. It might be related to some sort of power saving mode or something on the drive itself. Mine seems to update fine in sleep mode though.
  9. Luckily the trophy requirements are here:
  10. Nothing too impressive for me Total Hours: 146 1) Nier Automata - 30 hours 2) Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - 28 hours 3) FFXIV - 21 hours
  11. I'm doing something similar, but instead of going through my entire backlog I've picked the games I know I want to play this year. Admittedly, I think my game list for this is like 70+ games (compared to several hundred in the backlog) and there's no way I can get through them all this year. I've broken my list down to smaller chunks as well to make it a little easier to pick out a game to play, but I'm going with the "played until no longer interested" method, instead of having to complete/platinum it. I figure I may have wasted money on them already, but I don't necessarily need to waste time on them too if I'm not enjoying them.
  12. From what I've read, it has to be 5 domination battles in a single chapter and not just overall.
  13. Anyone having issues getting this to unlock? Most guides say its 50% of whats needed for The Cat Lady quest and I'm 36/55 for that quest so far and the trophy hasn't unlocked yet. Was it updated to be 50% of all cats? Edit: Unlocked as soon as I got my 37th cat...