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  1. Your images don't load, unfortunately. Can you confirm all of these show up on your stat screen with kills? Grazer Scrounger Scrapper Spikesnout Plowhorn Charger Lancehorn Bristleback Fanghorn Widemaw Glinthawk Snapmaw Sunwing Clamberjaw Rockbreaker Tideripper Frostclaw Fireclaw A couple of them are off the beaten path and easy to miss if you aren't going after them.
  2. You mentioned that nothing shows in your stats as 0, so figured i would mention this..If you haven't killed a machine it doesn't show up at all in your stats -- there is no 0 indicator. If you haven't already, compare the machines listed in your stats to the list of machines you need for the trophy and see if any are missing from your stats page.
  3. The anniversary upgrade -- the 19.99 purchase one -- applies to ps5 even if it only says ps4 in the description
  4. Creation club content doesn't disable trophies.. at least it didn't in the special edition.
  5. I've completed the dlc on xbox and the list isn't too bad. Most are story related that you'll get just by progressing. At least one missable. Refuge camp isn't very demanding... mostly waiting around (similar to the tavern I guess). If you aren't in end game it might be more difficult... because you have to have them loaded up with food and water (any type, it just has to provide so much energy per refuge per day)
  6. Exact same thing for me as well.
  7. I don't have any unlocked. There's someone else with the platinum that unlocked at least some of the dlc trophies, so I imagine they work the same
  8. My save is from 8/21/16 so I'm not sure how accurate the information is anymore -- but according to the milestones I have 61 warps.
  9. Yeah, the trophy list autopops when you load your ps4 save. When you load up no mans sky ps4 there is an option to upload the save in game at the bottom of your list of saves (after hitting play game). When you load up no mans sky on ps5 there is an almost hidden cloud icon after you hit play game underneath the different new game options (survival, permadeath, creative, etc). It's a little hard to see, but if you hit that it will load your save and then auto pop any trophies unlocked in the ps4 version.
  10. I have some bad news. I just unlocked Perfect Explorer... but to do so I had to use Giveexplorernote up to 690 -- if you hit 350 or so, I would then try 688, 689, and 690 and see if it unlocks then. I know for sure that 688-690 are required, but I don't know which ones between 350 and 688 that are/aren't required. I did try GiveAllExplorerNotes at about 450 -- but that still froze the game and I had to restore from a save backup.
  11. Same issue here with a ps4 pro. It unlocked the first 3 achievements and then just crashes. Even after deleting save and starting fresh it just locks the game and doesn't unlock any further trophies. Looks like you managed to get the 40% one to unlock at least.
  12. Unless this is different than the xbox one version this is misleading. The leaderboards do in fact reset spring 1 of each year, but you dont lose your overall D,C,B,A, or S rank and the point total is cumulative over the years even if the leaderboards isnt. I had 17k points at the end of year 1, leaderboard reset and when I had gotten 500 more points on day 5 of year 2 the achievement popped. I'd assume it's the same on playstation. You just have to get 17.5k reputation points over the course of the game to unlock S rank, doesnt have to be in one year.
  13. Heres more details:
  14. With gmail you can use a single email as multiple either using periods i.e. [email protected] and [email protected] both go to the same place or you can do [email protected] and [email protected] etc and all 4 emails should all go to the same email address. That way you only have 1 email address but you can have multiple psn accounts linked to it.
  15. There was an issue with profile updates yesterday - or at least there was a banner on the site about it. Your automatic update was probably just caught up in that.