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  1. It poped in off-line mode. Thx for help!
  2. All my attempts was in adventure mode. Im using Ring of the Admiral so even small hit would take half of my Hp. Next try will be in off-line mode.
  3. Singe and im 100% sure he didnt hit me. Im gonna try again today.
  4. I done this 4 times today and no trophy pop ;( it must be done in campaign or adventure?
  5. Same here :/ Level 50 and no trophy
  6. Coz of friendly fire i prefer to play solo. And the best for Me was Rufus with all his death spells and cool look
  7. About last boss. You don't need to destroy all 6 tower's. You need to destroy only that tower which kind of dmg you want to do. My strategy on hardcore was - Run around Her jump over steam beam do some dmg and when tower rebuild destroy it again with counter element. Thats all Nice guide cheers
  8. After patch 1.06 Ringer of Runes Trophy is bugged. I tried with 2 chars and without buying from shopkeeper and still nothing. So at this time PLATINUM trophy is unachievable.