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  1. idk about that mate, i believe it's time limited. i downloaded the game on 2 different accounts and after deleting the game on both, the game didn't save up on my library and i had to dowload the game directly from the ps store
  2. i'm on the verge like you as well, even though i like shenmue 1 and 2, i feel like Shenmue 3 is not worth $60 for a kickstarter game and the "almost" scam that happened to the backers, but if you are a real fan of the saga, you'll be pleased with your purchase regardless of the price, but personally i'll wait till it's like $40-$45.
  3. the premium Delivery time order from Film Director to Willian Lake give you more than 1000 likes and it's the easiest one as well. as you keep doing deliveries, more and more will appear across all facilities, don't mind to much about those ones (especially the ones with a lot of cargo) until you have a good red of ziplines and some roads complete and also level 3 trucks.
  4. i believe that ziplines and others' structures will be there unless you destroy them, though i don't know if destroying them will affectt both sides.
  5. i would power level your character, but i don't have plus at the moment, though i can give you some level 50 guns if you want and level 50 gear if you are a Zane main. and yes you should finish everything and hit level 50 before doing the Circles of Slaughther, including the proving grounds. also those green guns will deal almost no damage, you will need better gear and guns overall. Also if you want a really good gun, farm a tiny tink with a big head in athenas, he drops the legendary westergun at a high rate (on mayhem 3 is 100& guaranteed).
  6. Maybe i'm gonna get hate for putting this one, i don't hate it and i'm not saying that it's a bad game, but good God i couldn't get into Shadow Of The Colossus for some reason, i tried it 4 times and i just couldn't get to like the game :/.
  7. DLCs not on disk again... bruh
  8. I got the Platinum yesterday and all i can say is that it was easier than i thought it would be, Dragon Mines was my biggest problem soo somehow i managed to go through the shortcut in the first two laps and then just played the last lap normally since Oxide was far behind, besides this track, most of them were really easy. and man after finishing the oxide's trials i went to Adventure Mode on Hard and it was a breeze. if you feel confident about your skills (which you should be) then watch some videos from this Youtuber . also note that you don't need to do the trials like him, just try to take advantage on some key parts of the tracks and you're golden. Good luck to everyone:)
  9. damn for real? is it that bad? i was gonna get it day one because it looks like a very interesting game, but after the experience i had with Fallout 4 (broken mess at launch & still broken in some areas) back then, i've been really careful with what i buy. hope it gets a fix day one.
  10. this game... WAS the game for me, i'm so happy and ready to play this!!
  11. the exact same thing happened to me, got it at my 49 match and all of them with Kompetitive mode on. the exact same thing happened to me, got it at my 49 match and all of them with Kompetitive mode on.
  12. everything goes to standard soo yeah no need to worry about that. the only scary thing about this console version of the game is the framerate and lag input.
  13. did you complete them while being online? it happened to me today because the servers weren't working and had to do most of them again. seems like in order to track eveything in the game you need to be online.
  14. Release check option.