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  1. Too human 2!!...... nah just kidding but for real i would like to see a new Voodo Vince, Alan Wake 2, a new Blink, and why not another Forza:p
  2. the trophy description says "expand your inventory slots to max". if you collected the one you said and that one didn't expand your inventory to the max, the trophy will not pop. but you can still do it on the other A scenario if you don't want to repeat the same you started with
  3. if it happens to appears in the library, it is actually not that hard to trick him 2 tips: - Use the strategy for the bookshelfs by moving the first one and then most of them should move alongisde aswell - just trick him by going up by the stairs then climb down the ladder in front of the bookshelfs, and that should give you plenty of time to move them without wasting a flash granade or any ammo to stun him. pd: i bet that you have already passed this part by now, but i hope this can help everyone else
  4. Hi there, from my experience season passes/expansions (or at least 99% of them) should work fine for both and also the themes from pre-order except Avatars (I Hate Sony for this) meanwhile the bonus content in game (like cosmetics and in-game currency) well... it really depends on the game, for example in call of duty black ops 4, you can play in multiple accounts (even at the same time/in the same lobby) the season pass content like the mutiplayer maps and zombie maps, but you don't receive the Cod points on another account besides the one were the game was bought. so mate, at the end you'll need to find for yourself reganding Anthem when it comes out, or maybe someone here has better info about it.
  5. Merry christmas and thanks for the giveaway Sir. can't remember having a good christmas, for me these were like just... normal days.
  6. very kind of you and thanks for the Giveaway. these are pretty much the ones i would like to see in the future. 1. Crysis 4 2. a new Silent Hill like the PT demo.
  7. I Have two questions, if someone can help pls: - Do I need to install the main game again for this or can i just directly download it from the PS Store by just owning the game? - From what I've read above most of the trophies auto-pop, so my quiestion is what are the one that auto-pop?
  8. There's a good amount of multiplayer trophies. although I don't know if you can boost them with another player in pirvate matches.
  9. Watch a few episodes of NicoB's Playthough on Youtube and then you can see whether it's for you or not. (they contain spoilers btw) Personally this game is heavily based on the characters and the story, so that means that if you rush through the game, you'll not have the complete experencie you are looking/paying for.
  10. Damn Activision NEVER care about consumers :/ Toys for Bob Will Regret the day they decided to work with them... I'm afraid of what greedy/anti-consumer stuff they're gonna pull off with Sekiro.
  11. Hi, put me in^^ Favorite horror movies have to be "The Grudge" series. Have a good day.
  12. Second one. Solo or with a group of 2-4, it does not matter.
  13. Game informer just uploaded a 14 minutes long gameplay video of call of duty black ops 4 zombie map "voyage of despair", everyone should watch it since there's some really usefull information about the zombie mode.
  14. I've heard rumors that there's no multiplayer, someone can confirm or has a reliable source of this info?
  15. Do you need to even care about the trophies, when your nostalgia hits you hard whitin your heart :') eagerly waiting till november.