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  1. Do you need to even care about the trophies, when your nostalgia hits you hard whitin your heart :') eagerly waiting till november.
  2. You can buy those later in post-game, but I don't wanna spoil you so there's no need to rush it.
  3. You should have all of them unlocked already, I earned the trophy before the first time I landed on Snilfhein.
  4. Darksiders 3 come out in the busy march's month along with Sekiro and DMC 5.
  5. I can sense such a game grumps' vibe in your comment
  6. Too early mate, we don't have a full grasp of what the last releases might gonna be. But at this time of the year, clearly God of war.
  7. Well, not impressive, same as last year release, I need an upgrade, though Did not bought a single one since 2016 so perhaps this is the time to buy some new madden.
  8. LegacykillaHD' youtube channel has plenty information and gameplay footage from the game, go check it out and hope that it can clear out your thoughts:)
  9. Yeah, the 2nd one would it be the most reasonable option, personally I'd get myself into my friends' servers and then from there on play the game solo.
  10. Use the video above, it will help on your road to the plat, earning gold cups is a walk in a park, i'm just 1 silver cup away from max level of awesomeness, and i also have 40 diamond cups, another advice is to try to copy players' shadows that have better scores.
  11. I grew up playing Operation Genesis on my pc, man i am so hyped for this, but my wallet is empty AF. Trophies overall sounds shortly grindy but also easy , hope you all enjoy this game that looks great
  12. Yes, you can make a private lobby with 2 players. I got my last 2 wins for the trophy with just 1 more person.
  13. I hope powerpyx can share a solution, or maybe there's an option to replay mission, i really wanna play this game with my partner :/
  14. I will play far cry solo yeah, but that doesn't make the game less repetitive, well at the end its all about wich genre you like the most too, one is a jrpg and other is an open world first person shooter. Thanks for the info too Edit: sorry to say that it doesnt make the game less repetitive (like i already play the game lol) my bad:)