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  1. Hi Everyone, and Welcome to the PSN community, just wanna let you all know that topics are not meant for boosting sessions, if you own the game then go to "gaming sessions" on top of the page, and then on "create session" and do it the way prefer (you can only put a game you own). hope it helps
  2. big thanks to Sekiro Guru for showing us the wisdom of Shinobi cheesy techniques. although i did not used the glitches on bosses, only the cheeses.
  3. does it matter when you have the MKX Plat but not the plat for injustice 2? maybe he got burned down like me with the RNG trophy and stopped playing for the plat. nice to see that you are glad with the list but some of us wanted at least one or two trophies than meant a challenge for the plat, at the end of the day is a FG no matter what.
  4. here i am hoping for KoTH Offline, it would be so nice with friends.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to answer, Right now i'm running' two Builds based most on how powerful they are for the end game content and why not: they look so fun to play with too. The Builds are these two: Tectonic Slam Juggernaut (Melee) and Storm Brand Elementalist (Witch) From the website of poe builds. yeah and there's those extra problems you have on consoles.
  6. Watch for Builds here to https://www.poebuilds.net (it has video tutorials and for the builds too) because one of the problems of being a noob (myself) is that you can't respec your whole Skill Tree. so you do need to know where to go, and with that giant skill tree is really overwhelming without a specific Build guide.
  7. is this Build better than the famous Winter orb Elementalist?
  8. MKX was a breeze (just grindy), so this one looks like a free & time consuming plat. but regardless of the trophies i will put on it like 300hr+ over the course of the year bc i LOVE Mortal Kombat:)
  9. crafting is available after you have unlocked your first Hideout and regarding gems... well feels like there's RNG sometimes with the rewards.
  10. Does Dragonrot has the effect to permanently kill NPCs infected by it? or it only affects the Unseen Aid %?
  11. it has 3 trophies related to collectibles, although you'll only need 75% of them
  12. i'm running out of time, i hope i can sell my copy of Resident Evil 2 so that i can buy Sekiro. if all goes well then is Day one for me.
  13. yeah! i don't know if it was SunlightBlade or someone else that stated that you cannot cheese your way in this game by spamming the attack buttons and it will be more difficult even for good DS/BB players. i spect this to be a 10-15% rarity plat.
  14. an USB storage devices/ Cloud saves are your best friends when it comes to these problems. My save file from Dark Souls 3 got corrupted once (60+ hours) and i was about to lose my mind, since then whenever i'm playing a game (doesn't matter the length) i save like 4-5 times a week. sorry to hear that you made a mistake by deleting your account mate.
  15. Yup! My bad. Timeline before Capcom changed it was: 3-1-4-2 Now it is: 3-1-2-4 thanks for the correction by the way.