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  1. yes, but you can do them all solo as well, the GEO main character constructs works, as well as amber's weird puppet, for some reason though Guoba doesn't works on the plates. here's a video if u need help with any of them:
  2. i still remember, hella broken at launch (at least for me).
  3. they do, i got the trophy for 5 items with just one topper and 4 blueprints a while ago. they are really hard to get! in casuals you only get blueprints every 6 to 7 games, and i believe 6 to 7 games on competitive but you'll earn items here as well.
  4. nah, i don't recommend that unless it is one of your 1st trophies or your last trophy and you don't want to play the game anymore after the plat. i said i got my data corrupted and i HAD to do it and then the trophy popped, i've never played this game before till it became free to play. the beauty of living on a 3rd world country and having continuous dead short/short circuits (this is why my data got corrupted).
  5. i got the trophy yesterday but for some reason i unlocked it after my data got corrupted and made a new save in game, though all my personal stats were erased and thus other trophies like rocket repleter got reset and i have to do them all over again.
  6. 140+ wins and officially burnt out, played way to much... i'm just waiting for my last trophy (Squad Goals). thou i'd say that i've chocked in more than 50% of my final lol
  7. if anyone didn't find any luck with the multiplayer trophy, try to play on sundays, there's even people running events for it, i completed the 3 matches in like 1 hour or so with almost no waiting.
  8. I got the trophy like 3 days ago (SOLO btw), no joke i have around 50+ crowns, but never intended to go for this trophy after i got my 3rd 3 win-streak and decided to go for it and start using the exploit, and all i can say is that this trophy relies on like 20% skill (mostly it is just level knowledge, except for hex-a-gone though still involves a lil bit of luck) and like 80% luck and that could be even higher down the road bc of you getting better players at finals each day. not only that, you need to know how to play against the delay the game has as well! not only with your inputs but with your rivals as well, but after saying all this i still encourage everyone to go for this trophy now that there's an exploit still working and have a higher chance to not get many good players at finals because down the road this trophy will be a nightmare. Good luck everyone, play safe and don't give up.
  9. yeah kinda, but i believe you can still die and keep playing.
  10. idk about that mate, i believe it's time limited. i downloaded the game on 2 different accounts and after deleting the game on both, the game didn't save up on my library and i had to dowload the game directly from the ps store
  11. i'm on the verge like you as well, even though i like shenmue 1 and 2, i feel like Shenmue 3 is not worth $60 for a kickstarter game and the "almost" scam that happened to the backers, but if you are a real fan of the saga, you'll be pleased with your purchase regardless of the price, but personally i'll wait till it's like $40-$45.
  12. the premium Delivery time order from Film Director to Willian Lake give you more than 1000 likes and it's the easiest one as well. as you keep doing deliveries, more and more will appear across all facilities, don't mind to much about those ones (especially the ones with a lot of cargo) until you have a good red of ziplines and some roads complete and also level 3 trucks.
  13. i believe that ziplines and others' structures will be there unless you destroy them, though i don't know if destroying them will affectt both sides.
  14. i would power level your character, but i don't have plus at the moment, though i can give you some level 50 guns if you want and level 50 gear if you are a Zane main. and yes you should finish everything and hit level 50 before doing the Circles of Slaughther, including the proving grounds. also those green guns will deal almost no damage, you will need better gear and guns overall. Also if you want a really good gun, farm a tiny tink with a big head in athenas, he drops the legendary westergun at a high rate (on mayhem 3 is 100& guaranteed).
  15. Maybe i'm gonna get hate for putting this one, i don't hate it and i'm not saying that it's a bad game, but good God i couldn't get into Shadow Of The Colossus for some reason, i tried it 4 times and i just couldn't get to like the game :/.