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  1. I was able to pop my trophy after getting 1143 kills. Was planning to try my hardest to get 1k in this season but looks like there was no need for that now. Also thx @JD-D2 that site definitely helped make tracking easier lol.
  2. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds • NA All 38 Trophies 3rd April 2021 • Platinum in 6 months, 3 weeks PS4 Well I finished this sooner than I thought, after having the 1k Kill trophy glitch on me I was prepared to spend my whole weekend on this game too, only took an extra 143 kills for it to pop 😅. Gotta thank @bruin-rocks for playing alongside with me from the start this game would've been 1000x more boring and painful without him. Rarity-0.90%
  3. I'd like to join been meaning to get back into my backlog and clear a lot of my older games (lots of cod dlc) and the big ones Like Pub G, Monster hunter, Sfv, etc.
  4. Plat#300 Persona 5 What is there to be said? 10/10 baybeee
  5. Nfs most wanted
  6. NFS when

    1. Unwanted_Kermit
    2. uJamii


      My man was down bad for NFS 👀

    3. Unwanted_Kermit



  7. Well 13 sentinels was just added, definitely gonna yoink that for sure.
  8. Plat#289 RE3 remake One of my fav games of 2020, gald I was actaully able to play it now without seeing that overheat message.
  9. Plat#288 Spongebob battle for bikini bottom rehydrated I have no idea why I was slacking on this game it was so much fun.
  10. Oh yeah the reboot 🥴 lol. I might actually do that tho doesn't sound too bad.
  11. Sign me up for East blue please, I got burning blood done
  12. Damn congrats, I had to rely on items so much especially for some vergil fights when it came to dmd, That jump cancel really does help alot once you get the hang of it though.GL on 4 and 5 those are 2 games I gotta go back in finish myself one day.
  13. Plat#287 Cuphead, Very fun played it alot on my switch.
  14. I like this it's pretty cool, you got some really nice games done too.(Loved the difficulty ratings you gave for the dmc games haha.)