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  1. Well 13 sentinels was just added, definitely gonna yoink that for sure.
  2. Plat#289 RE3 remake One of my fav games of 2020, gald I was actaully able to play it now without seeing that overheat message.
  3. Plat#288 Spongebob battle for bikini bottom rehydrated I have no idea why I was slacking on this game it was so much fun.
  4. Oh yeah the reboot 🥴 lol. I might actually do that tho doesn't sound too bad.
  5. Sign me up for East blue please, I got burning blood done
  6. Damn congrats, I had to rely on items so much especially for some vergil fights when it came to dmd, That jump cancel really does help alot once you get the hang of it though.GL on 4 and 5 those are 2 games I gotta go back in finish myself one day.
  7. Plat#287 Cuphead, Very fun played it alot on my switch.
  8. I like this it's pretty cool, you got some really nice games done too.(Loved the difficulty ratings you gave for the dmc games haha.)
  9. Jujutsu kaisen and haikyuu
  10. That's Fat
  11. Yesssir I love the smell of Autos Me Bois
  12. A banger indeed
  13. I'm waiting for it lol
  14. Yessssirrr