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  1. I think you're right. I sacrificed all four survivors a number of times, but I didn't get two pips. When I got two pips in a match, I would obtain the particular Adept trophy.
  2. Still bugged to this day. It has soon been bugged for 5 months.
  3. Still bugged. Two attempts in a row with all four kills in Evil Within III while survivors are standing. Nothing. Also got the trophy for killing all four in a match on my third kill. Nothing has changed since the launch on PS4. There's always at least one trophy in this game that is bugged. Update: got it on my third attempt!
  4. Thanks for clarifying. Platinum, I'm coming for you (again)!
  5. Hey I'm considering installing the PS5 version of Dead by Daylight. I already have the PS4 version installed on the PS5. While I have the majority of the PS4 trophies, I have none on the PS5. I'd like to change that. Is there anything I should be aware of when having both versions installed on the same PS5 console? I'm aware that the trophy progress doesn't transfer, but can I expect to encounter server issues? Say I boot up the PS4 version, spend some bloodpoints, complete a match and then close the game and open the PS5 version immediately after. Will the bloodweb progress, bloodpoint value, etc. be in accordance with those on the PS4 version? Asked in another way, will the server data be synchronised?
  6. Update [September 28th 2022] The game still has a very active playerbase on consoles. I have no issues whatsoever - even with crossplay set to off, main region set to Europe and no second region set.
  7. Both Save the World and Beyond Time & Space will be available on PS4 and PS5 on September 29th. According to the devs, the two platforms will share trophy lists for each game.
  8. I would like to join! I have 23/29. 10 of them are ultra rare platinums (highlighted in red). ~ # All In (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3) • UR Bloodborne (Bloodborne) Champion of the Gods (God of War: Ascension) Dead by Daylight (Dead by Daylight) • UR Every Last One of Them (The Last of Us Part II) Football Legend (FIFA 14) • UR Gnasty's Demise (Spyro the Dragon) HEAVY RAIN™ Master (Heavy Rain) It can't be for nothing (The Last of Us) • UR Julius Caesar (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood) • UR KINGDOM HEARTS Master (Kingdom Hearts) Legendary Chef (Overcooked! All You Can Eat) Mask and Stripes Forever (Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time) No.1 Fan (FIFA 18) • UR Our Journey ends (N.E.R.O.) Platinum Trophy (Metro: Last Light) • UR Q Ripto's Remorse (Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage) SingStar™ (SingStar) • UR True TV Superstar! (TV Superstars) • UR Ultimate Fall Guy (Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout) • UR Valedictorian (Bully) We Had Fun, Didn't We? (Tales from the Borderlands) X You've Only Done Everything (Astro's Playroom) Z non-English
  9. I'm curious. Is there a cap on how many points a trophy list (excluding + including DLC) can contain? I know that the values are: Bronze = 15, Silver = 30, Gold = 90, Platinum = 300. If there is one, is the cap on 1.350 on games without DLC? That's the highest I've found.

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    2. charxsetsuna


      @FawltyPowersoh sorry, misunderstood the question sorry.

    3. gameoncomrade


      @FawltyPowers Thanks for your help. I think you're right when it comes to there being a limit on 1.350 points on the base game's trophy list. One thing I noticed though is that some PS4 games have a cap on amount of trophies as well. Dead by Daylight is an example. Every 3 months or so, new DLC trophies arrive. At some point, a new trophy list was created for future DLC in that game. On PS5, however, all trophies can be on the same trophy list. Do you know why this is the case for PS4? The first trophy list has 125 trophies. The second one has 72, but it will keep increasing. At some point, I'm guessing there will even be a third list for that same game on PS4.

      @charxsetsuna No problem. Thanks for contributing!

    4. Cruscah


      1350 is the base game limit and apparently having a gold trophy is mandatory for a platinum.

      Taking that in consideration the maximum that you'll find are 66 trophies, a few examples:

  10. Yeah, I read that too. I was considering moving to PC when I heard the new launcher would replace the old one, but then I found out that it probably wouldn't solve any of the issues. Plus, I would need to buy a new copy of the game whereas on PlayStation, I could simply add the new application to my library because I had the PS+ version. Yesterday, I opened the new launcher and closed it again after a few seconds. I wanted to make sure that the stack didn't end up as my fastest platinum. It worked. I still have two bronze trophies that haven't been obtained. I'm guessing they're auto-popping when I launch the game again. 😃
  11. I wouldn't lay off a game for trophies (playing and having fun > obtaining trophies), but I don't want to lose all my in-game progress. So this will probably be my first (and hopefully last) auto-popped platinum. Thanks for your comment. 😃
  12. Just obtained the Infallible trophy in Fall Guys. Finally! Platinum #179: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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    2. Raveniteh


      @gameoncomrade I actually did it yesterday ^^ it took several attempts, a slight bit of enrage because some people are just f-king dumb and/or griefing, but I scored the trophy a little past midnight. Platinum done, case closed.

    3. gameoncomrade


      @Raveniteh Well, congratulations then! Yeah, there are quite many people that either quit, are AFK, walk VERY slowly as thieves or don't know where to position themselves as guardians (assuming you're playing Sweet Thieves).

    4. Raveniteh


      @gameoncomrade Thank you! I am glad to be done with it after a long time and also right before they retire old client and trophy set alongside with it. Not that it would be the only unobtainable plat I have on my profile.

  13. Hi everyone When the old launcher is no longer functioning, I would like to continue playing this game through the new launcher. However, I'm not a fan of auto-popping trophies, so is there any way I can prevent this from happening? I want to put in time and effort into every platinum I obtain. Thanks!
  14. Finally got myself a PS5! I've been trying to get one since launch, but it hasn't exactly been easy. 😅

  15. Where can I find an overview of all the Trophy Milestones here on PSNProfiles? Is there a full overview in a forum post somewhere?

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    2. gameoncomrade


      @FilmFanatic Yeah, that was my initial thought, but I want to quickly copy every milestone into a personal document without having to scroll, check, write, scroll, check, write [...]. Thanks though. 😃

    3. Dreggit


      @gameoncomrade, look at the two spoilers below. Inside them are flow trees of milestones. The pattern is continued until a specific breakpoint in where a new pattern starts. The milestones at the start of each tree are unique.


      Platinum Based


      Latest Platinum

      Fastest Platinum

      First Platinum

      • 3,800th Platinum

      • 3,750th Platinum

      • 3,700th Platinum
      • 3,650th Platinum

      • 3,600th Platinum

      • 3,550th Platinum

      • 3,500th Platinum

      • 3,450th Platinum
      • 3,400th Platinum

      • 3,350th Platinum

      • 3,300th Platinum
      • 3,250th Platinum

      • 3,200th Platinum

      • 3,150th Platinum

      • 3,100th Platinum
      • 3,050th Platinum

      • 3,000th Platinum

      • 2,950th Platinum

      • 2,900th Platinum

      • 2,850th Platinum
      • 2,800th Platinum

      • 2,750th Platinum

      • 2,700th Platinum
      • 2,650th Platinum

      • 2,600th Platinum

      • 2,550th Platinum

      • 2,500th Platinum
      • 2,450th Platinum

      • 2,400th Platinum

      • 2,350th Platinum

      • 2,300th Platinum
      • 2,250th Platinum

      • 2,200th Platinum

      • 2,150th Platinum

      • 2,100th Platinum
      • 2,050th Platinum

      • 2,000th Platinum

      • 1,950th Platinum
      • 1,900th Platinum

      • 1,850th Platinum

      • 1,800th Platinum
      • 1,750th Platinum

      • 1,700th Platinum
      • 1,650th Platinum

      • 1,600th Platinum

      • 1,550th Platinum
      • 1,500th Platinum

      • 1,450th Platinum

      • 1,400th Platinum
      • 1,350th Platinum

      • 1,300th Platinum

      • 1,250th Platinum
      • 1,200th Platinum

      • 1,150th Platinum
      • 1,100th Platinum

      • 1,050th Platinum

      • 1,000th Platinum
      • 950th Platinum

      • 900th Platinum

      • 850th Platinum
      • 800th Platinum

      • 750th Platinum
      • 700th Platinum

      • 650th Platinum
      • 600th Platinum

      • 550th Platinum
      • 500th Platinum
      • 450th Platinum
      • 400th Platinum
      • 350th Platinum
      • 300th Platinum
      • 250th Platinum
        • 225th Platinum

        • 200th Platinum
        • 175th Platinum
        • 150th Platinum

        • 125th Platinum

        • 100th Platinum
        • 75th Platinum
        • 50th Platinum
          • 40th Platinum
          • 30th Platinum
          • 20th Platinum
          • 10th Platinum


      Trophy Based


      First Trophy

      1337 Trophy

      • 155,000th Trophy

      • 150,000th Trophy

      • 145,000th Trophy

      • 140,000th Trophy

      • 135,000th Trophy

      • 130,000th Trophy

      • 125,000th Trophy

      • 120,000th Trophy

      • 115,000th Trophy

      • 110,000th Trophy

      • 105,000th Trophy

      • 100,000th Trophy

      • 95,000th Trophy

      • 90,000th Trophy

      • 85,000th Trophy

      • 80,000th Trophy

      • 75,000th Trophy

      • 70,000th Trophy

      • 65,000th Trophy

      • 60,000th Trophy

      • 55,000th Trophy
      • 50,000th Trophy
      • 45,000th Trophy
      • 40,000th Trophy
      • 35,000th Trophy
      • 30,000th Trophy
      • 25,000th Trophy

      • 20,000th Trophy
      • 15,000th Trophy

      • 10,000th Trophy

        • 9,000th Trophy

        • 8,000th Trophy

        • 7,000th Trophy

        • 6,000th Trophy

        • 5,000th Trophy

          • 4,500th Trophy

          • 4,000th Trophy

          • 3,500th Trophy

          • 3,000th Trophy

          • 2,500th Trophy

          • 2,000th Trophy

          • 1,500th Trophy
          • 1,000th Trophy

          • 500th Trophy

      If a significant player base were to hit those higher patterned milestones, it may be likely that a new break-point would be set.
    4. gameoncomrade