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  1. Nah, but we will see less trolling survivors at the exit gates.
  2. The optimal perks to use for increasing the chances of escaping the killer’s grasp are: Boil Over (Kate Denson perk) Flip-Flop (The new Ash perk) Decisive Strike (Laurie Strode perk) - it has not been confirmed whether this one works as the trophy description tells you to “wiggle out of The Killer’s grasp”. With this perk, it’s not the wiggling that does it, but the actual perk. Also, the chances of escaping the grasp are significantly increased if you’re on a team with true team-players that co-ordinate a body blocking/hook destroying plan. This trophy is easy to obtain if you’re playing with friends and if those friends stand in the way of the killer’s devious plans with you.
  3. So, four stacks on PS4? Damn...
  4. That's not entirely true, is it? You're able to remove DLC if you initialise your PS4. Look it up! But it's not as straightforward as having a list of currently installed downloadable content that you can delete, which is not a feature yet.
  5. The PS4 version, definitely. You can get it in a day if you use guides and focus on trophies. I'd advice you to enjoy it instead. It will take longer to get 100 % / plat on PS3.
  6. The trophy is not glitched. In order to get the Adept trophies, you’ll need to sacrifice all four survivors AND achieve two pips, which is ridiculous. The killer Adept trophies have become much more difficult to obtain due to the new emblem system.
  7. One day, it will be patched. It is obtainable, however there's something that doesn't trigger the trophy to pop even though it should. Keep trying and eventually you'll obtain it, or wait for a patch. I've reached out to the support team. Might be good if more people reached out to them, so that they can fix it as soon as possible.
  8. Yup, two times, and they're injured. When you spew the second time, make sure you're close to the survivor, so that you can hit them afterwards.
  9. I like the new killer. But it gets a little tedious if you're going for the trophy as it requires you to play with only her three perks, and I would definitely replace two of them with other perks. I'm on 6 merciless victories now, and still nothing. When developers want to patch many things in one update, it always screws up something else. Typical.
  10. The trophy is glitched and unlocks only sometimes. Haven't gotten it yet even though I've achieved Merciless victories two times in a row.
  11. I'm so hyped! L4D3 with a new title and brand-new features coming up!
  12. Update (2019/03/13) I have had issues connecting to the servers for the past two days, however everything's good now.
  13. So you hate an entire video game developer/publisher company because of a single trophy? Damn...
  14. It released yesterday. Enjoy!
  15. It should be out now in Germany. Please check again.