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  1. Still hoping for this to happen some day... Just got myself a Game Pass subscription. Not a big fan of TA due to its design and extremely long and messy pages. PSNProfiles is way cleaner and better organised, so I'm still hoping for an Xbox version. Any plans for this, @Sly Ripper?
  2. Just bringing this post back to the top after months of inactivity on the topic. I think a Fastest Platinum Achievers should be implemented. If DLC for, let's say, Dead by Daylight comes out, and I, prior to the new trophies being uploaded, already had the platinum trophy for the game, the time it took to obtain the platinum trophy is displayed if not all DLC trophies have been obtained. Quite on the contrary, when I obtain the remaining DLC trophies, PSNP only lists the amount it took from the first trophy to pop (Main) to the last trophy (DLC). Thus, without looking at timestamps, I am now not able to see how long it took me to platinum the game. To be honest, I can't seem to figure out why this feature isn't available when the data behind it is obviously gathered. There's even space for that third section in the 'PLATINUM CLUB' tab.
  3. Let me know if you need any help with that!
  4. It is not F2P. Highly dependant on region, but it's around $10-20 generally speaking. Also, it should be noted that the game is mostly multiplayer, but the playerbase is very small. On Steam, people are leaving bad reviews due to not being able to get into a match. Also, from my own experience with the game, it feels slow and tedious, and the controls are not intuitive at all.
  5. From my standpoint, I don’t mind not being able to obtain the platinum trophy for this game. I’ve played through a couple of episodes now, and I like it. When that’s been said, I’ve lost some respect for the people managing that Twitter account. It’s nothing but a chunk of straight up disrespectful and unmannerly behaviour towards an entire community when they’re communicating with their playerbase that way. Sure, it’s causing laughter and amusement among many people, but that doesn’t make it right. Again, I don’t mind not getting some of these trophies, but I can understand why some people feel and express distress and annoyance - not just over the fact that many of the trophies are almost entirely based on luck, but because the people managing the Twitter profile are teasing people who actually care about it in a contemptuous manner. I will never care as much for trophies as some of the others in here, but I respect that we’re all different and that we all have different needs and preferences. The people behind the Twitter account could learn from that. It’s really not something that helps building up a good reputation for a company.
  6. Looking for a Sudoku game (with numbers) - preferably a trophy-packed application. Can somebody help?

    1. Kittet3


      Did you look at the POWGI games? They probably have Sudoku, they have every other word and number game imaginable. 

  7. I actually forgot to update some of you on this. Turns out, as a result of a thorough analysis of the results from this survey, the topic of the thesis was changed. The thesis investigated the elements that make up the dreadful atmosphere in survival horror video games and what design considerations that need to be taken into account when exploring the relationship between these elements. The theoretical framework, that was based on our analytical findings through prior research (for instance, through this survey) and our conducted quantitative inquires was critically applied to deconstruct the elements in P.T. and Amnesia: The Dark Descent as those two games have been eulogised for their frightening atmospheres. Based on the framework, a design process was conducted to thoughtfully combine the elements and implement them into a self made survival horror video game that placed emphasis on tension and suspense building rather than cheap scare tactics such as jump scares. The objective was to create an unsettling atmosphere for players, and efficient utilisation of selected methods and iterative processes of testing seemed vital to achieve this. The game was a realistic-looking first-person horror game made in Unity.
  8. The PS4 version is really buggy. AI and UI have at least a few bugs every hour on my PlayStation. More bugs are appearing now than prior to the patch. I'm taking cloud backups regularly, not trusting the developers completely.
  9. There's no word from the developers or publishers that the Close Encounters and Off The Grid DLC packs will be released for consoles, and I doubt that it will happen anytime soon. However, it sure would be strange if they decided not to release those two DLC packs for consoles as they're clearly not done working on the console versions. First thing upcoming is the free content update with the Superbug Initiative and Sandbox mode, which are both planned to release on consoles on 31st of March. So if we'll see the two mentioned DLC packs, it won't be before April - and probably not before May as well.
  10. Thank you very much. It means a lot!
  11. I will. I'll even share the thesis on LinkedIn. Won't be before January though. Thanks!
  12. Hey guys I would be extremely happy if you would take out some time of your schedule (maximum 5 minutes) to help me. It's a survey about the importance of storytelling in video games. It's for my thesis in Game Design. Thank you so much! Feedback is also appreciated in the comment section down below.
  13. Am I allowed to create a study-related post on PSNProfiles? I have a survey regarding ludonarrative dissonance that I will ultimately end up using for my bachelor's project. It links to a Google Form. Is this okay?

    1. DaivRules


      Sure, people are free to choose to participate on their own. 

  14. Yeah, me too. The game is buggy as hell after the latest update. Daily rituals aren't rewarded sometimes, and the game disconnects you from the host when escaping, which makes the escape-based trophies unobtainable, and it sometimes doesn't reward you with bloodpoints and takes away your item as well. I wish they would playtest more before releasing. This is unplayable at the moment.
  15. For me, it was just a verification step. I had the 'Download' option, but it asked me to enter my credit card credentials. Didn't pay anything.