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  1. Thank you very much. It means a lot!
  2. I will. I'll even share the thesis on LinkedIn. Won't be before January though. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys I would be extremely happy if you would take out some time of your schedule (maximum 5 minutes) to help me. It's a survey about the importance of storytelling in video games. It's for my thesis in Game Design. Thank you so much! Feedback is also appreciated in the comment section down below.
  4. Am I allowed to create a study-related post on PSNProfiles? I have a survey regarding ludonarrative dissonance that I will ultimately end up using for my bachelor's project. It links to a Google Form. Is this okay?

    1. DaivRules


      Sure, people are free to choose to participate on their own. 

  5. Yeah, me too. The game is buggy as hell after the latest update. Daily rituals aren't rewarded sometimes, and the game disconnects you from the host when escaping, which makes the escape-based trophies unobtainable, and it sometimes doesn't reward you with bloodpoints and takes away your item as well. I wish they would playtest more before releasing. This is unplayable at the moment.
  6. For me, it was just a verification step. I had the 'Download' option, but it asked me to enter my credit card credentials. Didn't pay anything.
  7. This is an amazing game. Can only recommend it. The visuals and sounds are just astonishing - it makes it tickle in certain places... Oh, and the combat system itself? Outstanding.
  8. Remember... Servers will be shutting down in a month. Get those multiplayer trophies before they're unobtainable!
  9. Brace yourselves, counselors... You can no longer access the roof of Packanack Lodge. It sounds like they fixed the kill glitch as well where Jason was able to farm kills on one survivor as long as the kill was performed 90 degrees away from the object performing the kill on.
  10. I wonder how Behaviour pulled this off. As far as I understand, they had a very strict licensing agreement with Valve. I've previously suggested the team to implement some of those Bill achievements to PS4, and their reply back in January 2018 was:
  11. Not always. They've just gotten much worse over the last few years.
  12. If 3 out of 5 disconnects from your matches, then that's exactly a fact. You're right on that one! But that's only locally. Just because people disconnect in 3 out of 5 on your end doesn't mean that it happens in my games as well. It's the problem of induction. You're basically putting forward a global assumption based on your local fact, which is okay, but you're expressing it not as being a global assumption, but as a global fact - only based on your and a few streamers' experiences. You've observed 99 white swans, well then all swans must be white, right? But what if there's a black swan? Then that assumption has been falsified. I'm pretty sure we're on the same page here. The only thing I wanted to emphasise was that you might want to think about how you express yourself in public. There's a huge difference between a global fact and a global assumption - I would even call them incommensurable with one another.
  13. Suit yourself. One can only hope for punishments in public matches for people like you! And please, learn to differentiate between facts and assumptions: "almost the entire community does it". Do you know all players? Have you tracked and looked through each of everyone's public matches? I could say the opposite, and you wouldn't be able to prove me wrong. Based on your experiences, most of the players you've been in lobbies with (which I highly doubt), have disconnected.
  14. No, that is not a fact. Not sure how you can state that's a fact when you have nothing backing it up. That's an assumption. I have never disconnected from a game (not even with internet connection being the issue), and I've clocked in around 500 hours on PS4 and 644 hours on PC. I think it's completely disrespectful for the community to disconnect from a game. Imagine a match (this will not be very hard for you) where there are four survivors (Meg, Claudette, David and Laurie) and one killer, let's say, Wraith. You're playing as Meg. You find a generator, start working on it and suddenly you hear the Wailing Bell. You quickly look behind you, and there you see him uncloaking. You start running and notice a pallet. You can see the red stain behind you, and you just might be able to stun him with the pallet in time. Unfortunately, you're unsuccessful and the Wraith hits you for the first time, which puts you into the injured state. The same thing happens 40 seconds later, and you're downed for the first time. The killer grabs you and puts you on a hook. You notice that he's not walking away. He's just standing in front of the hook, looking at you, then looking behind him, to his sides and then at you once again. He's camping. According to your previous comments, this is where you decide to disconnect. But why? You do realise that it just makes the objectives of the killer easier, right? Sure, he might not get his three sacrifices and therefore grant himself with a merciless victory in the end of the game, but at least he has a better chance taking the other survivors out due to your decision. Thus, the players you're really screwing over are your teammates, the remaining three survivors. You've just made everything so much harder for them. What if those teammates actually tried to help you out? I know that doesn't happen in every game, but it could potentially happen in that particular game. I have never been in a match where the rest of the survivor team didn't succeed getting a survivor down from the hook if they decided to team up and really help the hooked survivor. I'm with you on this one. Punishments are the only way. Delay on disconnects won't solve the problem, it will only be a temporary solution, a stopgap. Some survivors will probably still leave the match after the delay, which is why punishments should be a thing. Temporary cooldowns. First cooldown? 30 minutes. Second cooldown? 2 hours. Third? 24 hours. Fourth? A week. If a player, regardless of playing as killer or survivor, doesn't disconnect for a week, the temporary cooldown state has been reset.
  15. I have 5-6 survivor grabs left to do. I've gotten most of them with Ghostface and three with Nurse. Tried with Spirit, but it can be tricky to locate where the survivor is sitting if the generator has three or four open positions. I'd recommend doing it with Ghostface and remember to stay as hidden as possible. You can of course always boost, but I personally think that it's quite annoying when entering a match, and then the killer or survivors want to boost. I want to play it, and I want every match to be a challenge. That's only my opinion of course.