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  1. I don't know. This all looks like a big publicity stunt and baiting to me. SONY: LET'S CLOSE THE ONLINE STORES END-USERS: OH NO, WE BETTER BUY THE ITEMS WHILE WE STILL CAN SONY: JUST KIDDING, BUT THANK YOU FOR THE EXTRA REVENUE ($$$$$$$)
  2. According to the goals, one hook per survivor was enough if each survivor failed at attempting to escape (or wasn't taken down) and gave up on the hook. If a survivor disconnected during the match, and if that survivor was only hooked once and hadn't gone into the struggling phase, you were screwed as a killer as that would only mean a completion of three goals. That happened too often. Disconnecting of at least one survivor happened in half of the games I played.
  3. I was gifted a 12-month PS Plus gift card for the US PlayStation Store by a family member in Canada, but since my PSN account is European, then I have a gift card that I find useless. I am willing to trade with EU gift cards or sell the gift card through PayPal. Hit me up!
  4. So, I was gifted a 12-month US PS Plus gift card by a family member in Canada, but since my PSN account is European, then I have a gift card (that is worth around $60) that I cannot use. What do people usually do with these?

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      @DaivRules Do you know where I could sell it? Is it against any terms or rules of conduct of PSNProfiles to sell a gift card to another user on here? Putting @Sly Ripper here even though the chance of him seeing this is quite low.

    3. DaivRules


      The Game Trading thread:

      or a status update. There are apps and sites that specialize in game related stuff of there is always eBay. 



    4. gameoncomrade


      @DaivRules Great, thanks for that. Have a nice day and thanks for the help!

  5. Correct. The Adept trophies for killers were tied to the Emblem System, which I believe happened in the first quarter of 2018. Prior to this, the trophies were tied to a system that was a lot easier when it comes to requirements for Adept killer trophies. The four different types of messages you get at the end screen were dependent on how many goals a killer had completed during a match. In order to get the "Merciless Killer" message, which is and was required to obtain an Adept killer trophy, the killer needed to complete 16 goals. The killer could complete a maximum of 4 goals per survivor, which lead to a maximum of 16 goals (4*4) you could actually complete in a match. The killer completed a goal with its first hook of a survivor. Further, the killer completed a goal when a survivor entered the struggle phase. And finally, if a survivor was sacrificed or killed, the killer would complete 2 more goals. So, hooking a survivor, making that survivor struggle on the hook and having the survivor sacrificed or killed was enough to complete 4 goals. Do this with all survivors, and you'll have 16 goals. If a survivor disconnected while loading, the killer would only complete 2 goals, which eliminated the chance of getting the Adept trophies completely in that match. Unfortunately, this happened a lot, and there was no penalty system in place at that time. However, if a survivor disconnected during the match, the killer would complete 4 goals for that survivor. Now, there were bugs with this system. Sometimes, an Adept trophy would pop when you had not completed 16 goals, and it would sometimes not pop when you had completed all 16 goals. But basically, you could get an Adept killer trophy for simply sacrificing a survivor.
  6. Just letting you know that you posted this on the PS4 forums instead of the PS5. You may get more relevant replies if posting on the correct forums page. The PS5 camera is not compatible with Just Dance 2021. I believe you can only use smartphones on the PS5 version unless you use the PS4 camera with a PS4-PS5 camera adapter.
  7. Yes, the Adept trophies have become more difficult. Once upon a time you could obtain an Adept trophy simply by sacrificing all four survivors. While they've definitely become more difficult, I don't think they're that bad.
  8. Regarding the trophy 'Dance Legend' where you need to score Megastar on 40 Just Dance 2021 songs. Do songs from JD Unlimited count towards this or is it 40 songs from the base version of the game? Can someone confirm this? I currently have 13 songs with a Megastar rating, and they're all from Unlimited.
  9. I would like to understand why this is something some trophy hunters want. Auto-popping ruins leaderboards. You have done the requirements to obtain the trophies once, but you haven't the second time. Why would anyone want that? Has trophy hunting become all about quantity over pride? I just want to try to understand.
  10. I'd say so. I don't think save transfer is supported, but if you upgrade, which this game supports, you'd be able to obtain two platinum trophies by buying the game once on PS4. Don't hang me up on it though.
  11. Still, turning on Assist Mode is completely optional, and I honestly believe that many players will leave it off. It would, in my opinion, give players, or perfectionists, more incentives to play by adding star-related trophies. I will definitely still buy a copy, but for me, personally, it's rather disappointing that they're throwing extremely easy trophies at us.
  12. While I appreciate the time and effort of making a very different trophy list, there are two things in particular that I don't like. You don't have to obtain three stars in all levels, which is very disappointing (will probably get 3/4 stars on each level anyways). Also, no trophies for DLC, which is strange.
  13. Isn't it possible that NA and EU share the other list, and that this is solely JP?
  14. Well, I strongly disagree, and I'm sure the documentation behind the genre does as well. Survival horror is a subset of the horror video game genre that emphasises the sensation and urge to stay alive. The aesthetic quality of vulnerability fits the mindset of players who want to experience fear within a context that suits this purpose. Survival Horror Video Games ("SHVG") maintain player vulnerability by keeping the resources scarce and the playable characters underpowered. While the objective in SHVGs is to stay alive, the presence of an adversary can lead to a compromise of this particular goal unless the player chooses to react. This demands the player to know their capabilities within the game to take meaningful action and see the result of their decisions and choices in favour of keeping the controllable character alive. To do so, player emotion becomes an evaluation of in-game events that can be of critical importance to the player’s future decisions. Driven by fear of possible threats, the player can experience a psychological discomfort in being isolated, a key characteristic of SHVGs that fosters terror. While the sensation of staying alive and the feeling of anxiety, vulnerability and isolation form the building blocks of the subgenre, SHVGs vary to a great extent. While some SHVGs give players a way to eliminate the danger, often in the form of weapons, others present a non-combat playstyle where the player needs to hide or run from adversaries.