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  1. GAME lets you see the trade in points online on their store - which is a great little feature if you ask me.
  2. PS3 J stars Victory Versus Dark Souls 2 Drakengard 3 Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns Kingdom Hearts 2.5 (not offically annouced) Last Guardian (not offically announced for a release date ) Naruto Shippuden UNS3 (Full Burst DLC) GTA5 Final Fantasy X/X-2 The Witch and the Hundred Knights Proteus Child of Light Saint Seiya Battle Sanctuary Valiant Hearts Skylander's Swap Force Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Tales of Xillia 2 Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus Want to also nab previous Disgaea games before I get any of the newer ones. Playstation 4 Knack Deep Down Infamous Second Son Rime Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Fantasy XV Watchdogs Thief Destiny Tom Clancy's "The Division" The Lego Game Lego Marvel Super Heroes Soul Saga The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Yakuza Ishin Dragon's Prophet Doki-Dokii Universe Skylander's Swap Force Vita Tearaway Ys: Memories of Celceta A hinted at Monster Hunter game God Eater 2 Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd 3DS Pokemon X Skylander's Swap Force (And yes, Skylander's for all 3 systems, LOL)
  3. Unsure how to get these. Need them for one of the last trophies - and I really need a rather quick response as the game is going soon.
  4. Toy Story 3. Attempting to finish it up today
  5. If i could use a virtual reality headset such as this (obviously, for a retail value being cheaper) but also using my controller so someone else can use the tv - then sure!
  6. Also hoping for this> Game looks very pretty and interesting!
  7. Yes, but only for PS3 and I honesty feel it works alot better for a handheld device.
  8. Due to lack of £££'s I have only preordered Knack - though, if I manage to get my console day 1 (due to stock at my local store), then I'll be getting Driveclub as-well.
  9. Reason why Vita isn't selling well in the West: No Games Reason why Games arent being localised: Not enough Vita Sales It doesn't surprise me, while I own a Vita I would love more localised games even if they are only subbed, but sadly no. Heck, I'd love for Indies to be created for the vita, but again, they're mostly cross buy with PS3 versions. Really hope for more games in the next coming year. Also hope for that 64GB memory card to come to the UK, I refuse to buy one bigger than my 4GB until I get a 64gb.
  10. Will nab once is a little cheaper
  11. Kingdom Hearts 3 and FFXV However, I have preordered Knack, as thats a must have. The Division and Destiny look fantastic for my multiplayer needs - going to wait for a price drop on Watchdogs and Assassins Creed 4. Shadow of the Beast look interesting. I plan to get Deep Down when thats released at full retail price. The Witcher 3 (haven't played previous) and Infamous: Second son also look great. Will nab Elder Scrolls Online when it goes Free to play (unless I win the lottery by then). Thief looks interesting too - somewhat reminds me of Dishonoured - not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing yet. As for Metal Gear Solid 5 - I really need to nab the previous games, though it looks interesting to say the least. The Crew - Meh, just another racing game to me - though it looks nice. May nab it when its cheap, but I have too much backlog right now. Unsure on Mad Max - I dont know enough about this As for Dying light - sounds like a horror, which Im not fond of and BattleField and COD are just same old same old. Killzone looks remotely interesting, but I'll think about these war games at a later date - they don't particularly interest me. As for "Other" - Skylanders: Swap force looks amazing on the PS4, Getting Driveclub for free on day one. I want to find out more about RIME, LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes, Hohokum, The Witness, The Order: 1886 (highly anticipated for me btw - from the trailer) Might give Transistor a shot along with Doki-doki universe as-well. And Warframe is free. I think that' me done for now.
  12. It's like you read my mind. Along with all the Playstation Final Fantasys, Croc 2, all the GTA's, Dog's Island, Dogs Life and a few Disney games such as Bolt.
  13. Makes me wonder how they got their vita onto the tv screen.
  14. Looking Forward to this
  15. Fantastic! I'm very happy then! Was going to buy the ps4 version, so I'm glad this will save me those extra £££'s
  16. Yeah! That's the one. Get so confused with long names And it was? Interesting
  17. Indeed it is, and it creates its own folder under "Photos" on the Playstation XMB, where they will all automatically go.
  18. I havent played enough to have a favourite - but Hatsune Miku's Project Diva F (sadly, they didnt release it for vita over here) and New Little Kings Story are great games
  19. Always wanted to try out Jak and Daxter, and now I can. So TYVM for spotting this
  20. Nearly of the trophies are obtainable for a low level, apart from 2. Slay the Neighbour is currently impossible (correct me if I am wrong, or misinformed) as there is currently no PVP. Seeker of Truth where you clear the Binding Coil is a level 50 dungeon. If people are confused on the Instanced Raids - Dungeons also found for these.
  21. L1 + Start does work, I just need to upload my screenies now
  22. If anyone is putting it off due to the subscription, you could always pay for the month y ou want to play, not play for a while and then pay for another 30 days (which I plan on doing due to lack of funding )
  23. Thomas was alone Journey Skylanders (series) Mini Ninjas Dragon's Dogma LBP (series) Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (series) Ratchet and Clank (series) Spyro (PS1 series) The Legend of Spyro (PS2 series)
  24. Last game thing I ordered was Ragnarok Oddessy , as for anything else I bought, that would have to be Naruto 59 along with D.Gray-man 23 and Blue Exorcist 8.
  25. At the Cinema, would be "Wreck it Ralph" (Which is an awesome movie), as for Online Streaming, it would have to be "Pokemon: Kyurem and the Sword of Justice", and as for DVD, that would have to be "Naruto Shippuden: Inheritors of the Will of Fire".