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  1. I’ve seen some people say to carry over a second time in case the first time doesn’t unlock the desired trophy/things you want to carry over.
  2. I’m playing the PS4 version on a PS5. I’ve tried it with no patch and with the most recent update. I’ve tried playing it several times over to see if persistence was key. I’m currently working on the PS5 version as well, as I’ve heard this version has 0 issues with these trophies. It’s just the PS4 version.
  3. As of the newest update for PS4, I am still unable to get this trophy. Game still crashes near church (it once even crashed when entering the bathroom in the beginning!). I’ve deleted the game data and played on base disc version but this method also does not work for me. I believe I’m just gonna give up on this. How a game this old cannot have the simple ability to just “work” on newer consoles is baffling.
  4. Played some of this just now. Had played them back on the PS2 days. Was very…. Underwhelming.
  5. Question about the Pre-order bonus. if you pre-order, you get a free copy of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. Is that copy you get for free for PS4 or PS5?
  6. As this worked for me, what I did was skip on Act 2 u til you FIRST see the red head girl. (Sorry forgot her name.) as soon as you see her, I’m the classroom setting, then back out. You’ll know you’re in the right spot if, when you go back into the DDLC game through the desktop menu, it tells you a funny tip or something odd about the game or the girl.
  7. Hello. I’m stuck on the mission “Silence the Sneak”. It’s a mission given by Ray on second island. In the mission, you’re told to go to his former partner’s apartment building nearby the Pay-N-Spray shop and torch the place. He gives you grenades to do this. The window is VERY high up. I can’t seem to get grenades into the window. There is no manual aim (from what I can tell) with grenades or molotovs. HELP
  8. Please let me know if this works for you.
  9. For the last few days, ive been trying to obtain Run on Sentence, for completing the DLC in one run without continuing/dying.”, however the game keeps crashing. Ive looked up some other posts on Reddit/Gamefaqs and other users are having similar issues. Also, Ive tweeted the game’s Twitter account to help bring notice to this issue. Is anyone else having this issue? Any work-arounds available? Not sure if this is an issue on PS5. my assumption is that it is a loading issue. Ive crashed in several places where the game is loading in enemies/doing the “shifts” where the environment is changing (said by the story). Popular places my game crashes are the furnace basement of the church, the “streetlight graveyard” area, and around the outside church area. These are areas a lot of enemies spawn conuously.
  10. Wanted to chime in on this. currently having to plug up, download the game, download the PS4 save to my old PS4, just to go through the final cutscene(s) for the game as it continuously crashed on me on PS5. To clarify, if you’re playing the PS4 Version on PS5, you may experience crashes on PS5. If you still have access to your PS4, you may have to use that to bypass the issue, or wait for possible fix from developers.
  11. This is the method I used. May not be the quickest but it was fun. Also a good “listen to podcast/music” method as well.
  12. Just wanted to give an update on this thread. I’ve tested the solutions AlternateWarning had posted earlier and they 100% work easily. Thank you again for this!
  13. I need to know this too so I’m prepared with the biggest bottle of headache medicine available from Costco. Lol.
  14. I’ll give these tips a shot and see how I do. Thank you for this!