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  1. I preordered my special edition copy through Best Buy. They sent me a code to my email for these items digitally. Check your email. It should be in there. Amazon used to have a “digital locker” for all your digital items you’ve purchased/unlocked, so if you’ve preordered from there, check for that. Hope this helps.
  2. Has anyone found a way to fix the story-based trophies? I just completed Murderbrawl 31 and accidentally hit my PS Button on my controller and trophy didn’t pop. I saved right after I loaded back up into the city. I really don’t wanna have to play through this entire game again just for this 1 trophy.
  3. My save file became corrupted thanks to frame rate issues and blue screen crashing. I was near my platinum too. 🙄
  4. I don’t believe this works on PS4. Have tried this a few times to no luck.
  5. I love how Yamcha doesn’t appear in the trophy icons. Once again, forgotten about... lol
  6. Where can I purchase this version of the game at? I’ve tried looking on eBay to no luck.
  7. I wanted more personal opinions from people who’ve actually played/platinumed the game. A review or video of gameplay only gives so many cues to a gaming experience.
  8. So I know this is a game released ages ago but I just saw it on sale on the PSN store for $5 for the deluxe edition what is this game like? I’ve heard it’s a mix of a card game and Batman Arkham fighting. I really love the Batman Arkham games and it’s fighting style combat. As far as card games go, that’s not really my fortè at all. Is the card game partdoffocult for noob card gamers like myself? Are the cards and their effects/applications hard to master/use?
  9. All I can say is practice, practice, practice! i realize that’s not advice you wanna hear and that’s not a “strategy” or “cheap way out” to win this horrid mini game. However, the tower method DOES work and the RNG elements may screw you over. But on the bright side, you ARE getting to the levels you need for this mini game to be completed. Feel accomplished in the fact hat you do have the skills, knowledge, and determination to win this. Also, take breaks. Frustration never gets anyone anywhere.
  10. Finished my first playthrough just now. while I agree with the reviews that the story is easily figured out, I still feel that the budget price point and the relatively easy gameplay mechanics are good factors for a positive experience. My first playthrough ended with 3 alive, 2 dead. Think hard about your choices: that’s all I’ll say.
  11. Good job!
  12. All I have left is poker. Any tips for that?
  13. I finally did get this. She spawned at like level 28 for me. Practice practice practice!
  14. So I’m in premium adventure mode attempting to wrap up everything in the game. While going for all the friends I noticed that Shun Isaka is only available after running from the police at least once when taking too long to finish a fight. I’ve let a fight go on for a few minutes now and no police have showed up. How long is it supposed to take? Does this process work on random thugs, or does it have to be used on the bigger baddies, such as the Keihen gang leaders Honda, Koga, etc.?
  15. I just got to level 32 and Rulue didn’t spawn as an enemy. I’m so pissed.