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  1. That seems like a very generous offer but privately could get much more.
  2. In the UK we have got a huge store called CEX They are currently offering £600 cash for any PS5 disc versions and they are selling them for £750 Easy way to make fast money and I dont blame any one that chooses to do that.
  3. Sorry but logic would suggest there is a problem and it will get a patch. Every hour to the minute the disc tray spins up to maximum speed regardless to what I am doing on the system at that time. There are a lot of reports about this online with many others having the same problem with their PS5's. Yes I can remove the disc to stop it happening but then I cant play my disc games
  4. I am against bots buying multiples of consoles which means ordinary folk miss out but in saying that I think anyone can pay whatever they want for a console, If they really want a PS5 and someone who bought multiples of them are now selling them at much inflated prices and people are paying it then thats their choice. Those buyers presumably work hard for their money and if they are happy to pay double for a PS5 then thats upto them, its no-one else's business.
  5. Never had it happen before in several PS4's or the PS3 I owned. After a quick google search it does appear to be an issue that quite a few people are experiencing, lots of info popped up when I searched. We just had another patch drop and that didnt fix my issue, I am guessing they are tackling peoples problems where their console switches off whilst playing games first and rightly so.
  6. I havnt noticed any 'Whine' noise and wouldnt know what coil whine sounded like unless i heard it (cant say that I have before from any electrical appliance?) My only 'Issue' after 5 days of use is if i have a disc inserted the disc tray will spin up really fast and really loud every hour irrespective to whether I am playing that disc or not, I could be on the dashboard doing nothing, or playing a digital game, every hour (I havnt timed it bit thats my best guess) it will spin up for 20 seconds and then stop. This only happens if there is a game disc inserted. Looking forward to some new console updates to hopefully iron out our 'Issues'. Other than that I love it, I cannot stress just how fast games load now... its insane. Edit: For the record I have not played any games that would push the system, I have mostly been playing Yakuza 0, FF15 and Shenmue, so my comment about no coil whine noise is currently a mute point.
  7. On a PS5 it is a short 6-7 second video of the trophy being unlocked and if you then viewed that trophy on a PS4 it is displayed as a screenshot same as it was before. I can confirm that as I have just checked trophies I earned on PS5 last night by checking on both consoles. The trophy layout on PS4 is completely different to that of PS5 at this time and trophies seem less important to SONY on the PS5 due to that new layout and the very much subdued pop sound. Upcoming firmware will likely patch that though. We do get a 'reputation' type feedback system now similar to what the Xbox has had for years.
  8. Sorry if this seems stupid of me but I have got Days gone installed and I dont see a 60 FPS option or any other options on display except for brightness and HDR. I am running version 1.70 and the install size is 36.91gb
  9. What games have you noticed this on the most?
  10. There's quite a bit of uncertainty going around so I thought I would create a 'What do you like the most about your PS5?' thread. For me the load times are ultra fast, I had watched You tube videos before I got my PS5 and wasn't that impressed with what I saw, sure the PS5 loaded quicker for the most part but in reality it seems so much faster in person to me. I also really like how fast the UI seems, it's very responsive. Lastly on the PS4 when we unlocked a trophy the system would take a screenshot to capture the moment, but now on PS5 we get a short video of the event and I LOVE that...
  11. I earned 3 more trophies this afternoon and I really don't like the sound now, the graphic is OK, nice and big but the sound... No, its almost non existent.
  12. I downloaded my cloud saves via ethernet cable onto my PS5 in minutes, it was swift and faultless. Obviously you have an issue somewhere as it not affecting everyone.
  13. I uploaded my PS4 saves to cloud and then downloaded them onto my PS5 and that worked perfectly.
  14. I have earned maybe 4 trophies so far since I got my PS5 and I only actually noticed one of them pop because I was expecting it, the others I only noticed cos i refreshed this site and saw I had earned them. Yea you can see them pop easily enough but I think the brain is trained to listen to the sound more.
  15. I have just ejected Ghost of Tsushima to see if that happened to me, it did not.