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  1. Thank you very much everybody
  2. Hello, is there a sister site for Xbox? Failing that, is it OK to ask here to recommend any Xbox sites similar in format to this one regarding tracking and forums? Thank you
  3. That is extremely kind of you to say, thank you I too have not had chance to get into the game aside from input my backers code, download the patch and that's about it... Once again thank you very much
  4. I backed Shenmue III with £200 and I did not get any DLC included in that price except for the in game phone call conversation with Nozomi and some toy capsules that are exclusive to KS backers (not DLC but my name is in the games credits also). That is OK with me, I helped keep the dream alive and watched as it became a reality, the game would still have happened even had I not have dropped 1 penny into it, that said I still fell like I contributed to it's existence and that makes me feel all warm inside Some people's glasses are half full, some people's glasses are half empty, but I am just glad that I even have a glass...
  5. PSN: Japanime_Gamer I mostly play JRPG's and survival horror games. Feel free to add me.
  6. PSN: Japanime_Gamer Please feel free to add me. Japanese / English.
  7. I had an outrageous reply from Sony when i tried to report someone for something a while ago, Sony messaged me back saying they had reviewed my request and basically said that abusing the report feature could result in me getting banned... words to that effect.
  8. Knew it was coming as soon as Shenmue III was announced. Pre - ordered today. Shenmue III + all the goodies including my name in the games end credits coming later this year too. #Excited