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  1. Oh, I was wrong, it contains dlc pack 2 for sure dlc pack 3 was left out
  2. At ps now it seems to be the standard edition of the game...
  3. Today my game froze the 4th time during a match... its impossible for me to end a proper match... 5 years ago I had the same issues with the singleplayer mode... Its quite depressing... 🙁
  4. I already asked him a few days ago but I didn't get any response from him... Maybe, too many people send their requests to him?
  5. When the glitch doesn't happen to you, yes
  6. I am also confused about this glitchy trophy... The european servers make it impossible to achieve it?
  7. I have the same problem, the trophy did not pop and I have 100% regarding liberation, didn't miss any settlement either... Maybe the DLC messed this one up, I have finished the story before I liberated Insula Striate... So or so, I am screwed and it seems I have to start all over again, too...