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  1. The Easter Egg trophy in Infinite Warfare really brought me down.
  2. I had that same trouble I was boosting with a friend and I'd counter him in a way that he would get knocked out immediately without getting rocked and yet I wouldn't get the trophy. I boosted with another person, removed him from the friends list before starting, did the same thing but that time it popped straight away. I had actually read that it doesn't work if the person is on your friend list. I thought that was dubious but I tried it and it did work for me.
  3. I did it, finally after almost a week I did it. As usually seems to be the case, after struggling over and over to even get to 20 wins, on my winning try I dominated so completely that I got up to 44 wins, beat Rulue 4 separate times before becoming bored and losing on purpose. Just seems like a lot of comes to luck as well.
  4. I've been at this shit for hours over the last 4 days now. I've got to lvl 25, 28, 29 and the bitch just won't show up. I've done every thing in the game, this one little obnoxious thing is all I have left. I have no idea what they were thinking with putting this in the game. I was dreading the mahjong and that took me hours...I'd rather do all of that over again from scratch that do this. Mahjong was exhilarating compares to going through this shit.
  5. Yakuza 5 was pretty big but I don't know if all the locations added together made up three Kamurocho's worth. The other four locations in the game weren't nearly as big as Kamurocho after all.
  6. The turn based combat has me iffy on. That the game is going to have a brand new setting which is three times the size of Kamurocho which should make it the largest Yakuza game in terms of area size is something I'm very happy to hear though. I was concerned they were gonna do another Yakuza 6 and just recycle Kamurocho and add a second smaller location so I'm glad that it isn't the case.
  7. Oh so it's not just me. If I go over to trophies on PS4 it says I have 16,000+ trophies. Yet if I click on Profile now it says I have 11,500+ trophies which is what PSNP now says. Yet I'm still at lvl 58 as before. Apparently I have 5,000 trophies from hidden games but I don't. I see other people in the leaderboard above me with 2,000+ so there must be some problem.
  8. They'll almost definitely add more trophies for Discovery Mode. Probably round it out at 100 trophies.
  9. Yeah that got it.
  10. Same problem here too.
  11. If you like games then stay away from this. This is nothing but a cutscene fest, a visual novel with next to no gameplay.
  12. After playing the first one...I'll pass.
  13. It's the kind of game you can see why it was highly thought of at the time but now it's just plain boring. My time with the game has involved been running to the next story beat....and then reading some of my book while I wait for several minutes at a time until the next story beat. And that's about it.
  14. This game was complete trash, shame they had to add another trophy but I'd never go back to it.
  15. They're just trophies they aren't worth getting that worked up over.