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  1. I hope not. Because then exclusive won't mean anything. It won't come to playstation
  2. I'm gonna start this soon, my girlfriend also wants me to play this game
  3. I will get all the dlc too, because it will be delisted
  4. I am working on Halo Infinite on Xbox Series S currently at this moment
  5. Thats cool! I'm gonna get them now
  6. Lol yes it was
  7. Lol. Yea they put the most popular franchises on sale again most the time and how often resident evil come on sale
  8. Yes they put the same games on sale over and over again or they put it again after almost every 2 month seasonal sales
  9. Count an average how many shots too
  10. I will play the game soon. Got the steelbook edition
  11. Has it been on 50%-70% sale before
  12. No, it doesn't lol. It an old game too and it doesn't disable trophies