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  1. Eu Playerbase is kinda big for Granblue Versus, but majority of competition are focused on Sf more and Tekken 7. I was in a Jojo Bizarre Adventure Fightcade 2 tournament recently and since it was open to USA and EU, so there were many EU players there too. Got 17th place out of 44 people in the Jojo Bizarre Adventure tourney i was in. For AnimEvo 2020 the games I entered were Million Arthur Arcana Blood, Vampire Saviors on Fightcade 2, Guilty Gear XX AC +R on Switch, Eternal Fighter Zero, Fight of Animals on steam, BBCF on ps4.
  2. Alot are on Steam pc as because in many ways, Esports are supporting the Pc platform more for fighting game tournaments and many sponsors like even Bud Light and many pc companies support pc gaming and how pc is more popular than consoles. I got 5th place in Granblue Versus ps4 online tournament this day too. Got 3rd place in GBVS before, few 7th place, many other times 9th place and 13th place, few 17th place too. Most of them i enter are big tournaments. I'm entering an Arc Revo America Online GBVS tournament soon and also First Attack online 2020 yes! DBFZ is one of Arcsys largest fighting games this year lol. They got new updates too with Master Roshi and did you see the woman that is part of development team of DBFZ she said you can get kicked out of DBFZ for life if you RQ in DBFZ. Yeah one of the head developers of BNE and DBFZ said that.
  3. Last treasure Tzongkhapa (Crystal) took 12 hours after the prior treasure before last which was Gold Chenrezig statue
  4. Sometimes if some random disconnect, randomly the match sometimes start even with just you and your SS 2 players. I got my treasures from HA itself. Totally random but sometimes after your treasure you needed that took a long while. Then afterwards you find that treasure more frequently after you found it first time then randomly eventually get another new. Well, its completely random The treasures are not map specific. You can find it any map randomly but it’s luck whenever it comes and sometimes could come faster. I got Chenrezig first time on Sanctuary HA. Then after that Chenrezig then comes on other maps too and even High Rise. Got Ganish statue on High Rise but that was old. Then later got the last treasure i needed on Chateau HA from treasure box after several old Ganish, Pisces, horse pen, Newari figure gold from grinding.
  5. Season 1 and when Missions for fm first came out september 2016. I got 300k in 2 months of grinding missions lol. Nowadays the fm are alot less. You can still get Fm from casual matches too though In Battle Lounge I just fought a Grand Master Menat yesterday. Alot great respect lol and it was the day before thaiger uppercut
  6. I did that with my eyes closed too. I did with the dp motion and qcf and buffered with 236 medium with all 3 punches Ultra 1. It’s been so long though lol. C viper high jump doesn’t show but you can tell it count but only Ultra 1 is what shows up there. I did it with eyes closed. Shows you how trial is performed.
  7. As much as I love Marvel vs Capcom, it was re-released back on Ps3 but just like Umvc3 came back on ps4, this game should too. For one thought is because tournament standard is on a Ps4. People that do tournaments they would usually just do it on a Ps4 for tournaments and local tourneys. Just like even ACA Neogeo Samurai Shodown II for instance, it was good for a classic style tourney lol. MvC2 should return too on Ps4.
  8. I saw they had that collection. I was wondering about this one though if I actually like to get this one too. I have Summer Lesson full both games and dlc japan for ps4. Vampire Resurrection the Jp. Darkstalkers on ps3. I have both yakuza 6 japan version and the usa Essence Edition.
  9. I noticed for complete all levels it shows up as completed all levels after you make the choice to break the orb or take the orb lol. The complete less than 18 continues it show up right after floor 50 boss. I think that’s because thats when it went with counting how the lives and continues until the beat the last boss lol. Secret levels 1-4 and another 5-10 all come together in a set row of floors Yeah you have to go through the main door on the icon through every floor sequently for complete all levels and finished the game. Complete all levels with less than 18 continues is doing all that all the floors.
  10. Me i hate bison and birdie. And rashid is alright. Dhalsim is easy
  11. one of my favorite games lol. loved the challenges