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  1. When you enter the online lobby you can ask ppl for help. You ll get help for sure
  2. I prefer to get one really cool game monthly. Stopped to play free bored games just for trophies
  3. Any trophy i unlocked first in the world Nice choice
  4. Will it be possible to play coop in remastered version?
  5. The session was not orginized. The host did not care about people who join his session. He needed just fill the session with many people. I got nothing during hour and informed host what i leave session. Next day i as a random player met him and his friends Thanks to Parker. He deleted it few minutes ago
  6. DLC servers of UC2 are empty. You can meet only boosting groups there. So what you have to do? How to earn trophies?
  7. The problem is somebody is allowed to be offtopic and shame/blame other forum members in all sins but you are not allowed to answer. I am waiting moderators give explanations here. People are waiting your reply Sly please come
  8. I joined two years ago boosting session UC2. The session was created just to fill lobby with many people so host and his friends could boost with comfort. - More players more kills allowed. I stayed during an hour in the session watching like other players boosting. I LEFT that session and started to play legit. This guy call me troll cause i somitimes met his boosting group and kill him and his friends Why the post of the guy who attacked me did not delete? Sly please come and explain. It is absolutely wrong and unfair situation
  9. So somebody can damage your reputation on forum and you cant reply? Cant explain what happened really?
  10. Hi. Yersterday i created this topic. I was attack there. I was blamed what couple years ago i destroyed someones session. I explained what happened during that session but mods deleted my reply. Why i cant protect myself? This guy lied and was offtopic. Why mods did not deleted his post? Sly?
  11. I cant report here the id of the person who create fake session, cant link the fake session cause i will violate forum rule no blame/no shame. We need option to report sessions. Trolls must get warnings etc
  12. I am trying to enter the Gun bench to obtain the trophy Dressed to the Sexteen (PS4). But always get warning: "There is no content. It might not be for sale yet, or might no longer be for sale". I did not have any problems when played PS3 version. Any tips? I play the game from the same account i used to buy game (EU store). I installed all DLCs. The same warning i see when trying to enter the Store from main menu I found why i had this problem. I bought the game from russian store but the system language of my ps4 is english. I learn english. I changed system language to russian and able now use Gun bench
  13. Invokers, Helldivers, any online game Battlefield, AC, UC, GTA etc You need second TV too