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  1. Hi. I got today warning from Casino They ask me to stop playing on the same table with accounts associated with my console. I created alt account and my friend played with this account vs me in ring poker. We played only 1 vs 1. So we did not harm other players. So you can get chips from now only buying it for real money. To win chips in this casino is impossible so think twice before starting this game
  2. Hi. Happy end. My friend was able to use this code and get RDR2. So we ll play it together:). Thank you Sony
  3. Thanks
  4. Hi. I got gift from Sony one time discount code 40% for anything i buy in the online store I cant use it cause i spent a LOT already in the store and code will expire in 14 days. Can you please answer the questions: 1) May i gift this code somebody? Sony in the mail says this is ЛИЧНЫЙ (private, belong to somebody) code. 2) Can my foreign friend use it? The code received from russian Sony 3) Will i violate some Sony rules if i gift this code somebody? Thanks
  5. I got code of the Micky Epic 2 when i bought Vita. If i buy or borrow second Vita can i download the game second time? Can i play Ad hoc using the same psn account for both Vitas? I got all trophies exept ad hoc trophies. Nice game. It worth to play even if you dont get 100%
  6. To hide trophies is a shame. I better leave psnprofile if i ll get ban here for crime which i did not commit
  7. Do not use difficulty modes which were added by update to avoid bugs. I played Novice mode and one elevator did not open for me. I had to restart game and delete save file
  8. Doo not use it. You have risk to mess up your time stamps. Check my trophy list. I did not get trophy Power Lunch althogh i got trophy Maximum Power I use account IoIly to test games and for boosting but i will be very upset if mods ban account for messing up time stamps
  9. Many thanks, Richard. Your guide is perfect. I got VIP2. I received about 5000 RP for 2 hours of playing craps in the VIP area. So you need about 20 hours to reach VIP2 using this guide if you have enough chips. People who play in casino using 2 ps4 report what they cant play on the same table. They receive error "same ip". So you need to find boosting partner
  10. Did not try it yet. I am trying to become vip2 for trophy. So i play very careful. My theory is: 1) Fountain is the same slot machine as a daily super slots. 2) This casino will always pay back to you after long losing streak. Doesnt matter which slot machine you played
  11. I downloaded game from both EU and USA stores. Same problem with login. I can login at average after 7-10 attempts. I did not have problem with login before new update
  12. I cant login. Loading screen almost always hanging. I report to support and sent message to digital leisure twitter. They told to delete game data in the storage and change language of ps4 to english. No help. People say what hidden chips missed. Game frozen when trying to check friends. I got today bug when during poker game my cards folded automatically
  13. I am playing this game only couple days but i noticed one thing. When i lose almost everything during short time (about 20 000 chips two times) my luck goes up and i get rewards from Lucky Fountain. So i ll try to get this trophy this way: I ll collect 20-30 spins during couple of weeks, waste my chips making high bets and only after will test my luck playing Daily slot machine