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  1. I got 100% trophies playing only Vita version. But i got trophy Sentimental relics from our forefathers... a year ago. Any new patch can disable some trophy or even crash game I advise you to contact support by twitter or email message. They respond quick
  2. I cant save my progress playing my main trophy world (ps3). All new save files become corrupt and game offer to delete itit. So i delete and download back up from Vita. Waiting they fix it
  3. I got platinum trophy a couple years ago. Now i want to get 100% trophies. I have digital EU version of game. Can you please confirm what Hangar DLC is compatible with digital version? If yes i ll buy it. Before i had problem with Slingshot DLC for XCOM Enemy Unknown
  4. Bedrock edition players got Aquatiac Update in two separate updates 6 trophies each. I hope we get other 6 trophies DLC
  5. I am sure what Minecraft did not reach yet points limit
  6. I still hope we ll get one more update with trophies soon. There are 12 achievements for Minecraft Bedrock edition. We got only 6 trophies
  7. I download now Aquatic Update:) Have fun:)
  8. Just checked it. I see trophies on ps3 and vita. Only 6 trophies for ps3 and Vita. One Pickle, Two Pickle, Sea Pickle, Four Alternative Fuel Moskstraumen Castaway Sleep with the Fishes Echolocation There are 12 trophies for Xbox One version so i think ps4 playesr will get the same
  9. It will count
  10. Wiki say what achievements are availaible only for Bedrock edition of Minecraft
  11. As i know XBOX One players got only beta version of Aquatic Update. It is not possible to get achievements yet. Am i wrong?
  12. 4J Studios @4JStudios We've handed over Update Aquatic for Console Editions to Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo for testing 11:38 AM ยท Sep 3, 2018
  13. I spent a lot of time playing Railroad Tycoon 2. There is PS4 game Railway Empire. But i did not played it so I am not sure is it necessary to remaster Railroad Tycoon 2:)
  14. Front mission 3, Parasite Eve, Parasite Eve 2
  15. This rank is still hidden. Dont ask nobody to vote. You ll get good feedback from person who did not vote:)