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  1. I am good guy with well knonw to thousands ppl id marLnero (MARlNERO)
  2. Do u speak english? My post was deleting for offerrring help to minecraft community. Immediately i was attacked by troll. I answered him and my my main acc was bannec
  3. Hi. My real psn id is marLnero. I was banned here for qurell with friend of the mod. For offfering help to minecraft community. I a think it is wrong to ban ppl without reasons
  4. marLnero is banned. I am not alllowed to post from marLnero . I want to say you are bad ppl I helpedmany ppl here. But nobody help help me me in return. So i say fck you psnprofiles
  5. My id is marLnero . But mods delete it immediately if i mention marLnero. WHY?
  6. I ( my id is marLnero )helped hundrds ppl. Jus curiosise why you whom i helped a lot cant help me
  7. Nobody join me. Nobody help me. I just say to Community: i dont respect you psnprofiles. I ll leave you guys
  8. Hi. I ask for help in boosting sessions (gta5) but nobody come to help me. I stop from now to help random ppl to save time for my trophies I completed all normal gta5 heists with randoms to get trophies. I completed doomsday acts 1 and 3 with randoms. Why do you dump me? I spent hundreds hours to help you in other games
  9. I collected it. No trophy
  10. Hi. I checked every room. All rooms are green. Playing as Jill normal difficulty. I miss 2 files: Barry' pictures and Observation notes. Guide say i can obtain these files only if i did not give to Barry his weapon. So must i let Barry to die to obtain the trophy? Are any items hidden which i missed to take? All rooms are green
  11. My friend was able to buy RDR2 using my code. We are the same psn nationality so i dont know if this code work for different countries or regions
  12. I got last year such code. I spent about 100usd and next day i got the code. Cause i couldnt spend more money i had to gift the code to my friend:) I think you must spend some money to attract attention of Sony bots
  13. Ethical or not ethical? Crime or not? What is the purpose of Share play in boosting sessions? Is it a crime to offer money here? I know ppl who help each other in different games. You are strong in this game, other guy can help you in other game. Will you help your brother or girl friend with trophy?Yes. Will you help to a stranger for money? No? Ppl help each other in real world for money
  14. Guys, do it via boosting sessions. So many ppl will join you. I am willing to help
  15. You can get ban in some games for using glitches or exploits. For example in Four Kings Casino