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  1. I created BF Hardline session just to help players to get trophy Menz in the Hood. One guy joined my session 45 minutes before start. I send him friend request and added in group chat. This guy did not come. He sent me message asking will i create other session in the future. I told him what i have to delete BF Hardline to have memory space to install other game. This guy gave BAD feedback to me after session. To avoid such evil style feedbacks people must vote with open face:) What do you think?
  2. Let me guess. Do you have russian ip and your USA account was blocked? And did you try to make telephone call to support or at least to send them email message. My mistake. I thought Sony blocked your PSN account
  3. According forum's rules you are not allowed to shame people here. You are not allowed even to give link to leadersboard with cheater's trophies. Moderators must come and edit your message. @BlindMango , am i right?
  4. I like it. I offer to remove common trophies and add legendary. But is it no problem what russian use already word "legendary" for trophies with rarity 5-%? May people offer and vote the name for these new rarity trophies?
  5. Thanks a lot! I unlocked trophy using your way. First i checked rivals and only after entered the global challenge
  6. Facebook. Is it risky to put your real name? Is PSN a more risky place than Facebook or Twitter?
  7. Will it work with digital version of game?
  8. The foot of God (Stolen from russian twitter)
  9. Only Brasil left?:)
  10. Why did you ban guys which i reported who obtain trophies before release day? May be they were not cheaters and what is importance to ban these people even if they are cheaters? This list dont have any value so why to ban people? From now i ll never report people:) OMG The list is a joke:)
  11. But we need this list? Before i thought this list is for respect. But in this topic i was explained what there are people who obtain trophies before release date and so first achievers dont deserve the respect. Are you sure what first aciviers who obtain trophies before release date are game testers, reviewers etc? Let somebody give the link for such trophy. And we ll continue discussion Give please a link to the store which sell games supported by trophies before release date
  12. Answer do we need a list of first achievers? What is the purpose of this list? Must we remove cheaters from the list? And question for everybody. Show me the trophy which was obtained "legit" before release date and we continue discussion
  13. Why should i create a new topic? We discussed here about the trophies obtained before release the game so i decided to continue. Is it OK?
  14. We have different poins of view. I think what trophies obtained before release date are "illegal" and must be removed from leadersboard. But i dont attack "industry". I rrspect industry:) I will not step down to your level to fight with you:) I just tried to rxplain to you what i dont attack the "industry":)
  15. If I want to keep the country from illegal migrants am i racist?