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  1. You can sent private message with your report to forum admins. There is rule also here No Shame No Blame. So you have to delete link to the profile of this guy or admins edit your post
  2. "Disconnect cable". "If done correctly"... Want to try and prove it? I am in to prove it with 2 ps3. I want just to help. I have 2 ps3. My psn id is marLnero. I have 100% of trophies. Just want to help JUST WANT TO PROVE IT IS WORKING
  3. You did not leave any explanations about the glitch. Community just have 30 minutes video. How this post can hekp people? As know two expirienced UC3 players can help ANY noob get ANY trophy here
  4. Few years ago i played RDR trial and unlocked one trophy. But this trophy was hided till i bought the game. But it was PS3
  5. I got many rare treasures playing hunter arena with 2 ps3, 4 controllers. Play it everyday, different maps. Even very weak unexperienced player can get Overser trophy. He must just protect one balcony. Other two experienced players will do the job
  6. PLEASE say if this game is good for Vita and you were able to get platinum trophy playing only Vita
  7. I told what you lie. I told what you ruin boosting sessions. Nobody from our large boosting group did not get help from you. You came to our chat, offered help everybody. Invited some people to short boosting session to promote your business. Next day you told what you are busy helping people who pay to you
  9. He lie when promiss to help people. He lie when join boosting sessions. I want these kind of trolles or businesmen get ban or red mark in boosting session
  10. I found one guy who using different accounts promote himself in the Boosting Sesions. He create boosting session using alt account where he says what he (main account) is very cool guy, he has 24 ps3 and 14 ps4, he want to help everybody to get online trophies. He post in other people boosting sessions the same things. People invite him to boosting group chats. He arrange short boosting session to prove what he really has a lot of ps4 and post the foto of his room full of tvs and ps4s. He promiss to help everybody to get online trophies quick. People trust him and stop to boost. Why you should spend hundreds of hours trying to get for example 40000 kills in Battlefield Hardline if this good samaritan promiss to help you to get 40000 kills during few hours? In couple days people start asking him when he ll help. He answer what he cant help nearest time cause he is very busy helping to other people WHO PAY MONEY for his help in the same game. So he (or group of players) just promote his business here. I dont know if he allowed to do it here but he lies and ruins boosting sessions cause ppl stop to boost
  11. I did not play the game a couple of months. Yersterday i joined online to get Rockstar's gifts with the same fears. But i did good:) My hands remember everything:)
  12. I want a comment creator has option to edit/delete his comment in boosting session chat. It is a matter of yr psnprofilies/gamer/human/man reputation. Due to misunderstandings you can speak wrong things
  13. I want to edit my messages i left in the boosting sessions same way as i can do it here in the forum. Wish i can DELETE it
  14. I want to edit my comments i did in the OTHER ppl boosting sessions. Due to different reasons ppl speak b(ull) s(hit) and want to clean it