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  1. As i understand the game owner pay to Sony for keeping the game in the ps store. When licence expire Sony remove the game from the store. Am i wrong?
  2. I dont see in the store PS3 game Mercury HG. It had DLC too. Some games are not available in some national stores. For example Invokers Tournament is not available in russian PSN store but you can take it in UK or USA store
  3. @@MMDE Hi. New cheater. May be the same guy which you removed from leadersboard yersterday. Everything the same. Minecraft (PS3), 9-th DLC, trophy Great View From Up Here with time stamp 3 june 2017
  4. @SnowxSakura These people synced trophies immedeately or they waited for months or years to sync trophies?
  5. @MMDE Mission accomplished:) Can we make auto flag system for trophies which were obtained before releasing game, DLC?
  6. .Hi. Can you check please leadersboard for Minecraft 9-th DLC (PS3) trophies? Some people were able to receive these trophies before 9-th DLC was released at 27 june 2017. For example two people got trothy Great View From Up Here at 3 june 2017. Is it sync trophy trick to be a top of leadersboard or cheater who made stupid mistake?
  7. I think the guy you talk about was a someone's dummy. Many trophyhunters have two or more ps3 to boost easier This guy is a psnprofile member. Somebody must inform him about this topic so he ll come here and tell his version of the story. It will be fair
  8. I played thousands hours online. Many hundreds of them i played GTA online. I met players who abused each other without any reason almost everyday. A lot of children and sick people play online. Dont pay attention to it unless somebody threaten you. Report to Sony if somebody threaten to hack you
  9. You are off topic. Hope psnprofile will stay out of politic. We are just gamers here. About Putin. Gameinformer ban many countries. Bulgaria is EU and NATO country. So Bulgaria is a good country. Why Gameinformer dont allow access to people with bulgarian ip?
  10. There is restricted acesss to gameinformer website for several countries. With my russian ip i see - Access Denied Error code 16 This request was blocked by the security rules
  11. Sorry. It is russian company. I thought it is world wide. I delete my posts about QIWI
  12. Deleted post
  13. Deleted post
  14. But answer. If you have proof what EndWar server was supported by hackers will you flag EndWar players?
  15. I had conversation with Ubisoft support last year. They were sure what PS3 server is not working. I played online using digital version of game. I couldnt acces server from game i bought 8-9 years ago. Ubisoft informed about closing pc server Tell me when Ubisoft told people about closing PS3 server? They ask sorry if you send them message regarding PS3 server. They explain what they had to close PS3 server cause not too much people played it. But when? Give me a date