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  1. I collected it. No trophy
  2. Hi. I checked every room. All rooms are green. Playing as Jill normal difficulty. I miss 2 files: Barry' pictures and Observation notes. Guide say i can obtain these files only if i did not give to Barry his weapon. So must i let Barry to die to obtain the trophy? Are any items hidden which i missed to take? All rooms are green
  3. My friend was able to buy RDR2 using my code. We are the same psn nationality so i dont know if this code work for different countries or regions
  4. I got last year such code. I spent about 100usd and next day i got the code. Cause i couldnt spend more money i had to gift the code to my friend:) I think you must spend some money to attract attention of Sony bots
  5. Ethical or not ethical? Crime or not? What is the purpose of Share play in boosting sessions? Is it a crime to offer money here? I know ppl who help each other in different games. You are strong in this game, other guy can help you in other game. Will you help your brother or girl friend with trophy?Yes. Will you help to a stranger for money? No? Ppl help each other in real world for money
  6. Guys, do it via boosting sessions. So many ppl will join you. I am willing to help
  7. You can get ban in some games for using glitches or exploits. For example in Four Kings Casino
  8. Is using guides cheating? O_O
  9. Gamers who dont care about trophies love it. Many people think Fallout 3 is one of the best PS3 games
  10. You can sent private message with your report to forum admins. There is rule also here No Shame No Blame. So you have to delete link to the profile of this guy or admins edit your post
  11. "Disconnect cable". "If done correctly"... Want to try and prove it? I am in to prove it with 2 ps3. I want just to help. I have 2 ps3. My psn id is marLnero. I have 100% of trophies. Just want to help JUST WANT TO PROVE IT IS WORKING
  12. You did not leave any explanations about the glitch. Community just have 30 minutes video. How this post can hekp people? As know two expirienced UC3 players can help ANY noob get ANY trophy here
  13. Few years ago i played RDR trial and unlocked one trophy. But this trophy was hided till i bought the game. But it was PS3
  14. I got many rare treasures playing hunter arena with 2 ps3, 4 controllers. Play it everyday, different maps. Even very weak unexperienced player can get Overser trophy. He must just protect one balcony. Other two experienced players will do the job
  15. PLEASE say if this game is good for Vita and you were able to get platinum trophy playing only Vita