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  1. This game is a bad sport. Beginners have low health, poor weapons and horse. They are easy to be killed. At least they can kick high level "good" player with high tier ability cards
  2. You are offtopic again. Abusing people you violate forum rules. You must change your behavior As i understand they will not touch games with different trophy list. Last of us and Last of us remastered have a bit different trophy list
  3. My psn id is MARLNERO. You are offtopic. Thanks btw with Terraria help You are offtopic. You even cant tell with which of my posts you are disagree. You just abuse the person without pointing the reason
  4. There is a problem with different platforms. For example Minecraft. PS4 version has unique trophies and PS3 version have different value trophies. So all 3 Minecraft versions will be present in new leadersboard?
  5. If you completed Battlefield Hardline two time both games will be present in rarity leadersboard? I dont care about rarity leadersboard. It show nothing. I have hundreds ultra rare trophies which i dont proud. I respect people who were able to complete hardcore games. We need leadersboard for hardcore players. These guys earnt respect. Community must decide which games are hardcore games and only ppl who completed these games will be in hardcore games leadersboard. We need to know names of the best players
  6. Any leadersboard is selfish for anybody. I dont abuse people, dont start fights. He create bad atmosphere here abusing people. I respect forum rules and will not step down to his level. Community must vote it. End of line
  7. Trolls are people who abuse other people. You called me troll cause i have different point of view, opinion which you dont like
  8. Some players dont want NEW leadersboard cause they ll be drop down there
  9. This leadersboard will push people dont buy remastered games. What the Sony think about?:)
  10. Ps vita and ps4 versions of The Treasures of Montezuma are unique games cause playing touch screen and controller are different experience. Are Code Veronica ps3 without platinum and Code Veronica ps4 with platinum unique games? And some games have different trophy sets
  11. Rarity leadersboard dont remove games from your collection. I understand you wish new leadersboard to be a bit higher. But it is ok for me if community vote it
  12. People want to be high in any leadersboard. They ll be dropped down in new leadersboard. You can create new cite and make any leadersboard you wish
  13. What about people who played hard and long games like Dead Nation three times? They did not waste their time if they knew what new leadersboard come And some games with the same name have different trophies and difficulty
  14. Ok. You are level 50 without good hourse, weapons, receipts, abilities and other equipment, without pvp exepirience. Boosting exp playing story mission dont give you cash and gold. Soon many dlcs will be released. How will you play for example coop missions on hard difficulty? Forget about rank. You ll get 50 rank anyway. You must think about getting gold and cash. Though some players can spend hundreds dollars in the psn store buying gold
  15. I played one year to complete Invokers (EU), after i played one year to complete Invokers (NA). Do you really want to take away one of this game from me? Only two ppl in world were able to complete this game twice cause playing not home region you are not able to buy subscription and gold from psn store. Game becomes harder
  16. Sometimes i want to check someone's profile statistic. Is it possible to do it without updating?
  17. I reached dead end 6 times during two months. No trophy. There is something what reset your progress. I ll try to do it in one sitting. I think i ll need 12+ hours for it
  18. I am trying to explain you the logic of the forum owner: The members of this forum boost online trophies for RESPECT. Some of them will for sure boost likes for RESPECT
  19. So explain what is the reason to limit likes here? On other forums, social networks there are no any limits
  20. People who boost trophies will boost reputation
  21. You ll never buy the game without trophy support or with unobtainable trophies. Sony informs you in the store about upcoming server shutdowns. My american friend was refunded in Walmart few years ago. He returned BF4 (ps3). Due to bug people cant complete chapter if got killed. What is the difference between Walmart and psn store? Report the problem to Sony if R* ignore you. Wait answer of Sony and ask money back in case of bad news
  22. The forum rules allow me to take part in any discussions. I just help people So send them report. They order to R* to restore the feature to get you to leave them alone
  23. My main acc is
  24. Rockstar will restore the feature only if a couple houndreds of players report the problem to Sony. You waste your time begging R* and creating petitions
  25. Due to bug i could not receive end of game trophies in vita version Darkest Dungeon. Sony refunded money. I completed GTA5 few years ago