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  1. Voted. It's been a long time..
  2. So many boob err sigs. I voted for number 5
  3. Really looking forward to this game!
  4. I'll vote for Tifa.
  5. M: Noctis N: Cloud
  6. A must buy for me. I loved Ni No Kuni! Will buy the biggest CE/LE available.
  7. Some very nice sigs this month. I really like sig 2 and 3 a lot and the problem is that I can't choose between them (yet).
  8. Fighting games theme, awesome!
  9. Hmm, you can sign me up as well. I have 2 Tales plats (Graces F and Xillia 1) up till now. Guess I have to upload my trophy card..
  10. I like sig #1 the best (colorsheme and such). ^^
  11. That's a difficult question because I've played a lot of (J)rpg's, especially older ones (since the SNES came out). 1: Suikoden 1 & 2 2: Final Fantasy VII 3: Secret of Mana and/or Lunar silver star story or harmony Phew, that was tough.. >_< Runner ups: Tales of Graces F, Ni No Kuni, Breath of fire (part 3 I think), Persona 3 and Persona 4 Golden, Wild Arms, Kartia, one of those FF tactics etc. Might have forgot a few. Shame I never played Chrono trigger..
  12. Sig #1 and #2 attract me the most, so I'll go with err.. *eenie, meenie, miney, mo* I pick the Vincent one, #1.
  13. I find this game enjoyable and pretty addictive. Started al over again since I did horrible on the first playthrough. This time it goes great with a 90% + happiness rating all the time and the energy/food/water bars are always green and even maxed most of the time. I just take my time and upgrade all the rooms to max instead of rushing. Raiders and molerats are easy to deal with, but I haven't had a Deathclaw attack yet..
  14. I bought one for all the JRPG's I can play on it (not only the new ones designed for Vita, but older ones from other systems as well). I love older JRPG's (SNES and PS1) and sometimes I go back to them. Also bought one a few years ago because there were so many (good) ps plus games came out back then. Still very happy I bought one.
  15. Looking forward to this game. I liked Rainbow moon (a bit tedious though), but this one will probably be even better.
  16. Easy platinums are: Spare parts, Trine and Star ocean the last hope.
  17. Congrats Masamune and to the others as well. Also, that signature looks very pretty in color Ramon. ^^
  18. Sweet! I'll finally get a chance to play this game. I got it for my PS2 way back, but kinda around when I got a PS3, so I never played it.
  19. I live in the Netherlands and I bought mine here: http://www.yourgamezone.nl/PS4-Tales-of-Zestiria-Collectors-Edition-DLC Your country probably has shops too who sell the CE.
  20. Preordered the EU CE. Hopefully nothing will go wrong this time.
  21. Very nice sigs! I've voted for #3 thought because I really like the effects and love the font!
  22. *Rise Kujikawa's voice* Looks amaaazing senpai! To the both of you.
  23. I like those keychains! They look adorable.
    1. Cer-be-rus


      That CE on the last page.. :o :O :o

    2. 1973456


      ;___; after the shit we went through with the symphonia one, I NEED this

    3. Cer-be-rus


      Noooo, I completely forgot about the shit we went through with Symphonia. I pre-ordered it back then and got a mssg they couldn't deliver it afterwards. Thanks for reminding me. :P Hopefully this will work out well for the both of us. :D