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  1. Not gonna lie, that platinum design is a downgrade, however, the others do look good.
  2. Weird that basically every Darksiders game is on sale, but the season pass for 3 isn't...
  3. I was looking at the trophy guide and noticed it was listed as missable, but I didn't see a reason for it to be. Was curious about the reason before I start this since the game looks long I don't wanna make a mistake.
  4. I was honestly expecting Sony to just call it a day with the PS5 collection for November, but pretty happy if Bugsnax is true.
  5. And this is why I shop digitally myself now, but if you choose to purchase a physical copy when digital is available, it's your choice to either pick it up or get it shipped. Whereas, I can't choose to play a game early. Also, I see you keep using Demon's Souls as an example, but that's a very extreme case, the only reason it is delayed in the EU is because the actual system is delayed in the EU. There are multiple versions of games some for NA, EU, JP, HK, etc. The earliest official street date should be used. It's important to remember anyone serious about this can just make an account in that region and purchase it digitally. It's actually quite easy to fix it.
  6. Idk, I've gone to plenty of midnight releases for games and it only takes a few minutes to pick the game up and get back.
  7. I have to agree with the OP, I do think anyone that pops a trophy before an official street date in their region should not appear on the first achiever's list. everyone should be on an equal playing field when it comes to things like this. for example, I am 14 on the list on this one and a few people ahead of me got the game much earlier than me, it completely defeats the point.
  8. Probably Demon's Souls
  9. Probably a smart decision. It would have been overshadowed by every other game at launch.
  10. Anyone think this would have a separate trophy list?
  11. Campaign trophies look basic. Multiplayer trophies look basic, with maybe the squad wipe trophy being an issue if you have to actually kill a squad yourself, but I'm not sure what the requirements are exactly, but my gut says just eliminate a squad as a team. Looks like the normal zombie related trophies, but no major grind like BO4. Looks like you have to beat the dead ops arcade this time Overall, seems like the normal COD list.
  12. I'm all for more stats and types of leaderboards, but what games would this exclude unintentionally? Maybe its because I stick to mostly AAA games, but I can't really think of a game that you can unlock the plat in 5 minutes other than some of the shovelware titles or people using their save for stacking purposes.
  13. I've been saying it for years, if I don't want a game on my profile let me delete it. Here's the thing, it's my account I should be able to control every aspect of it. I've hear the phrase, "gaming history" brought up every time a thread like this appears, but do people really think a game you tried for 5 minutes reflects anything? Edit: Just to be clear this needs to be from Sony, not this or any other website.
  14. I think in terms of time trials, the worst ones for me Jetbopard Jetty, Nitro Processing, Toxic Tunnels, and Seeing Doubles. Surprisingly Cortex Castle wasn't that bad to get a platinum relic on because it's a short level that they throw Aku Akus at you. I would also like to point out that some of the N.Sanely perfect relics (specifically the ones with riding sections) were far more difficult than their respective platinum relics.
  15. No clue who these guys are, but trophy hunting is still awesome in my book. I have always been a completionist way before trophies were even a thing. I think the problem in recent times is people just focusing on it exclusively. I will say if you care about leaderboard placements, the 5-10 minute platinum trophies have absolutely destroyed them. There really needs to be a leaderboard that excludes them.