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  1. The normal panels do not matter, but you do need to make sure you have enough to afford the special panel when you land on it. I think these shot lock commands range from 1000-1500 spending on the board. I would just try to keep looping around the section of the board that has the star on it.
  2. There are special panels with a Star on them. These are the ones that contain the command board only commands. I did this game twice so I'm very confident they are in the same spot every time.
  3. It's in a set location on the board, you just need to keep aiming for that square and hope for the best. The ability that lets you move to any panel is your best friend.
  4. I played it recently and was very disappointed. The cast is too large for the amount of time each character gets.
  5. The Chinese version I had was in full English. I'd recommend that instead of the JP version, it's the same list after all.
  6. No, it doesn't work that way. You have they are separate.
  7. I want to start off by saying many people really miss the point for a lot of remasters this gen. It's to help newer gamers get their hands on classics. Now I get it, if you're like me and keep up with gaming and all of the major releases, the ridiculous stream of remasters may seem overkill, but if you just got into gaming at some point this gen, you now have access to some really great games (and some really bad ports like Mafia 2). In regard to the topic, it's very clear that Microsoft is trying to make its major selling point backwards compatibility. It's a great feature for sure, but no one buys a console for that (maybe they make the shift quicker because of it). I do think that Sony should do more because it is really annoying not being able to just play the games I own on hardware that is fully capable. I also think that PSNow is flawed since it does not include DLC. Let's be honest a lot of games today have 25-50% of the game as DLC. More does need to be done on this front more than anything else imo.
  8. I also feel confident that I have eaten 200 food. My only 3 guesses are 1) It needs to be the same food item (like 200 Bread). 2) It has to be within one difficulty/playthrough. 3) It is buggy. People have earned it, so the counter may just be messed up.
  9. It's actually very strange in Warzone. On PS4, you can disable crossplay, but it is mandatory on PC and Xbox. You run into a hacker if you play for a few hours frequently (not every match, but often enough for it to get annoying especially when it's at the end of a 20-30 min game). However, it really isn't just a hacker problem. As I said, Keyboard and mouse plus better hardware give them a huge advantage. It's simply not a level playing field when you run into a PC player.
  10. It depends on the type of game and level of cross-play. I have no issue playing with people on the Xbox or Switch, but completely against PC. I own a PC and understand not everyone cheats, but without a doubt the biggest percentage of cheaters in a crossplay environment come from PC. Don't believe me look at COD Warzone, the hackers have really damaged the game. There are situations when playing with PC players is fine, like a co-op game, but PVP gives them an unfair advantage. It's a fact, keyboard and mouse is better than a controller. Crossplay sounds nice on paper but has been poorly implemented so far.
  11. The campaign was good, but the MP and Zombies mode was really bad imo.
  12. Sorry I meant after patch 1.38. You can no longer repeat Vital Equipment on the latest patch.
  13. Any Foundation Reputation exploits out there? Really want to be done with this.
  14. I don't see any impossible platinums or 100%'s on your profile, so I don't see a reason to restart. Instead, I would just fight the backlog. A big thing that helped me was buying less. I use to buy a lot more games (I still buy a lot lol), but by holding off some purchases, it put me in a better spot to go back and play old games. If you want to be a completionist you have to learn to actually finish your games, it does kinda look like you just jump around after getting your feet wet in a game.
  15. I was thinking about starting this game. are the servers still good to go? Also from the sound of it, Breach mode can be played solo?