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  1. One day destiny 1 dlc will go on sale....
  2. After 9 hours of playing Mahjong, I finally got all the CP involved. Thank you for the tips.
  3. Should I avoid taking pieces from the AI in general? I haven't been able to win a match and it is starting to bug me.
  4. Wow, I didn't even think about checking the other games for help. thanks for the tips.
  5. I would never have guessed the bird was a one for the bamboo set. Are there 4 of every tile?
  6. I've tried looking it up and I think I get the premise of the game. You want to get pairs and straights, but I have no idea how to get a straight with some of the tiles. If anyone has any tips for the completion points and can explain the hands I would be very appreciative. And yes I have read the gamefaqs guide and wiki guide.
  7. I agree with the above post. 4 sounds correct. Its more of a time sink than challenging. Especially at this point. The exotic grind will disappear once they finally update Xur.
  8. Definitely not cheating, but I've never seen the appeal of super short games like that. I like to spend money on games I think I'll enjoy.
  9. The full collection is on ps4. Only 1.5 and 2.5 are on ps3.
  10. If you buy the collection they appear in the correct order when selecting which one to play.
  11. I think it pops when you leave. I don't recall any issues.
  12. I'd expect a large expansion, which has been mentioned in interviews, to wrap up Sora. The epilogue is for the next chapter in the franchise.
  13. I don't think it was confirmed that the game was rushed at all. In fact, they delayed it just to polish it. With that said, I'd fully support DLC for the game. I felt like the ending clearly set up a continuation or large expansion without getting into spoiler territory.
  14. I'd agree if there was actual content, which is what I'm waiting for. Seriously tho, this multiplayer has nothing to do other than crappy racing or deathmatch.
  15. Looks like a fun game. Might try it out. Trophies look really straight forward. Just curious in the 3v3 mode if you are dead and win does that count? I'm assuming it does like other BR games.