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  1. How? I sit there and try but they don't transition correctly. What am I missing?
  2. Can someone share some tips to perform air to standing and air to crouching combos? I've been making progress on this, but this is the area I struggle the most.
  3. Yup, that's how I bought them.
  4. I can confirm it is all on the disc. Cleaned up all the DLC last month. Make sure that it is red with Greatest Hits on the cover.
  5. If you don't have friends to play with, I would avoid it. The mode is actually fun, but the time requirements are not balanced for the changes they made, possible for sure, but they require the best gear and knowing how enemies spawn on each map. If you do choose to go for it, make sure you get some solid partners, mine kinda quit on me and I haven't been motivated to go back for the last 5 levels I need 3 starts in.
  6. Is there a tip to do the Right, Down, Right +down, move combos reliably? I've gotten a few more missions done, but I can't do these reliably at all. Edit: Got the 160 Trophy! Just another 160 to go......
  7. I rented this many years ago and got everything but the mission trophies. Found a cheap copy for a few bucks and decided to pick it back up. Never had the DLC so I can't use those missions to help. I can honestly say I suck at fighting games (combos in particular). I played it for an hr and was able to complete a few more missions (152 total), but I am stuck on some of the mission number 3s (combine two special moves) on some characters. A lot of the videos show them using the fight stick controllers(I'm just using the ps3 controller). I have a really big gripe that the game uses H, L, and M instead of Square, Triangle, and Circle. It adds an extra thing to think about, which is really annoying. Looking for some tips to do these missions.
  8. As someone who strives for 100% and is fully aware that I can never actually achieve it because of unobtainable trophies, I can respect your decision. It has personally always bothered me, but I don't believe I could make a new account. I've been on here since I got a PS3 back in 2010. Maybe one day we will get the ability to delete games off of our trophy lists and a new account won't be needed for the people that do care. Either way, replaying old games is always fun, so enjoy it!
  9. 1. Trophy Tracking when you check a trophy description. 2. The ability to delete games off of your trophy list. 3. DLC having stand-alone trophy lists. I really hate having to buy crappy DLC to get 100% back or the games that just keep adding more trophies. 4. Stop making remakes or different versions with separate trophy lists. It should be one list shared across platforms.
  10. Is anyone able to connect to the EA servers? I got my hands on an EU PSN card to buy it, but can't seem to connect. I know EA servers are kinda iffy on older games. Any advice on a good time to connect? Edit: Tried again 20 minutes later and had no issue connecting.
  11. Thanks, I was wondering if I needed to buy the bundle or just buy the DLC. Where did you buy an EU PSN card? I was gonna try Amazon, but they are sold out on the cheapest card.
  12. Thanks I'll have to track down an EU PS card and get these before the servers are taken down.
  13. I can confirm it is on the EU PS Store. I do not know if the servers are up. I won't buy it without a confirmation.
  14. I was thinking of coming back to this, but I noticed the Trials of St. Lucia was missing. I have read that it is available of the EU PS Store. Are the servers still up if I can locate this?
  15. Yes, some will auto pop, but If I remember right the story related ones will not.