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  1. Damn, there goes 2 hours of work.
  2. Is the Scorchqueen a chance encounter when you launch a nuke on a fissure? I launched one and the event didn't pop.
  3. Sounds like a good strat. Gonna try this next time, we failed pretty badly today. Got her to 50% and then she just healed up so meeting the time limit was impossible. I guess i made a mistake picking melee.
  4. So I'm one away from the Skin Deep trophy, but the tool keeps telling me the Florida panther, but I skinned two of them. Is there a fix for this? I'm dumb there's a Panther and a Florida Panther.
  5. Need one for beating adventure mode with every character...
  6. I'm not sure if it exists for zombies, but you might be able to reset your stats like MP.
  7. I feel dumb, I assumed long scope rifle meant a gun with a scope. Then I see there's actually a long scope lol. Got it no problem after switching scopes.
  8. I've read on multiple sites that the challenge is supposed to show you how far away the last snipe was, but I am only seeing 0. I feel like I have hit 660ft, but can't tell how far off I am. I saw mention of the challenge being bugged but wasn't sure.
  9. Anyone think there will be a new blackout trophy on Tuesday? They are adding a new specialist and the gladiator zombie skins.
  10. Thanks for the information. You are allowed to pause and set markers. It was falling off the horse that was the issue.
  11. I had some simple questions on this challenge since I keep failing. Can I pause the game and move markers during it? Can I fall of my horse? I feel like one of these has to be the issue because I am making the time according to my stopwatch.
  12. Very interesting, but I'm wondering how much this game has changed since the initial beta on PS4? I really liked Gwent in the Witcher, but the game kept changing as it went on and I gave up. I think I'll give this a go once all of the trophies are fixed tho.
  13. Did they fix the glitched trophies? edit: Can confirm Breach and Clear is still glitched. I assume its the same for Scorched Earth.
  14. Awesome news! Thanks for finding that.
  15. Yeah, I can't find any mention of it. Hopefully, it's true though, it's the only trophy I need for the plat.