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  1. I disagree. Judgment is the spiritual successor to Yakuza, not a spinoff. It was intended to preserve the game play as Yakuza explores RPG elements. Just like how Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to Demon's Souls. There's also numerous references between the games like how Patches the Hyena exists in both titles and other references.
  2. Funnily enough, while they won't combine Demon's Souls with Dark Souls, they seemed to have no problem combining Yakuza and Judgment together.
  3. I don't think they included trophies for the Oddessey one, so they may not do it for this one. Still plenty of time for the trophies to go live.
  4. That rating might mean we see a November/December release window. I honestly thought it would be pushed back to 2022,but it's not actually CD Project Red that is handling the port so it makes sense.
  5. Yeah, I tested playing a bunch of levels for a few hours and barely saw any XP, I then tested going in create mode, and the XP gain was higher in one hour than the three hours, so I decided to cave in and AFK in create mode with a turbo controller. Whoever came up with the experience system really didn't want anyone to actually play the levels. Currently, 27/30, what a miserable grind.
  6. Yes, as I said, I'm not a fan of having to make a new account. The trophies should just work right. I'll use it as last resort, or just buy a PS4 copy, get 100% and then import the save. I'd just rather wait for a patch at this point.
  7. I can tell you the trophies are still busted. I played the base game when it came on PS+, had no issue. Bought the DLC after the patch that was intended to fix the trophies, and the first trophy never popped. So I never continued playing the DLC. Still waiting for a real fix because I don't like the idea of having to make a new account. Unless I'm misunderstanding when the "I See Site P" trophy is supposed to pop, which I'm assuming is when you enter Site P for the first time, then they are still busted. I could try downloading my save and trying again, but that hasn't seemed to work for anyone.
  8. Thanks. I basically typed EU PSN card and yeah, the UK isn't there anymore. Bought the Witcher 3 again for a rainy day in the future.
  9. Day one buy if it gets an English release.
  10. Probably the wrong thread to ask this, but If I was to buy an EU PSN card, where would I get one for a UK account. I honestly don't remember where I bought one last time. I checked PlayAsia, but I couldn't seem to find one for the UK.
  11. I enjoyed the game, so as long as it's free, I have no complaints. Is it confirmed that there are new trophies, I didn't see any mention in the video or anywhere else?
  12. Does anyone know how watching shorts or music videos affects xp? Also do you get more xp for playing longer levels or shorter or is it just time in general?
  13. The new lists look great. I don't usually like missable trophies, but they fit in nicely. Perhaps there will be a mission replay, so they might not be missable. I am curious if cheat codes will be available in these versions.
  14. I've been trying to figure out how to get my time to count for the trophy, but it seems very inconsistent. I'm doing this by hand, no automated method. I have tried placing an instrument, opening the piano sheet, and drawing notes by taping R2, but it seems inconsistent. Is there a better way.
  15. I reread my post, I guess I left out a detail my bad. What I meant was every PSN gets one refund, but a purchase on PSN can include multiple items, which is why you got refunded for everything in the order. It's not false, your simply focusing on the One is the wrong context, my bad on that. If the rules are different in your country, congrats, in the US Sony gives you one, after that your out of luck unless another Cyberpunk fiasco happens. In the case of it still appearing on PC, it will take a day or two to correct itself.