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  1. I would probably say it's the second-best. While the story isn't the best with a lot of the humor falling flat. The gameplay is superior in almost every way from previous games. I remember playing Borderlands The game of Year Edition on PS4 and got very tired of hearing my character grunt every 5 seconds. All of the movement-based improvements really show. 1. Borderlands 2 2 Borderlands 3 3. Borderlands 4. Borderlands TPS
  2. There would have to be a sizable amount of new content to even consider purchasing it. I doubt it's a free upgrade due to the TT no longer existing.
  3. I remember going through Saga frontier 2 a few years back, The Battle of south Moundtop is definitely badly designed, but the rest of the game is great. I still play Saga Frontier on my phone (through emulator), I'm looking forward to the new scenario as Fuse.
  4. There are some guides out there with detailed information, but the formats make it hard to track the large number of missables and the order you should be paying attention. If there is a guide in the works, I recommend making sure that the order of which missable trophies is clearer to avoid confusion.
  5. I really can't wait to play this. It still remains one of my favorite games of all time. I'm gonna try to line it up as my 350th platinum. I hope Saga Frontier 2 is next.
  6. I was able to find a lobby through out the day in NA, but it was rarely full. However, it was sufficient to get everything without boosting, but the game felt like it was on life support.
  7. I would be happy to see GTA4 return, and the only train of thought I can think of to explain it is that it would take people away from GTA5. Even if it was a single-player only experience, they share the same player base. I also think its the same reason why RDR Online was not supported very well. It was intentional to get people back to GTA5 asap. But that's just a thought, I know I would buy an improved GTA4 day 1.
  8. Well, the polar bear/alien riding levels are the hardest to get NPR, so it's not the best comparison to make. You'd have to compare it to Toxic Tunnels or the other levels that are challenging to get the platinum relics in. I do remember the levels with polar being pretty easy to get plat relics, but I assumed it's because I had to restart them like 50 times...
  9. I can't speak for everyone, but I personally saved platinum relics for last (although I went stage by stage). It allows you to get more practice on the stage if you do everything else first.
  10. I had no problem other than infinite load screens when fast traveling. All of the trophies popped correctly on my playthrough.
  11. It doesn't look that hard tbh, but I think most trophy guides (regardless of the source) seem to be placed into the 3/4 difficulty rating by default. I do think that a platinum difficulty rating should ultimately be based on the hardest aspect of the game. After all, it only takes one trophy to block a platinum. I think this website would benefit tremendously by having a dedicated thread to vote for the difficulty of games. Either way, the rarity of the game is always the best indicator. It's hovering a bit below 10% on both versions, so a 3 may be a stretch unless it's very time-consuming. Either way, I can't imagine that being more than a 4/5 myself.
  12. I deleted and reinstalled it and nothing changed. I'm guess servers are down for maintenance?
  13. I just started the game, did the first mission and decided to try the MP. I keep getting the Unable to obtain title storage error and I'm not sure what the cause is. Its not my internet, I checked on other games. Anyone else having an issue? Edit: So I did a test and downloaded the game on my PS4, when I went into the game I could load the MP without issue. Went back top PS5 and got the error. I thene backed up and deleted my PS5 save, and tried again. I can now connect. My save file must have been the issue.
  14. The game didn't look that impressive to me. If I hear good things, I'll grab it at a more reasonable price, but screw that $70 MSRP...
  15. Nothing, it's pretty easy.