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  1. lol that's pretty funny. This is probably the easiest track to do.
  2. I remember they used to send them out in emails like 2 or 3 years ago(typically 10-20% off), but I haven't gotten one in years. Is there a new way to get them?
  3. Good to know. Figured since some bugs are appearing. I checked Youtube and found these: Any idea what's happening in these? I was able to get one lap skipped on Turbo Track, but only once.
  4. Excellent find. Very sad I missed the Thunder Struct one b4 they patched it.
  5. Not really sure without specific examples. There is a new contraband stream(battle pass) every 40ish days with new items that you can earn. there are also event specific things like the St. Patty's day stuff.n
  6. I think they are doable, but honestly, they should have used the original times. The extra seconds would really make it a lot more approachable. I'm never a fan of speed running, but it is what it is. I doubt Beenox will make any changes to the time trials specifically. Just need to practice, not much else to it.
  7. Nina Cortex & Rilla Roo
  8. There are 4 types. You forgot Acceleration 😀
  9. After playing through the campaign on easy, getting 100%, completing a few oxide times and beating Roo on hard, I think this is a very solid 8-9/10 for the plat. I expect the time to be over 100 hours (highly skill dependent). You really need to master the track completely to come close to those times. I was spending hours per track to beat the oxide time. I'm hoping they address the jumping while turbocharging. I'm pretty confident that it is not working properly, which is making this more difficult.
  10. It's slightly different from the original, but overall nearly identical. We are talking about a PS1 game with tight controls being remade from the ground up, so there are bound to be some differences. In an hour I was used to it. I hope it gets a lot of support in the future and hopefully, Crash Bash is next.
  11. I gave this a try and didn't have any luck. 2 hours later I got my last treasure. Pretty sure they just got lucky unless there are more specific steps you need to take than just changing the IP address.
  12. Is there any information backing this up?
  13. So I'm down to two treasures left, Wrathful Deity Head (Lapis-Lazuli) and Gift Tara (Ruby). I've been trying for 10 hrs and haven't gotten either. How long did it take you to get your last treasure? Edit: Got my last two treasures in about 30 hours.
  14. Out of curiosity, where did you get the discount code? I remember Sony use to send them out in emails, but I feel like it's been years since I got one.
  15. This is excellent news. I bet this gets a crazy trophy list. Hopefully, FF1-6 and Tactics get a PS4/PS5 release.