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  1. SaGa Frontier Remastered needs to be added to the SaGa series.
  2. I'm super excited for this remaster and the list looks pretty straightforward. Some of the characters are only available on some playthroughs, thus your gonna need to be careful to get all of the missable ones. Otherwise, the only tricky one on the list is beating Virgil in two turns. If my memory serves me right, that's gonna take two different 5 move combos in a row.
  4. The game library change is amazing. It's a nightmare to go through a huge game library atm.
  5. People can take more time, but even if it takes you 6 months (which is very very slow) at roughly 9 hrs a week (the typical raid group time) that still like 200 hrs for a current raid tier. I will admit I play at a higher level than average players, but it's only time consuming on a current tier, which again, people can wait for things like echo and unsync for past expansions. Should only take a few hrs to go through everything up to stormblood with the latest crafted set of gear ( maybe costs like 1 mil in gil at this point).
  6. This is a bit of an exaggeration, it will take time, but not that much time. You can find groups that clear the content in a month or so. I've cleared two of the raid tiers within 2 weeks in the past (the first Eden raid was one of them). That said, there's no reason to do the tier at launch either. If you come back an expansion later, you can unsync the content and beat it in a few min and skip all the mechanics. For reference you can enter the coil of bahamut and solo it with a level 80 War or PLD without issue. They also bake in the echo which gives you a 20% increase in damage and HP. The content gets easy over time. While this may change with the stat shrink in Endwalker, The content will never be as hard as when it launched. Now Ultimates are a different story, I've cleared Ucob and Tea and those were about 60 hrs of prog time with a dedicated group.
  7. They said in addition to the PS3/4 not that there will be new trophies on that version.
  8. If I have been playing on PC in Shadowbringers, but only own up to Stormblood on PlayStation, will I need to buy Shadowbringers on PlayStation to get those trophies to pop if I already met the requirements? Otherwise, I'll probably just wait for the next X-Pac. not worth buying Shadowbringers at this point lol
  9. Does anyone know if trophies are retroactive yet?
  10. Yeah, shutting down the store is one thing (a really dumb thing), but getting rid of game patches is ridiculous. I now wouldn't be surprised if PSN functionality was removed from PS3 in a year or two. There clearly gutting it piece by piece by this point.
  11. It's not that bad this late into the game. I'm pretty confident I have all of those requirements. For Crafting and Gathering Collectables, you can do those reasonably fast by just doing one thing to get collectable points and completeing the synth or gathering the mat. Would only take a few hrs for each. 2000 duties is also something your would probably get naturally from completing the story, and grinding out gear for the current raid tier. Your looking at several hundred duties to just get through the MSQ at this point. And with unsynced options available, you could pick an early trial as a level 80 and kill it in a few seconds and repeat. The 3,000 fates definitely sucks tho. That said, if you've done things like relic quests, Yokai events, and doing all of the fates for vendor rewards in Shadowbringers, your probably much closer than you think.
  12. I agree. I look at other MMOs on PlayStation like ESO or Neverwinter getting trophies every major patch, but FFXIV gets nothing. I've played 14 since the PS3 beta and have literally thousands of hours invested in it. There should be new ones every major patch. There's also financial incentive to do it. Let's be honest plenty of people complain about DLC, but the moment it gets trophies, completionists buy it. Adding trophies will keep players coming back and buying the latest expansion. I can't think of a downside from their perspective. EDIT: After looking over the list it is very easy, although I do want to point something out. The base trophy list requires level 80 characters which does mean you will need Shadowbringers. I am curious if trophies will auto pop or not. Because I am fully caught up in Shadowbringers on PC with all jobs at 80.
  13. Can you get the Artifact back if you sell it?
  14. I hope this isn't true. I think TLOU 1 is fantastic, but I'd much rather see a new title like a prequel covering Joel and Tommy for those 20 years. No need for a remake when there is a perfectly playable PS4 remaster available on the system.
  15. I know most people say it as a joke, but I really would enjoy a Taken styled game where Cassie is kidnapped and Drake has to use his particular skillset to save her. And a Sully prequel would be good as well.