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  1. The game is fun to play, but the problem is the leveling requirements. You basically need to prestige 20 characters 5 times. It's a long and frankly miserable grind that I got through watching Hulu on my laptop. Outside of that, the game and trophy list are great. You can also grind in the single-player zones, and it is actually faster unless you are really good at MP. But you're looking at about 40 hours of pure grind after doing everything else.
  2. Seems like a really good patch, especially for trophies. I'll probably still wait a year or two before I buy an M.2. The prices should settle down by then, plus space hasn't been much of an issue.
  3. I bought my console at launch and noticed that my controller was drifting. I held out until I could get a second controller (bought a Red one). Eventually, I contacted Sony and had to mail my controller to them for repair. And yes, you have to pay for shipping it to them. Within an hr of receiving it, then sent out another one. My guess is they take your controller and prepare it to be refurbished and then immediately send you back one that has already been serviced. Since getting mine back it has worked perfectly. I think it's BS that I had to pay for shipping, but customer support was pretty helpful in setting it up, and return time was fast.
  4. Go to that games page and on the right-hand side, above the forums, you can see the gaming sessions (if there are any).
  5. Needs more Kiryu and less everything else.
  6. I already own PVZ and it's pretty fun but is way too grindy imo. I'm not interested in Tennis, and never heard of the PS5 game before, but that might be good?
  7. I was planning on starting this series soon and had two questions. 1) I've read that the choices can make certain trophies harder or impossible in future titles on an imported save, is this true? 2) Are there any guides that take this into consideration and provide optimal pathing for future titles in regard to trophies?
  8. I remember Assassin's Creed II handing out trophies left and right.
  9. I respect people's choice to play these games or any for that matter, but what your saying is incorrect. I've never bought one of these games, and most people that complain don't either. However, they continue to get more popular. Were at a point where the newest 5-minute plat is ending up in the top 10 most played on this site. Heck right now, Happy Truck is taking two of those spots at a 99% platinum rate. And it clearly does affect people. These games have destroyed the leaderboards, which impacts everyone regardless of if you buy or don't, so yes, it does affect everyone. It's why such a large amount of people are asking for a rarity leader board that excludes common trophies. In regard to affecting quality standards, none of the complaints that people have been with the game quality of these titles. Most are pretty bad, but that's fine if they work. The standards people want are for the trophy list. There is clearly something wrong when you can earn a platinum in under 2 min. This is the most likely reason we can no longer earn reward points from Sony for trophies. They'd go broke.
  10. The trophy spam is beyond ridiculous at this point. It's just really sad.
  11. I played this in 2015 and the game disconnected at about a 40-50% rate. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. No DLC was necessary to 100% the game.
  12. While I would love more trophies, the fact that the previous two heists (Casino & Island) did not have any is a signal that they probably won't add any more. I think the only chance we see new trophies is the PS5 version. It's even possible GTA Online could be a separate list since it's supposedly going to be free for PS+ players upon release for three months (online only). That said, it's been a long time since we've heard anything about the PS5 version so who knows.
  13. Welcome to the Jungle in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.
  14. Meh, my guess is it will probably flop like their attempt at a console. Either way, maybe this will get Sony interested in a Vita 2.
  15. The new stuff looks great, hopefully, it has enough content to warrant the price tag.