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  1. I agree with this. I was very disappointed they are calling these classics PS4/5 games. It would really add to the charm of the classics. At the very least, I hope we can get a PSOne, PS2, and PSP genre tag to at least make it easier to identify them.
  2. There are a few pieces of information that explain the disparity. The number of players. The original list, which was a PS+ game has 422,255 players. The NA version of the new list has 7,388. The new version supports auto-popping. Thus, most of the players are only starting the new list to pop a plat, while others who couldn't before don't bother. When you combine these together, you get a very large discrepancy in trophy rarity. Fall guys is still a challenging platinum, but there are multiple events that make it much easier.
  3. This should be the FF16 reveal.
  4. Nothing is really surprising here. They are going to focus on telling investors about their monetization practices to ensure they invest more. DLC & Microtransactions are the breadwinners for most companies, so yeah, this makes complete sense for them to appear front and center in an investor call. It also makes complete sense for Sony to branch out into PC and Mobile. It's especially important to target PC as its competition has been doing that. You're exposing your games to millions of potential customers, again, it's something they want to highlight to investors. I wouldn't really be concerned about anything in this meeting. Sony is in a good position and planning to expand its business operations as a result.
  5. I play video games to have fun and not have to think about real-life issues, and I'm positive that's true for the majority. I really don't want to see gaming companies involved in this stuff.
  6. 1) The Legend of Dragoon 2) Final Fantasy Tactics 3) Final Fantasy Anthology (includes FF5 andFF6) 4)Final Fantasy Origins (FF1 andFF2) 5) Final Fantasy Chronicles (FF4 and Chrono Trigger) Or maybe square could release the Pixel Remasters on Playstation...
  7. I played and platted the first game. I think I used a guide on TrueAchievements, but don't remember. It was an enjoyable experience, but it got a bit repetitive in subsequent playthroughs. I'll probably pick up the other titles when they go on sale again.
  8. I really want to say it's a dumb decision, but truthfully, I have no idea what adding trophies to classic games entails. Would I personally buy a classic title if it did not have trophies? No, I will emulate it on my phone/PC for free. Trophies are the only unique feature of their emulation I am interested in. Obviously, if devs start seeing games with trophies have a better sales rate, which they probably will, devs will realize they need to add them to make a profit.
  9. You can usually identify games above 80% as EZPZ cash grabs (it's why I supported 75% as the cutoff point for ribbons). There are some visual novels that can end up in this tier, but the majority of titles will be Ratala or Breakthru crap. Granted some people genuinely like these games, Powgi comes to mind (shame they don't actually make harder lists). As others have said, you just need to do a Google search to be safe. Shovelware is rampant and Sony seems to be on board with it.
  10. Really bad list. Obviously, this game isn't exactly challenging, but they could have thought of some fun challenges. I really hope all of the PSOne games don't end up as super easy plats.
  11. I'm disappointed that they are listed as PS5&4 games. I really would have liked to see them listed as PSOne and have the original PSOne case as the trophy list image. Would add a lot more to the charm.
  12. I'll stick to the normal tier for now. I'll upgrade in the future when they offer more games or I run out of games to play.
  13. Very sad, but I'm not surprised. Is now a good time to ask for rarity leaderboards again?
  14. As much as I am tired of installing this game, I will give them credit for continuing to support it for this long.