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  1. I remember using this for the PS3 version. Glad it still works.
  2. I just wanted to give an update. The code is not valid within the collection. Sony told me to contact Bungie for support. I have a feeling I'm gonna have an issue. Edit: after using the Bungie Forums, I was instructed that all of the codes have long expired. So Do Not Purchase the Physical Collection. All you will get is the base game for a jacked-up price.
  3. I was a bit shocked, but I get the reasoning. I've never been interested in in-game challenges for the most part since no one else can see them. I wonder if it will affect sales. I know I won't be purchasing Shadowkeep without a trophy incentive. Hopefully, crossplay does not lead to this outcome for other games.
  4. I am aware that the Expansions are from a code inside the case. I know most of these codes have expiration dates and wasn't sure if this is expired or not. If it has, I'm pretty sure Sony will give a new one if I call right? I found a new copy on Target for $26, which is cheaper than buying the DLC separately. If anyone knows a better deal, let me know.
  5. If you have Forsaken installed, your good. It is built into that now.
  6. Really good changes. Now if they just included all of the DLC for games, I would certainly subscribe.
  7. I agree I was very concerned when they were talking about seasons and a 5-year plan. Would be a nightmare for trophy hunters, but great for fans that constantly play the game.
  8. Any idea on when the trophies would appear on PSN? I was going to buy the new Plants Vs Zombies games if they don't have any new trophies for Shadowkeep. But the founder edition price ends today, so I kinda need to know today...
  9. How similar is this to Saga Frontier? I loved that game on the PS1.
  10. I couldn't care less about the monetization, I've never bought a microtransaction and that isn't going to change. It's just how the industry is now and it isn't going to change anytime soon. However, I found the game to just be hot trash. The time to kill is far to low. Every game felt like hardcore, and I absolutely hate it and this is coming from someone who has bought every cod up to this point. This one will end that streak.
  11. Well, I wish you good luck in your hunt then.
  12. Honestly, a quick glance through your profile made me think, why doesn't he just start a new profile? I didn't look very deep, but I noticed a lot of your 100% games were the quick EZPZ variety, like between 1 and 5 hrs, which there isn't anything wrong with, but I think it would actually be quicker to just go through those again on a new profile and just add the games you are actually interested in 100%ing or whatever completion rating you are aiming for. It would be quicker and probably funner.
  13. It's definitely user preference, but I would say yes. There are more activities to do with the new role system and XP is much easier to come by. If you like just going around killing people, pick bounty hunter. If you do a lot of hunting, pick trader, Like following collectible videos, pick collector. You are not limited to one role either, so I recommend unlocking all 3 (if you have the gold). It's going to be a grind no matter what, but it's in a better spot than launch for sure.
  14. I had zero issues with the PS4 port.
  15. I'd prefer a second list, but I really doubt it.