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  1. Not yet.
  2. Rumors say that the character missions will rotate each week.
  3. Can confirm it is glitched. I recommend complaining to @ATVIAssist on Twitter.
  4. While COD DLC is overpriced, I think the better question is why DLC, in general, does not lower its price. I find it hard to believe that game studios and publishers are not shooting themselves in the foot by keeping their DLC prices at a fixed price. I look at games that are 10 years old and their DLC is still full price, which usually ends up more expensive than the game itself.
  5. There's no mention of the Shaxx quest being fixed in the patch notes. Edit: Trophy popped immediately when signing in. Show Me What You Got appears to be working.
  6. Is this real? I have BO4 downloaded at v1.02 and it is 55GB with Classified downloaded. Say's my version is up to date.
  7. I agree on BO3, the single player made that plat rarer because it was a huge grind. It's hard to gauge first room challenges without the game being released. There will be a gobblegum type system in BO4, I know they will probably not be as OP as BO3, but you can probably get PAP guns off the wall with those and other things to make it easier. Zombie rush sounds cool, but they haven't shown much. Gonna go straight for Blood of the Dead. Mob was my favorite map in BO2.
  8. As someone who gets every COD plat/100%, the list looks pretty easy, at least to me. Most COD plats are only UR because most people don't bother with zombies or mp. -Zombie easter eggs are usually pretty easy once guides come out. -MP trophies are a joke. As long as you keep playing 50 wins will happen and getting rank 55 will happen. -Blackout trophies look pretty simple. Win 10 games shouldn't be bad especially in quads. I have heard unlocking the skins for blackout can be tricky, not just hit X rank and the skin unlocks, so it might be harder. -The star trophies seem to be tied to the specialist tutorial missions (hard to say atm)
  9. I hope your name isn't related to your method of obtaining games early 😀
  10. Probably similar to GTA 5 and RDR. Get to X level, kill X bounties, win 1 of every activity, etc.
  11. I feel like PS NOW would be a truly great service if all of the DLC was included for each game.
  12. I'd go in the order you remember doing them. You should be ok at that level but just move around if you feel they are too tough.
  13. There are multiple ways to do it while afk. I'm pretty sure it takes more time to speed run the game then just afk level.
  14. Would be a really nice addition to the website.
  15. This is the only trophy I saw that was scary. Based on the list it looked tied to specialists. Also, was it ever stated how you unlock characters in blackout? I heard rumors that they were related to easter eggs.