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  1. This is why I don't like trophy lists that don't actually ask you to do everything. I'll have to reinstall it to check it out. I do remember them talking about the troll statues.
  2. I platted the game a few days ago. Seemed like it ran fine to me.
  3. Pretty excited to finally get to play this and happy to see more SaGa titles getting remastered (hopefully SF2 is next). The trophies seem similar to the rest of the franchise in terms of recruiting party members. Noticed there was only a trophy for beating the game with one protagonist but not all 8, is there anything on the list that requires all 8 characters?
  4. Already did Mass Effect (great series), but didn't try Biomutant, so I'll definitely give that a go at some point. DKO doesn't look like something for me.
  5. I get the point that is being made about how the first shovelware title is technically original, but ultimately, we all know what it really is. I believe the first game is still shovelware, it is just the original shovelware title before they released derivatives of it. It was built to be easily modifiable( i.e replace a bagel with a pizza), and while this could be done in any game, the low effort of the first title is still indicative of the entire series. All you need to ask yourself is if these games didn't give you a platinum trophy in 5 minutes, would anyone play it and defend the practice, I think we all know the answer to that.
  6. You might want to change the title since it is incorrect. All of those games are there.
  7. My gut tells me they were focused on the in-game rewards associated with the trophies (the sprays). I highly doubt they enable auto-pop after this much time has passed, but who knows, I think if it doesn't happen in Season 2, people need to give up on it.
  8. I think at most you would only get 2 new lists (NA & EU), but this can be pretty random between developers. For example, FF7 Remake went from one global list on PS4 to an NA, EU, AS, and JP list on PS5.
  9. Hopefully, it goes the same route as Cyberpunk where the trophies don't auto pop.
  10. Over the course of my life...I'd have to imagine it exceeds $10k with consoles and controllers included. Owned every PS system and have a substantial game collection for each.
  11. I hope this will get implemented, but I doubt it.
  12. This is great news. Now if they could just also remove all of the trophies earned from these associated games. As the damage has still been done. @DrBloodmoney No matter how much they did going forward, the existing Trophy-Gatherers would have such a massive head-start and software availability advantage, that it would be immaterial. I agree with this. The damage has been done, the only sensible option is to Reduce shovelware points to zero. If left unchecked it's impossible for anyone to ever compete with these accounts. It will also encourage game/account sharing between members looking to sell the shovelware to other players. Imagine being able to now profit off of buying this garbage...setting the points to zero will de-incentivize this from happening as well. At the very least, any title removed by Sony for being shovelware should be worth 0.
  13. Have you considered not stacking if you don't have the time to? When I had a much more limited schedule I couldn't imagine choosing to play an inferior version with my limited time over the better version. I'd rather spend the limited time having the best experience, but that's just me. And I agree that the supply side of things has been horrible for next-gen consoles, but not sure why that would influence anyone into stacking games like this.
  14. Generally speaking, it's always better to play the PS5 version of a game. Is the jump in performance or graphics that huge? No, but it does exist. It also loads much faster on PS5. I still can't understand why so many people use the PS5 version as a free trophy stack instead of playing the better version.
  15. I usually jump in from where I left off, but I don't really take breaks when I start a game. And when I do leave off, I can't recall when I ever left off in the middle of a story. It's usually after I have at least beaten the game that I would consider taking a break.