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  1. I finished the main stories for both and found them fun. If you liked the main game then buy them. If you choose to buy them, buy them separately to save a few dollars. The season pass has some cosmetics included, which is why it's more expensive.
  2. I've always found it strange that WoW was never ported to console. Even more so when FFXIV did it so successfully when it re-launched. I'd assume the main reason is that game is not made for controllers.
  3. As someone that 100% is impossible for(servers closed, DLC delisted, DLC not released), I still strive to get the highest completion rating possible. I've amassed 416 UR trophies, but honestly, sometimes I'm amazed some of them are considered ultra rare, so I don't think that's the best indicator of skill. I think what makes a great profile is diversity and not being full of stacked game trophies. While you do have to work just as hard for stack trophies, in most cases, is there really anything to brag about doing it twice? I did it for a few games and didn't feel like it should be a thing. I play games I enjoy which tend to be longer RPG games and try to avoid fighting and racing games because those are my weakness. The perfect profile is just an opinion.
  4. I'd be surprised if it didn't get a new trophy or two added. The Last of Us and Horizon both added New Game + trophies plus a trophy for beating the game on the hardest mode.
  5. Hard to put a number on RNG. I think it took me a solid 6-8 hrs. Could be shorter, but could also be longer.
  6. I'm not an expert on the matter, but I think the problem is that older games will "probably" not recognize the BBB username(they were not coded for it) and still display AAA because they have no way to read the new BBB without a patch. My guess is that it won't work on PS3/Vita games, but be a PS4 and moving forward change(which I'm sure some would hate) where all games will recognize the new name system they implement. Edit: It's pretty hard to think about this without actually knowing how PSN is coded and how it communicates with games.
  7. Your memory is about as good as mine on this. We can definitely disagree on what a confirmation looks like on this, but I take it as a strong indicator that Sony is working on the feature. You don't give a strong direct hint like that unless it is being actively worked on. I would definitely agree with you if he used the term "maybe", but he said let's hope you don't have to ask me that next time (though we are definitely past PSX 2018 lol). As MMDE mentioned, they have something like that in Japan, but it's pretty half-assed/messy. I assume its a pretty complicated issue to recode PSN to such an extent and as he also said, many games have stats and unlocks tied to your PSN name, which complicates it.
  8. Ok maybe it was a bit further back then I remember. I actually have zero interest in the name change feature, but do think it's one of those no brainer features that should be included in PSN. As for the trophy deletion idea, I'm just sharing my idea/hopes. I've already come to terms that I will never get 100% completion rating on my account and have no intention of restarting. However, like any feature that get's added, the more people that talk about it, the more likely it is to occur. And for any reason you can provide to why it would not be a feature, I can answer it with simple workarounds. Just because you're not a fan of the idea shouldn't affect it. As an engineer myself (not a software engineer), all you do is trade one set of problems for another. That's just how it works.
  9. To each their own. PSN name changes were confirmed at the PlayStation experience, the question is more of a when than an if. I doubt this is that high of a priority, but it is a pretty requested feature overall. I think we're much more likely to see major trophy changes once they add a trophy tracking feature like Xbox. I'm pretty sure that is the second most requested feature on PSN after name changes.
  10. Maybe you're thinking of something else because it shouldn't require game patches only system patches. To be clear just deleting trophy lists completely, while subtracting the what is deleted from your total. I think your thinking of some of the games that are server based for trophies. Could simply produce a warning message "Once you delete this list trophies will no longer function for X game." It would be more important for games moving forward to keep the feature in mind, which sony would probably enforce going forward as a standard. There are tons of workarounds, just takes some efforts on the software engineers side.
  11. You are definitely right about my own reasons for wanting it. 😀 However, I think if Sony took the time to add the feature they would make sure that it wouldn't screw over your trophy data, or add a warning message for players. It would be the player's fault if they delete a trophy list that has closed servers and tried again or some other unobtainable trophy. As for cheating, I don't quite know how the site keeps records on cheaters, but if you catch them in the act, recording it should be the same. It would also probably help wash away the negative viewpoint of hidden trophies since most people think of cheaters when they see hidden trophies. It would also benefit those "unaware" that they join a hacked lobby in something like Black Ops II because they could just delete it for those type of well-known hacker infested games.
  12. Not really, but maybe it's a perspective thing. Regardless of if 50GB was on the disc or if 2/3 is digital, you still have 50GB installed on your PS4. Shouldn't matter how it gets there unless you're living on a remote island. I can see it being an issue for people with really bad internet, but it really shouldn't affect many. Spyro is one of my favorite franchises, I think it's stupid to see people cancel preorders because it has a patch. I can't think of a game in the last 2 years that didn't have a day one patch or some type of installation online.
  13. While I see where you are coming from, that's just a flawed idea. Movies are complete when they are printed on a disc, most games are just in working condition when they release. It doesn't matter what game you play nowadays. Almost every single title requires a day one patch or a patch at a later time. The physical copy is generally buggy as hell if you're not downloading it, let alone not being able to play online. I'd be more behind physical copies if they actually saved you space on your PS4, but you're simply downloading the game off the disc. And this is exactly why game developers need to incorporate microtransactions and season passes into games. Not a single penny GameStop makes off reselling that game is seen by a developer. It's no great mystery why game publishers want to push digital on people. With that said, I am not against physical copies or used copies, I just don't see the big deal with a day one patch. It's 2018, if you think day one patches are bad, wait til consoles just become streaming boxes.
  14. Doesn't affect me at all. Digital is the future and people need to get with the times. This shouldn't be a deciding factor for anyone looking to purchase this.
  15. I think trophy list deletion will happen at some point. It's a good feature and would actually make platinum speed matter for once. You could delete a game like God of War 3 and then redo everything to beat your time to plat and climb on the leaderboard. Overall, there isn't any downside. To those that claim someone can call and complain about the feature. There are plenty of possible safeguards. Create a trophy deletion Pin number that is separate from your password. This will ensure it is entirely your fault if someone deletes a trophy.