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  1. I saw a few minor bugs and I had 1 blue screen, but nothing game-breaking.
  2. I tested the zombie one, it was about 600 xp per min unless there is some trick to doing it faster. Doesn't seem any better than garden ops and MP is definitely better.
  3. It's really just practice.
  4. Not without using a glitch.
  5. One of the things that seem to get tossed out a lot is that Joel screwed over humanity, but is it really that simple? I want to list a few counter-arguments to this idea. 1) First and foremost, one of the things that makes TLoU so cool is that it's actually based on a real disease, Cordyceps. This is a fungal disease that was mutated by a virus according to the game. In reality, there is no way to make a vaccine for such a thing. It simply is not possible with modern-day medicine, versus what would be available in TLoU. I do understand that maybe since this doesn't work the way it does IRL, that you could argue it is possible to make a vaccine, but I just wanted to share this with people. 2) Abby's father is not qualified for this procedure or have the medical knowledge necessary to make a vaccine. The man is in his early thirties or mid 40's at most. TLoU takes place 20 years post the outbreak, where society ended. If we give him the benefit of the doubt and say he is 40, that means he was only 20 when the outbreak began. He would not have taken many medical classes at this point even if he was pursuing a medical degree. He would not have any medical experience, and he would certainly not be qualified to conduct an operation on Ellie. 3) Even if it was possible to make a cure and Abby's Father did have the proper knowledge to operate and create a vaccine, he does not have the equipment. These are not created in hospitals. They are created in laboratories with tons of equipment, staff, and specimen (ie Ellie) on hand. Now maybe this was just not shown, but they simply do not have the equipment necessary to produce vaccines. 4) Even if they did have the equipment, they definitely do not have the supplies to mass-produce the vaccine. There are no factories out there that are sterile and equipped to do the job in this world. 5) Even if they defied all odds and could make a vaccine and mass produce it, how would the logistics really play out? Are they going to send a truckload to the hunter camp and say free cure to a bunch of hardened survivors? No, they would be shot on sight and most would not trust the vaccine. I will not go further with this one because I think most of us realize handing out the vaccine is just not going to happen. While I am positive Joel did not care about any of the above information and did it for a selfish reason, I can't see how he doomed humanity. He simply saved a gung-ho 14-year old from making a pointless choice the fireflies never gave her. Please keep it civil.
  6. How much XP do these average, I read that the bounties were nerfed too much to be worth it.
  7. The DLC is all offline, so it is safe to purchase it.
  8. what does 48Iv mean?
  9. The first game is about building a relationship between Joel and Ellie. As a result, Joel regains his humanity through caring for Ellie. At the end, he is being walked out of the building by gun point by people who were completely okay with killing a 14-year old girl(who was not given a choice) for some one in a million chance. He decided he would risk his life to save her even if it could save the world. After all, living the world without her would be worse than death for him. Again, I'm not saying anything I said mattered to Joel, because it didn't. He wanted to protect the one thing that gave him happiness and wouldn't give that up for anything, With this explained, learning that the choice he made would have actually saved Ellie from a pointless and meaningless death would have been a terrific revelation if they handled it correctly. For example, we go through the game knowing that Ellie resented Joel for this making this choice without asking her, but she gets this bombshell dropped that her resentment for Joel was completely for nothing.That it was thanks to Joel that she could have a future. You actually need to provide a counter argument to make this claim. I laid out an argument to this notion that Joel doomed humanity, which I believe to be false. Nothing Joel did or didn't do mattered. The world was screwed and as I have stated, there was no way to mass produce the vaccine if it was made, no way to distribute the vaccine, and does not solve that the infected will kill you regardless of if you have a vaccine or not.
  10. I have to disagree with his choice ruining the ending. I think it strengthens it, but agree to disagree. However, what Neil says would happen is irrelevant unless it does happen in the story. Anything in-game only says there is a chance at a vaccine and there is information that does suggest they have failed on every test subject up to this point. Ellie is a special case though and may be the key, but again it's a may. Nothing in-game makes it seem like it would actually work. It's presented to the viewers as this long shot, but a chance worth taking (at least by the fireflies). However, whether it is made or not is irrelevant. They cannot mass-produce it and they cannot just hand it out like the Red Cross, it simply would not change anything. Also as another post pointed out, humanity is outnumbered by the infected, it might make them less deadly but does not make them magically go away.
  11. Nice meme, but why do you feel my arguments are not proper criticism?
  12. I don't buy loot boxes, but I don't think they are gambling. The key reason for me is when you gamble you either lose or win, however, you always get something when you use a loot box. Depending on the system in place(there are really good ones and really bad ones), if there are no dupes you are moving closer to your desired loot.
  13. I don't quite remember, but you need to force a generation shift with her in the party, but it cannot lead to the final emperor(he is the only choice). I had to start a new game to get it. There was a guide on True Achievements that helped me.
  14. I am trying to earn this trophy. I defeated RocBouquet as my fourth hero kill (Noel, Dantarg, and Bokhohn before her) and was expecting a generation shift to occur, but it ended up being the final one. Everything I had read said the fifth hero kill would be the trigger. Am I locked into this generation shift or can I change it to a normal one by killing a different hero?
  15. I know there were a few changes with cut content being added like...sigh Mahjong and other things. Is that guide accurate like starting out on a hard playthrough etc.?
  16. Nothing came close to Final Fantasy 7 Remake this year.
  17. What if you do not start the season from the beginning, can you show up at the end to kill the target or do you need to wait til next season?
  18. I remember it was supposed to be released last year, but they pushed it to this year, however, since its already the middle of November, I'm pretty doubtful. Is there any official info about this?
  19. A gambling simulator is just what I wanted...
  20. I was thinking about picking up the DLC since it is on sale. Do I need to wait till the end of the season to get this or do I need to actively participate in the current season?
  21. My quote was in reference to what he did to the fireflies. He definitely tortured people outside of that, but nothing was done to Abby to justify the brutality she showed Joel.
  22. Yes, it never stopped. Only the trophy passes were discontinued.
  23. I noticed that the Trial Blazer pass was updated on Sony rewards to only need 2 trials. I looked at PlayStation Music and have no clue where the free trial is. I was hoping to snag that 15% discount code.
  24. It's a well-constructed review. One thing I disagree with is understanding why Abby Killed Joel in that manner. I get it, Joel killed her father, the game implies he killed fireflies (stealth Joel is not cannon), and stole a chance for making a vaccine (which is not possible since it is a fungal disease). However, Joel never tortured anyone. This would be more understandable if it was a heat of the moment thing a few weeks or months after the event, but that is not the case. Abby spends four years trying to track down and (probably) fantasizing about killing Joel. To make matters worse when she does find him, he saves her life. The torture of Joel is simply too far and irredeemable. The story does not give you a chance to like Abby.
  25. I am wearing a Netherite head, chest, legs, and feet, but the trophy is not unlocking. Is it bugged or am I missing something? Edit: Closing the game and going back in fixed the problem for me.