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  1. This doc is the reason i want to give this game a chance.
  2. Please add me and i will trade cards PSN: Possiblychuck
  3. im not sure if it has affected the trophies...ill find out when i go for armorer though.
  4. The long waited release has been announce and according to This post it dropped today. They added a ton so i cant wait to dig in and go for the plat.
  5. This is my first entry to the series and its awesome how easy it is to get into it. But i want to get better and learn the harder mechanics of the game. The first one i need to learn is SPIN, When to use it, when not to and how it effects everything ( impact, distance, ect...). Another thing i would like to know is which clubs i should level and how. Is it worth using the 1W to try and level "control"? and also how these stats effect my shot. Power is a given, but what about control and backdoor? For trophy related questions: How do you perform a Super Backspin? How do you do a Rising shot? How do you do a Homing shot? How do you do a Spiral shot? How do you get it to skip over water?
  6. I rage quit out of them after 15+ tries...I was excited for them until i fell through the map the 5th time.
  7. went to a different area and it still didnt pop for me... damn.
  8. Bloodborne looks nice, i plan on getting it sooner or later.
  9. well the prestige trophy didn't pop. but i got the prestige a hero twice...getting the legendary item to max is going to be the longest trophy for most people.
  10. Darkest Dungeon Strict Mode Complete the game with default difficulty option i'm actually quite proud of this one.
  11. That is awesome news.
  12. Meh its not too bad compared to the Master 100 Boards and find all of the treasure.......fuck the treasure.
  13. You get it from the mini-game, its about 5-10 Victories. Its worth mentioning that you need to do the Intervention quest to get the Manduin memento, and also do it in roughly 20 turns or less (harder than it sounds)