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  1. A no from me, because life can be unfair und force you in unwanted situations. What iam interested in is the case of Blank accounts. Got a few games started on blanks an i want to finish and synch them after i cleared my backlog since i dont want to lose progress on my online account. The blanks are over 2 years old at this point but since my console was connected to internet it has the time stamps. how would this be handeled, game pops out of nowhere and only the last trophies are recent. would i need to inform the staff before synching ?
  2. While of think this kind of threads are important, I'm always baffled that people get surprised by that kind of stuff. I remember the whole battleground 2 drama and anthem will be the last straw, then anthem came and again some drama and what happens people still buy their games. It doesn't matter nowdays of it's EA, ubisoft, square enix etc. All get a place in hell equally so people deserve to get scammed of they let themself scammed again and again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
  3. Ar Tonelico Qoga: Kneel of Ar Ciel 59.95 euro This game was the reason to buy a PS3
  4. I think that insulting developers etc is not the right way, BUT they are responsible for the product so as long as it's civilized I do think developers shareholder and everyone else who works in that scam of a company need to be called out. If you choose to be a lapdog then don't be surprised to be treated like a dog. I don't feel sorry for the developers since they enforce those greedy behavior of the higher ups by silently executing the task that's given witch is wrong. The whales won't stop do put money into Activision's A$$ so the change need to acur inside the devils den and not outside. And please people let's be grown ups here and reply in a Manor that's don't imply someone ist stupid just the way some people are thinking is beyond you. Either talk it out or burn Activion/ infinity ward to ashes but we're all gamers here who want to have fun without being screwed over.
  5. In the end no matter the what happens further on, the game will sell good enough for them screwing us over with the game after that one. As long as the majority doesn't care about those issues, we will never get a fair treatment. Let's say we reap what our once seeded in the PS3 era. Glory to the digitalization.
  6. I know that PlayStationtrophies are having a rating thread for vote and the end result will become their average difficulty. I doubt that people who write the guides want to vote each time a game is released so maybe when the game is entered into the archive here to give it a vote option for I dunno maybe first month after release if time limited at all.
  7. I tried to find something but wasn't succesfull, knowing Nihon Falcon I'm sure there will be a western release but take a while. Let's hope it will still release on PS4 together with Trails of cold Steele IV in near future.
  8. Just play what you love and if you're unsure about being able to play it the do it on a blank account just don't forget to login with your main account for synchization. As for motivation, there many ways for me depending on the game. If the game is anime based then I watch the anime while grinding or listen to the soundtrack, if it's an action game then also good music piece do the trick for me to get into fighting mode. In the end it depends on what kind of game you wanna play and how important is trophy hunting for you. Biggest motivation at all for me is knowing I don't have any game that's for the sole purpose of trophies and it keeps me going on making a good account towards a 100 percent.
  9. viii was released not to long after VII so it sure was a change back then and since we didn't get a proper FF game after X, people got only one thing to do! Insulting each other's fav FF. It just happens that VIII was different and people couldn't bear the change. I'm sure those people love it if compared to XV trash or the disaster with XIII trilogy
  10. After it happend i researched and realized that i had to find some more clues even though o got all stones. Just look up witch locations you are missing and it shoudnt take to lonh to unlock it.
  11. thanks and congrats, happy you finished that on.
  12. im looking forward to good news. Im also left with the records and the nighmare Trophies so im hoping not to miss any key moments good luck to both of us.
  13. Its about principles,at least it is for me. I think that if we accept censorship now then even if it is small then we will have a harder fight later on when they censor big stuff like freedom of speech. And yes i know thats not comparable but its my logic and my point of view so i dont see much of a difference since censorship is censorship no matter the size.
  14. we are not, but companies are. they are afraid of backlash from snowflakes who didnt even play the game.
  15. I mean that we were alright back then but the developer says now that we cant handle it if we get the same version from 20 years ago. i think that not right. work on graphic but leave everything except graphic like it was, i can handle squalls bleeding face, but if its green then im not sure how to handle that science fiction alien Sh*t