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  1. Unobtainable for sure, its something to that can help sorting out cheated games later on as well sorting out witch game to focus on.
  2. dont plan to stop at all also since i wont buy ps5 it will be more important for me regarding my backlog.
  3. habe eine anfrage geschickt.hier gibt es auch einen Thread um freunde zu finden fals du deine list erweitern willst oder freunde für bestimmte spiele brauchst
  4. Well we could, easy plats and stacks originated from Trophy hunters in the first place. Back in the day there were only 3 Versions "EU, US, ASIA" or "PAL, NSTC, U-NSTC". if people would stop to pay them for stacks to a point were it isnt profitable then tehy would stop, the same is for easy plat games. It all starts here with the Hunter.
  5. Privet genosse, Schön einen weiteren Deutsch-Russen zu sehen. Mein Russisch ist grotten schlecht geworden aber wenn du freunde brauchst mit denen du mal von Zeit zu zeit via Headset quatschen willst. dann schreib mich hier an und ich schicke dir ne anfrage da ich meine einstellungen alle auf privat habe. Wenn nicht dann wünsche ich dir hier nen schönen aufenhalt und viel erfolg
  6. there many games that didnt got a remaster and ps5 dont necessarily get backwards compatibility just sony said it once. Go for it and try new genres since its cheaper.
  7. go amd ask, maybe they tell you need a certain amount of people to extend the date, just try it.
  8. Star Ocean the last hope. gonna do it someday, at least thats what im sayin since it was released back on ps3
  9. it definitly looks interesting, what iam missing and is most frustrating is the forum part. on mobile its not usable due to screen covering adds and functionality wise its not that good either. if you have a idea about that part i would be happy.
  10. it doesnt matter what sony does, what matters is what we do here as a community and set and trend that can not be ignored by the Trophy Hunter community
  11. i dont say that the Platinums should be taken away and more like that they shouldnt count on the leaderboards and you can not tell me that people having fun spending money on 10 versions of the same game the dont enjoy after finishing the firsh time. But its a matter in opinion so i certainly wont argue with people whos OCD got the better of them without even realizing how it hurts Gaming. PS: it talk about people in gerneral and not you in person just to avoid misunderstandings.
  12. Given the fact that it was PSNP that set the standard for todays trophy system Sony uses, its clear we could change it. My suggestion is that that stacked games will all count as one Finished game, 1 Platinum for 10x Soundshape or whatsoever. I know that many would be really pissed if somethin like that would happend but from my point of view it takes the fun in gaming and supports trophy whore games. Hakoom is best example for a gamer who lost his soul to the Numbers. we as community should enforce fun in gaming first and trophies second, so if we remove the whole Numbers game here on PSNP and make only one version of a game count then im sure it would have a positive effect in gaming and financial aspects. Maybe once again sony will notice a trend and steal it from here.
  13. Thats Sony 2019. while we cant change sonyschildish behavior, we do can come up with other solutions. Try using different kind of name generator and then maybe play a bit with the results. it hard to get new original names but its more satisfying once you finished that part of your gaming life.
  14. What genre do you usually play? without some information about your preferences its hard to tell what is the right game for you, also maybe a price range and since its appears you want a game that a bit older.
  15. "toxic" is a SJW term, so i will not use it since it doesnt exist in gaming communities, what exists are A******s and snowflakes. There will always be people who just want to runi fun for others, but the issue are people who get offended for nothing and scream wolf for every disagreement the encounter. If you play a game you know that a certain type of people creating the community, just know the audience and deal with if if you want to be part of that community or walk away. People nowdays take everything personal and it should be clear that the Internet is no personal space. 1 douche-bag creates 100 snowflakes, and we are called all Toxic for 101 stupid people who just want to play silently and have fun and meet new peopel who share our views and interest.