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  1. I joined this back in July but forgot about it due to school starting and taking breaks from the internet as a mental health boost periodically, am I still able to participate? because I'm looking forward to be in my first tournament on this website and meet some cool people on the way! I don't know what show this is but I really like anything medieval and the thought of some king giving props to another person while having sinister thoughts of taking their thrown or having the better army made me smile when I saw this reply, it was a cool gif to see and I just wanted to give credit because it was cool
  2. What's your avi from? It looks awesome!
  3. Only the greatest dragon platformer in the world, fuckin Spyro. Also hope to see a lot of people post art they create, if there isn't a thread already, I love seeing the things people can create and how they develop over time
  4. If you create a Hong Kong ps3 account, the dlc for revelations is free. I have the 100% and used a Hong Kong account to get the dlc free, you can use a fake address website and set the language to English and it's fairly easy to set up if your interested
  5. This doesn't pertain to Orc's must die unchained or even America's servers but the original Orcs must die is being shut down in China. Source: www.mmobomb.com/news/tencent-games-shuttering-orcs-must-die-china/
  6. Good luck on your new account it will be awesome to see all your progress and goals. Also seeing that crisp 39 trophies in one day on the account stats is pretty cool.
  7. I'm so hyped for this game
  8. My little brother and I tried using a keyboard and mouse rather than the controller yesterday and it's fairly evident when you see the difference in control this game was designed for pc users, the controller feels like a joke after being able to switch between different keybinds on a keyboard. The controller has multiple play styles like combat pro and builder pro that try to fix this but the best option is keyboard and mouse. The controller is okay if you dedicate enough time to get good at weapon switching and building but it fails miserably in comparison.
  9. Constructive criticism usually comes with examples or a argumentative point to back it up. You seem to have a lot of pent up energy and negative time on your hands to be hating on a game that gives millions of players, mostly the younger generation of kids today great enjoyment. I can understand hating a game but there are a lot of kids, parents, and normal everyday people who log in to share quality time and de-stress after work. Sometimes to move forward you need to take a step back, my point is that whether or not something brings you enjoyment the overall enjoyment of this game in other people's lives in far far greater and is actually a very positive and thrilling thing to see if you look for it in the right places. I hated this game when it first came out but gave it a fair chance and my relationship with my brother increased because we connected over winning together and I was able to hear stories from random kids and adults that I played with on how this game let them connect with people and including them becoming friends with me. Maybe if you look at the positives of the game such as social aspects you can see the enjoyment everyone else is seeing in the game as well
  10. Most of the games that I have on my backlog are to grindy to complete each month but I'll be following and enjoy reading all of the progress
  11. Rime and Hue are pretty easy to complete and take less than 10 hours
  12. I really enjoyed reading your intro as I grew up with siblings who got me into gaming as well and connected. Your formatting for your games is actually really clean and I enjoyed the look of the list (as weird as that sounds). Ill definitely add you on psn if you'll add me back as I need more friends and you seem really nice and genuine. I look forward to seeing your progress throughout the thread!
  13. Thanks for the heads up
  14. Eh I'm over it, you wanna play some fortnite battle royale later? It's free to play and I'm still learning how to git gud but it's pretty fun even if you lose if you play with other people.
  15. I can admit the wording that I chose was harsh and it could have been changed. The reason why I got so upset with him though is that he isn't just trolling around, he going onto specific profiles each time either seeing our games or profile info and trying to attack us for that and to be fair it is public information. I just really hate to see so much dissatisfaction in his life that making fun others need to fill his void.
  16. That video made me laugh my ass off, thanks for sharing it
  17. I hope you have a good day tomorrow and your Monster Hunter progress goes good as well. Don't @ me, I'm ending the conversation.
  18. I don't understand why you have to be a prick and attack someone for having a different opinion than you. It's fine to have an argument and give constructive criticism but being an online bully is fucking childish. Also before you comment back and say you were joking and it may not have been clear you obviously took the time to read Darkbikes profile and attack him/her which is disgusting behavior.
  19. Sony is never going to change this in any future update, the best you've got is to disable notifications which you can deselect everything in one button on the top.
  20. These two things contradict each other because people anywhere at anytime only bitch and complain to one another. MOST people are self absorbed and think about there personal problems rather than the other persons. On the side of this thread no amount of petitioning is going to get them to get rid of the god awful black shit box. Yeah, it sucks and is ugly on videos but the only real work around is to record videos rather than livestream on the internal ps4 capture settings, disable notifications during each individual stream which is annoying as fuck, or buy a capture card for as cheap as you can get it. I would personally recommend the capture card route if your serious into a hobby about making videos or streaming.
  21. I've had this game for over a year and haven't started it yet, but I tend to delete most of my data for maximum storage once I complete a game so thank you for the headsup as I can start this up and than already have progress for the second.
  22. It's been over a year and this gun has glitched out on me as well
  23. This made me chuckle
  24. Marvel heroes omega
  25. The Hobbit for GameCube