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  1. Max Payne 3! Finally joined the club!
  2. Thanks bro will check on this! 🙏
  3. Yeah haven’t started the game. Hahaha so better to skip it and play 2021 right?
  4. This is part of my backlog and i’m planning to achieve the Platinum for this game before the closing of server this eoy. What are the odds that i will not be able to get this Ultimate Collector trophy? Thanks!
  5. Platinum #116: Far Cry 2 Complete all the series too 100%
  6. Platinum #116: Far Cry 2 Fun: 8/10 Time: SP: 30-35hrs, MP: 65-70hrs Difficulty: 6/10 My rarest platinum as of today (0.59%) Multiplayer is so exhausting, trying to grind out to the highest rank and “Soldier of Misfortune” took us around 2-3 weeks daily grind before the May 22nd server shutdown. Single Player is having a great story however you will grind a lot to get all the diamond collectibles and you need to drive around most of the time. There are fast travels but very limited on the map. There are lots of missable trophies and a lot to track manually, luckily i didn’t experience any glitch to avoid a second play-through. https://psnprofiles.com/jamirxp
  7. Far cry 2. MP is a legit grind and the Single Player is too long and too glitchy! Lol
  8. Working on this one too little by little. Oh boy this one is hard to Plat lol, even self boosting. Currently working on Far Cry 2, Max Payne 3
  9. My 100th is GTA V 100% Completion.
  10. For female friends: Overcooked 1/2 Moving Out Beat Saber For male friends: NBA Rockband MH Call of Duty
  11. I have lots of digitals but i do love collecting steelbooks and physical. So staying Hybrid is the way to go. 😎
  12. This website is very helpful to me, i get notification on my email everytime there’s a changes on anything on my wishlist! More power to you sir! 🙏
  13. PSN: jamirxp Country: Philippines Consoles: PS3, PS4, PS5 I accept blank request too, check my game list maybe i can help on some boosting session. Currently working on Far Cry 2, Max Payne 3, Batman Arkham Origins
  14. Good job mate. =) For those that are going to get this. Make sure the "Stunt Jump Completed" is displayed on your screen when you landed. And keep track on the counter manually, or you will be ending to retry the whole list again.
  15. Additional inputs: 1. Every time your team starts a heists, make sure all of you are in the heists room. All of you must be on the cutscene. 2. Prep Missions - You can start the mission with only Host in the heists room, other team members can be out in the city (suggested since you can get the mission quickly). 3. Setup Missions - All must be on the heists room before starting the mission. NO phone invitation must be accepted. The whole team must join the lobby in the heists room. 4. Finale Mission - Make sure that all of you are going to the heists room at the same time. All of you must be on the cutscene. If anyone dies during any setup/finale mission, you can all quickly quit application to avoid resetting of progress. But avoid this ~ Die on any owned vehicle as it instantly saves the progress. So if you are using owned vehicle during a setup/finale mission, go out of the vehicle if there are enemies using missiles or helicopter. Goodluck to all! One of my proudest trophy to date.
  16. Completed all the online trophies few days back. It is around 65hrs, considering you used the glitch for the level 30. But if you are going to do it legit, it will be x6 of the hours that we spent to get to level 20. Level 20 - 250k Level 30 - 1.5m XP needed
  17. You don't need to create a new map. I can share you 1 map then you can play it over and over again and quit right away when it loads. Then rate the map.
  18. DLC you can all get it for around 10-15hrs (depending on skills) and also you need around 5-8 people on some trophies. For the level 50, it will take a while. Around 20hrs i guess, we are still leveling up to get it. =) Feel free to join us.
  19. As much as possible if i like the series, i'm going to get all the games and try to get the 100% even if they have DLCs. For those games that i really like and let's say i'm not going to be able to get the Platinum/100% because of server closure, i will still definitely go and try them. You also have the option to try it on a different PSN account so your completion rate will not be ruined by it.
  20. Red looking forward to it.
  21. I agree on this one, my Dual Sense R2 button got loose after few games then they changed it right away.
  22. Far Cry Classic
  23. Far Cry 2 Max Payne 3
  24. Hey bro how did you get the exact date? =) Thanks in advance.