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  1. I have an Australian PSN account. My copy of ME1-3 is an ESRB trilogy release, which means it is American. These games are region locked. To get the "Master and Commander" and "Defender" trophies in ME3 I need to access the N7HQ internet page to boost an internal statistic in that game. The website doesn't recognise that I have save game data. After a bit of troubleshooting I am left with the following assumption: - I need to sync my game with the EA Online server. - To do that I need to access an Online Pass. - My trilogy shipped with a free Online Pass. I have downloaded it repeatedly but I don't think my game recognises it. - I think this is because I am downloading an Australian Online Pass (listed for free on the PSN) instead of an American Online Pass, or vice versa in downloading an American Online Pass that came with the game instead of an Australian Online Pass. Apparently a solution is to make a US PSN account and then download an Online Pass from that PSN store. So Question 1 is: how do I do that, and how will that affect my PSN profile? Will it be the same PSN profile? Is this common/uncommon? Frowned upon on this site? But Question 2 is: I would like to play the DLC for ME2 and ME3. I thought I had downloaded the free DLCs for those games but apparently I had not, because I didn't unlock any of the respective trophies years ago when I first played them. Is that because of an identical region-based problem? Question 2A: if it is a region-based problem, I might just buy Australian PS3 copies of ME2 and ME3 so I can then buy their respective DLCs (I want to 100% this PS3 trilogy). Will that affect my trophy progression for those lists? For example, they have NG+ trophies - will I be able to import my character over into the Australian game? Will my ME1 Shephard be able to be imported to ME2? Etc etc etc Any help here would be grand please...
  2. I went and watched this just now based on the recommendation and subsequent upvotes. The analysis was *on point.* Was not a waste of 80 minutes, I can assure you of that. Wish I saw it before playing the game, then I wouldn't have wasted 20 hours on the remaster.
  3. I'm particularly interested in this next update. We usually have very similar tastes but we might have divergence here... I'm in the hipster-curmudgeon camp and living the 'hater' life with these three in finding them drastically overrated. A Way Out: a mishmash of every prison movie cliche from all three prison movies you've seen. Fallout 3: so riddled with trademark Bethesda "bugfeatures" that they needed to design a pause-the-game-and-select-which-body-part-you-want-the-game-to-autoshoot mechanic to fix an inability to program a useful aim assist. Ratchet and Clank 2016: completely misunderstood what made the original's plot and characters so great and turned a great game for 9-13 year olds into a downright annoying game for 6-9 year olds. Ratchet is disturbingly milktoast in this game compared to the original. My 3 cents for you... don't spend it all at once.
  4. YESSSSSS let the outrage commence 😈
  5. Doc I have a request. Would you consider a spoiler box under each game in your list containing your review? Your review often reference neighbouring games in the list and it will be difficult towards the end when people like me want to read about the top 50 but will have to search through the thread to find the review. 🤓
  6. This at the very least.
  7. but I am not ready
  8. So this game has historical issues with glitched trophies. Many of the new DLC trophies are still at 0%, but PSNP is registering owners of those DLCs in the double digits. Which is it? Glitched trophies or have they not been unlocked by this small playerbase?
  9. Finally... after 5 years of trophy hunting: 100 platinums (10 PSNP Ultra Rares) and 5000 total trophies. Very proud.

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      congrats on that milestone it's ftw.

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      Thanks crew 💪

  10. I strongly disagree. The core of your position appears to boil down to: I like Playstations's culture and games the best. Therefore, PlayStation cultivating exclusivities benefits gamers as a community. Which makes no sense. For example, I want to play Nintendo games because their culture promotes creativity and innovation above other potential ideals. I cannot do this without entering into the Nintendo console environment due to exclusivity. I therefore cannot vote with my wallet and therefore Sony cannot see that I would like those ideals prioritised. All three major console companies are becoming more entrenched in what differentiates them from each other and a more defined market share will follow. This will inevitably lead to a top-down inspired focus on those entrenched ideals and then a lack of overall diversity. In a creative medium, diversity is essential. We all complain about a lack of innovation in our favourite franchises. Will Microsoft produce Wolfenstein and Fallout games without microtransactions? Probably not. Will Nintendo produce hardware that can run a game like Breath of the Wild with cutting edge graphical fidelity? Probably not? Is Sony leaning into Blockbuster AAA titles with low risk? It appears so. We will suffer for this. Do we want another TLOU1 game already or would we rather something else in that universe? Or a new IP? Crazy times. If all games released on all systems, all of those companies would have access to 66% (very loose maths, I'm extrapolating) more consumers to buy their products.
  11. Yeah I could list a dozen no worries, but the following come to mind immediately because they really were an absolute grind for me: - Life is Strange - The Talos Principle - Any of the Telltale games (sans Wolf Among Us, that was the first Telltale game I played and I bought it out of interest).
  12. Wolfenstein: The New Order
  13. Try the old standard: - upload save file to PS+ - delete save file on the PS4 - uninstall the game - reinstall the game - download save file - load your game and get a kill
  14. Ah yes I forgot about those identities! I do hope that there is a way to better narrow them down without using the game against itself... hopefully some kind soul will post here and let us know if they deciphered them another way.
  15. Did you use a flat out guide or something with hints? I didn't use one at all but the identities of the last three seaman (gamblers in the forefront of the top sketch) and the last three Asian passengers were guesses. There may have been enough information to narrow them down but I wasn't patient enough to go back through the scenes a third time.