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  1. Yeah I think it's easier to achieve after completing the 200 golds where the difficulty curve trains you to be a much better player.
  2. A question for those who have 100% this game... did you go for the DLC trophies at the same time as ontaining trophies for the base game? Any tips and tricks/recommendations? Cheers
  3. More relevant question: I wonder what will be the first platinum that people on PSNP will complain is "unobtainable" or "unfair"??
  4. I disagree, which was pretty much my point for that game. The endgame grind to clean up the map was verrrry long for the average casual and the miscellaneous trophies do not all come naturally. Have a look at the guide on this site. The age of the target demographic coupled with those factors makes for, IMHO, an unexpectedly high global platinum rate.
  5. Edit: after re-reading the OP, I mis-interpreted the post as "What platinums have a higher completion percentage than expected," not "what was extremely difficult yet had a high percentage." Oh well. I feel like I have enough platinums now that I my gauge won't be too subjective. I thought that the following plats were harder than their PSNP percentages suggest: PS3's Modern Warfare 2 (PSNP: 8.19%). The last couple of spec ops missions were craaaazy hard. To relate those to the OP's struggles with Shock and Awe in Arkham Asylum, which is the hardest part of that platinum (PSNP: 9.28%) is even stranger, because Shock and Awe were much easier than those last spec ops missions. MW2 was SUPER popular, which again would indicate a lower percentage, but not for this game... I always suspected hacking shenanigans as the time period of release coupled with the age of the target audience would line up with a influx of hacked trophies. If I didn't know better I'd have suggested a 4% PSNP rarity. Also... Crash Bandicoot 1. It is EASILY the hardest of the trilogy. Not even close. Yet somehow it is as high as PSNP 10.58%, rather than the ultra rare designation that I predicted prior to release as I got myself excited and replayed the PS1 version. If the remaster had the PS1 save system it would definitely be ultra rare here. It boggles me that Crash 2 is more rare as well (9.XX%). Crash 3 is by far the easiest but has a lower rarity than expected, coming in at a comparable rate to the other two (11.XX%) when it's probably a 15-20% IMO. CTR is also more common than expected. Thought that would be a 6-7% on this site. I broke a controller's X button during the Oxide trials accidentally because of the stress. Never done that before! All FromSoftware games come in higher than expected, especially Bloodbourne, which is the strangest because it was offered on PS+, so I expected a significant decrease in rarity with casuals giving it a go to see what all the fuss was about back when it was the "only game worth buying in the PS4's debut year." 21.57% currently. Lastly, PS4's Spider-Man is 8.XX% globally (PSNP: 47.XX%). Way too high considering how well it sold. Gen Z must have more trophy hunters than Gen Y. For a game of decent length, significant endgame grind to clean up the map, and very specific miscellaneous trophies (see the Clean Up stage on the guide on this site) 8% rarity amongst the total game owners globally is enormous.
  6. So can grief. IMHO, we knew f-all about who any of these characters really are. We've not spent much actual time with her at all. Who are we to say that it's not like him to act that way?
  7. I am only up to Ellie's Day 3 on NG+ on Grounded+ (my second playthrough in total) so @jimmymac1225 has progressed more. @Optinooby: Supplements and gun parts stopped spawning after fully upgrading her on Day 1. I strongly suspect that if I had not found so many of each in my first playthrough then they would have run out later in the game (I think it most likely that the game recognises that you're fully upgraded and stops spawning them, more so than being lucky and having just enough hard-coded into the game). To be clear, Grounded difficulty has removed options for upgrading Ellie via supplements. Either two or three of the five upgrade trees have only four upgrade options instead of five in my first playthrough on Hard. It is the left-most two or three trees. *I do not know which upgrades they are. Maybe someone can help shed more light by comparing their game?* Unlike TLOU1, in which @HusKy recalls that Joel would be meet trophy requirements for "all possible upgrades on that difficulty," it appears that in TLOU2, the trophy requirement must be to unlock "all upgrades in the game." *I would suggest that it cannot be unlocked on Grounded unless the prior upgrades (those that aren't available in Grounded) in the first two or three upgrade trees were already unlocked in a prior playthrough. This will likely need testing to confirm.* Bad luck for us all. Three playthroughs it is. *We must not save over the first completed playthrough's save file. When finished with the NG+ run, HOPEFULLY we can reload that original completed run's save file, then use it to commence a new NG+ playthrough for this trophy. This is because I have heard that there is no NG++ function. Again, someone else will beat me to confirming this.* Clear as mud? Hope this helps :/
  8. Would still love to know whether you can unlock the trophy for the supplement upgrades on an NG+/Grounded+ playthrough because many of the upgrades aren't in Grounded+.
  9. I don't agree with the theory but I'll still add to it for you: The first reveal trailer showed a scene that didn't exist: Ellie playing guitar about going after revenge and Joel walking in and telling her that he'd help.
  10. I found just as many on my NG+ Grounded+ run as I was on my original Hard run. Upgraded Ellie fully by the end of Day 1. Once upgraded I received no more of either.
  11. What do I do? Continue the game and then when I beat it, go back through chapter select and do the level again?? Can you do that with NG+ (curious because people are saying that NG++ runs can't exist so I don't know if replays will be possible... pls help) Edit: I'm just going to replay the level. 90mins down the drain.
  12. Definitely would like to see TLOU3 Abby/Lev/FFs hunting down Ellie for a vaccine hope. If Ellie survives that/no cure is possible (which I'd like so that Joel's choice has more weight), then I'd like the FFs to build a rocket to the moon for a new civilization. Would love to see Ellie finally become an astronaut.
  13. Very much hoping that works for TLOU2. Doing Grounded+ for my second playthrough to get the platinum. Also hoping that Grounded+ counts as beating "Grounded" so that I get that silver DLC trophy. Fingers crossed... unless someone has definitive information...?
  14. "+X" for purchased games in my backlog: Original: 58+4 = 62 Remastered: 28+13 = 41 Interesting experiment.