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  1. (#pentasquad)
  2. It should not be understated how difficult the arena trophy is ("Apple of my Eye"). It requires a 9/10 for luck to prevent a 10/10 in time. It also requires a proficient skill at the subtleties of the game. I say this as a current player who has sunk 40+ hrs into the arena (not including the regular ranked progression), and despite being pretty bloody good at this game, I am yet to get a 5th win before the 3rd loss. It's driving me nuts. As I type this reply I am on my 50th (ish) arena deck. Once you get to the third win, everyone that you are playing has been doing it for WAY longer, because it matches you with someone who has the same amount of wins with their own deck, so it gets harder as you progress. Other than that, 2/3 of the other trophies will come in time playing the game (3-5 of them will take 80-100hrs to unlock). The last 1/3 will REQUIRE boosting. I just boosted about ten with my wife today using a second console and most of them required very specific and constant instructions to meet the trophy requirements. To summarise, I do not recommend picking up this gem of a card game if you are obsessive about collecting platinums. I DEFINITELY recommend it in general though. It really is fun as an actual game. Gwent was the best thing about W3 in my opinion and this is gwent on steroids. Oddly, consider buying the Thronebreaker game first because it introduces the systems better and the story is really engaging. You can then transfer unlockables from Thronebreaker into this game.
  3. I have unlocked everything in thronebreaker. How do I actually find all of the cards etc that I unlocked in this game? I am in the deck builder spot but there aren't any of my unlocked cards... any help? Edit: ya gotta press triangle on the main screen and clain rewards. There are a lot of rewards waiting for new players if you've completed Thronebreaker before playing this game. Five minutes I'll never get back but the cards are there!
  4. Yes the eerily-quiet and lonely tone is similar to Myst. The puzzles are better in The Witness I think.
  5. It's not quite like any of those except MAYBE Rime, but The Witness is MUCH better. Be aware, there is almost a complete lack of narrative in The Witness. What is there is very subjective. This is a game for puzzle-lovers moreso than a one for gamers.
  6. Cool. I remember in the original release you could slide-jump over them too
  7. Mate the OP is really clear and well detailed. I've read it four times since it was posted. People are just "d-u-m stupid" sometimes. As someone who both works with members of the public and who made the above mistake, I can attest to the dependability of human errors. Common sense isn't common haha
  8. I just read every page in this thread, including 100 people being told the same thing. Clearly I was paying attention. 😉
  9. So much drama! Juicy 🍿 For real though... GUIDE OF THE YEAR: Monster Hunter: World This is the gold standard in guide writing. It's comprehensive with impression attention to detail. No other supplementary guides are necessary to complete this game. Further, it is a fantastic example of formatting and contains original content. I fully expect this guide to take out one of the many categories this year. FORMATTING: God of War 2018 A comprehensive guide with clear and thought out formatting. It is easy to read and contains multiple styles to display the required information in an accessible manner. ORIGINAL CONTENT: Stardew Valley Similar to MH: World, this guide also sets the gold standard for guide writing. It is clear that significant research has been undertaken to deliver a one-stop shop for any information on Stardew Valley. If it does not win in this category, I expect that it will be due to winning GOTY, Exceptional Guide or Exceptional Formatting. I was very impressed! DLC: Uncharted 4: Survival DLC I did a bit of research for my nomination in this category as I hadn't utilised any (new) DLC guides this year, and I wanted to find a guide that held up to the standards of my other nominations. This is the most well-thought out, well-formatted, researched, comprehensive DLC guide that I found amongst the eligible competition. While I haven't used the guide, a browse was all that I needed to recommend it here. For the record, it's really hard to pick one guide for some of these categories... Monster Hunter, God of War and Stardew Valley all qualify in my mind for Guide of the Year, Exceptional Guide, Formatting and Original Content... it was awkward picking the appropriate category to nominate them... good luck choosing amongst yourselves; it's going to be tough! Congrats and good effort to all nominees
  10. This. Took two attempts for me too.
  11. The highs and lows of each series are pretty comparable: Uncharted: 1 - 3/5 2 - 4/5 3 - 3/5 4 - 5/5 LL - 4/5 PSP1 - 2/5 PSP2 - 2/5 Total: 23/35 Gameplay loop: stealth, combat, puzzle/climbing, repeat. God of War: 1 - 5/5 2 - 4/5 3 - 4/5 A - 2/5 2018 - 5/5 PSP1 - 2/5 PSP2 - 2/5 Total: 24/35 Gameplay loop: combat, boss, puzzle, repeat. The platinum difficulty for all of them is reasonably interchangeable too. I prefer Kratos over Drake and I am a sucker for Greek Mythology. GoW games have fantastic level design as well. But the Uncharted series' gunplay is superior to other similar games, whereas GoW's hack and slash does not innovate within that aspect of it's gameplay... This is so hard! I can't decide, I play each of them for different reasons. I think... maybe... GoW.... maybe.... aaaargh!
  12. For anyone interested, there is no easy way to restart, but you can abandon the current mission by pressing left on the d-pad, which is a little bit of help.
  13. To be honest with you, almost every trophy and collectible that I can think of is easier to collect after completing the story missions, with the exception of combat-based challenges. I was very reluctant to lean into it because I like to finish the story last when playing open world games, but honestly dude just play the game. Also, ignore Pearson camp upgrades.
  14. Is there a quick way to restart a mission when you've messed up?