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  1. A slippery slope that one... Don't recommend it.
  2. Nothing popped out of the ordinary, send me a private message with instructions if you want me to look those achievements on android manually.
  3. More notice before the shutdown would definitely have been appropriate, yes. You mean the "contracts" ?? Yes, mine have carried over. I only used my PC to facilitate the PS4->Android account transfer. I haven't played Gwent on the PC. Maybe that is a factor?
  4. Mile High Club was hard but came down to muscle memory and trial and error. Don't recall No Fighting in the War Room so I guess I can't relate. But! Getting down that bloody hill in Heat was ROUGH. On topic: I'll most likely get a 3 for 1 box set and trade in MW1 Remastered. MW3 Survival mode was awesome, a shame that it is very unlikely to make it in. I didn't expect MW2 Remastered after such a delay due to the potential outrage of both not including MP and including/excluding No Russian. It will be good to have the trilogy... it makes up 90% of my interest in the franchise.
  5. Your loss. The terms and conditions on the PSN store state that they can do what they've done. It's not illegal nor unethical. I *believe* that they have stated that PS4 and XBONE players make up less than 5% of their player base for the game (and that was long before the Android release). Look at the amount of players on this site that have played it... miniscule in comparison to other online games. Why should they continue to invest in the maintenance of the game for two other platforms with all of the micro-management and policies that Sony and Microsoft impose? It seems like a reasonable business decision to me. Don't ask me for a source, just take a pinch of salt and add it to your pile... you seem pretty salty already.
  6. Zombies are generic, yes, but Joel and Ellie's relationship is at the forefront; it's about two people that are trying to survive emotionally, which happens to be set upon a backdrop of an apocolyptic world. Their physical survival is symbolic of their attempts to survive emotionally. Their relationship is the central experience, not the zombies. Joel's decision to save Ellie is therefore saving himself too. If it was a generic zombie story/game, they'd kill Ellie and "save humanity" but never really explore what "humanity" is. You've completely missed the point.
  7. I tried a similar method myself last week but got lost fiddling in step 3 and ended up putting a pet in the toaster instead. I did this (I think): 1. Maintain an online network connection. 2. Delete RDR game data but NOT save data. 3. Enter RDR in single player. 4. From the menu, enter Multiplayer LAN. 5. Go to Tumbleweed. Pick up a Bolt Action Rifle from the red house. 6. Go to Twin Rocks. Repeatedly clear that hideout because it gives the same approximate EXP as every other hideout, but it can be cleared faster than all the others with the simplest enemy layout. Aim to maintain a constant Kill Chain. My goal for each clearance was ~1400EXP. It takes about 2 mins per clearance. 7. When you complete the hideout press Left on the D-Pad to restart it instantly. Your ammo will refresh for free. 8. Every few levels the hideout gets overcrowded with dropped guns and your radar stops working. Clear the hideout then press Right on the D-Pad to stop restarting it. Get on your horse and ride away until you have left the area, then turn around and repeat steps 6-8. 9. Don't turn off your PS3 to prevent the automatically-downloaded 1.08 update from installing. Level 35 is the half-way point because of the EXP curve. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/957922-red-dead-redemption/56932991 Takes about 8-10 hours.
  8. Have you seen W1's gameplay? Yikes.
  9. I just tried this. Couldn't get it to work. Can you please post a step-by-step??
  10. Don't wait too long. The game is 10 years old. We might not have much warning for server closure.
  11. This suggestion is a bit left of field because it's stylised, but The Wolf Among Us is a great detective adventure.
  12. Now that I have spent more time in RDR1 since posting the topic, I can promise you that the boosting community on this site is still active for this game. Those two trophies are very easily boosted, you just have to put it out there and ask for help. I am still about Level 10 and am looking for just the Platinum at this stage, so very soon I will start the grind to Level 50. Maybe starting at Level 29 is what is affecting your report of how long it took. I can do a 10 hour grind in 3 sessions of mind-numbing, no problem. RDR2, on the other hand.... grinding Thieves Landing for FORTY HOURS was a lot worse.
  13. I read elsewhere that it takes about 10hrs using the triple XP of a base disc version of the game. Did you use this method or is Tesoro Azul just giving out that much XP? How confident are you in it only taking 10hrs?
  14. Gwent is now available on Android devices. I set up my PS4 account to be transferred over to a brand new GOG account. Works like a charm. Good luck, see you out there!
  15. Working At home, working on some big 'uns - GTA V, RDR1, The Witcher 3. Wish me luck