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  1. That Off-Balance platforming was phenomenal. Very cool.
  2. 796 was my high score after three weeks of putting in half an hour every day. Stopped after that because it had pushed it's way out of the "fun" zone into other negative emotions. This is my 'gatekeeper' trophy. Good luck.
  3. You're welcome bro. I must have played this campaign a dozen times. πŸ˜‚
  4. *iirc* [someone please correct me if I'm wrong] You get a top up to max at the end of most chapters... - Completion of Outskirts -> beginning of Bill's Town Outskirts is mostly stealth anyway except for the last encounter which takes place in a museum after a character dies. Don't use a health kit because you're so close to the end of the chapter. - Completion of Bill's Town -> beginning of Pittsburgh The last encounter for Bill's Town is right after getting a car. Might need a health kit for Bill's Town due to the amount of close quarters encounters with infected. - I don't remember if you get a top up at the completion of Pittsburgh -> beginning of the Sewers when you jump off the bridge, however, it might be as such (correct me if I'm wrong) if you were desperately low (around 5%) then you will have had a tiny boost (up to around 20%). - NO REFILL PROVIDED at the completion of the Sewers (last encounter is at a door where Ellie squeezes through a hole to open it from the other side while you fight off a wave of infected (spare Molotovs are insanely effective for multikills here)) but there's definitely a health refill at the completion of the Suburbs -> beginning of Tommy's Damn very soon afterwards. The Suburbs is fairly simple with only one encounter being a downhill push towards a sniper nest in the roof of a house. The Sewers to Suburbs chunk is a long stretch of multiple encounters, you might need one or two health kits for this stretch and that's okay. - Don't refill your health in the Tommy's Damn level because there's not many encounters (1 long push at the damn, one in the forest pushing uphill and one in the house) and they are fairly easy by now with the range of weapons that you have amassed by now. - Health refill at the completion of Tommy's Damn -> the beginning of University. Don't use a health kit for the whole chapter if you can avoid it, it's only really the escape from pursuers once you get spotted that has any need for combat. The chapter ends soon afterwards. - Full health at the start of the next chapter (Winter level). Use a health kit before the final room if you have one due to one of the hardest encounters in the game including a bloater and multiple infected. There's a sequence in Winter where you switch between playing characters a couple of times. Health kits and molotovs from one of those characters doesn't carry over into the next chapter, and molotovs aren't overly effective here, so crafting a health kit if you are struggling is okay. - Health refill at the beginning of the penultimate level: Bus Depot. The only encounters are with infected and there are no more infected after this. You have so much flamethrower ammo provided here and you don't need the flamethrower after this level, so use it sparingly but without fear. No health kit needed here as a result (just go on the offensive with that flamethrower instead). - Final level is the Hospital. There's not many encounters here. The big one is right at the beginning of the level, so use a health kit if necessary during or at the end of the fight. If you have any spare stock then use it as desired. In general, there's enough refills and free health kits (two from assisting NPCs and one from scavenging) in the early game to get you through. Craft Molotovs for multikills instead. Also: upgrade pills don't just increase your max health, they also fully refill your health too. Use these tactically instead of a health kit earlier in the game if you are desperately low on health. A health kit will only refill a small amount of health but pill upgrades fill it to the top and add some more. You're desperately low if Joel is breathing heavy, bent over like he has a stitch or a wound, or if the edges of the screen are red. It's really only the - Pittsburgh -> Sewers -> Suburbs stretch - And the Winter chapter that are the long stretches of repeated difficult encounters without health refills being close by.
  5. Never heard of this game. The trophy images are gorgeous though.
  6. Yeah I'm getting that impression now too. That sounds really good. Glad to feel eligible again
  7. Yeah it's almost as like Sony wants people to buy the console on day 1 πŸ€” strange thought process on that one... It has literally been advertised in conjunction with November 2020's PS Plus games. Last time I checked it was normal for PS Plus games to last for one month >90% of the time. Btw... Why so much snarky comments guys? This thread isn't defamatory or offensive. It's not until literally today that I've felt such negativity on this site in general. If I've contributed to you guys seeing negativity, then I apologise, but get off my bloody back and consider informing/educating people when they appear to clearly not know the exact details of something... jeez!
  8. Settle down Terry Tuffnuts. PS5 owners are getting 23 free games this month. PS Plus members have always had the opportunity to 'purchase' the monthly games even if they don't own the respective console. This month is the best bargain that I've seen from Sony but apparently I'm not eligible for it... is it unreasonable to be disappointed to not be eligible for 20/23 free games?? Thank you. Lots of angst in this thread... And yet... they've been getting stacked left and right for a long time. I'm starting to get used to seeing frequent stacks and remasters lately. I thought it would be a popular opinion on this site to get the opportunity to earn more trophies for games that were so good that we like to revisit them. That opinion comes up regularly elsewhere. Obviously it's not everyone's opinion, but I didn't think there'd be so much distaste.
  9. How many of them would you actually play again? Don't know if there's two that I'd be interested in replaying... certainly nothing IMO that stacks up to the 'Best of PS4' PS Plus deal.
  10. I was so keen to have an excuse to get back into games such as Bloodborne, the Crash Remastered Trilogy, Last of Us 1 and Uncharted 4 for new PS5 trophy stacks with the November PS Plus deal... sadly it appears that this is not the case... anyone else gutted? I also can't seem to access the deal on the PS Store phone application, surely it would have been possible to "purchase" the free games as a PS Plus member and download them at a later date (when I eventually get a PS5), just like every other game every other month, but apparently not. Feeling super disappointed.
  11. You guys are selling me on something I'd never thought I'd play. I'm not getting a PS5 for another 6 months, but for someone who never touched PS4's The Playroom and had written off Astro for PS5 too, I can honestly say that I'm now going to play this game first when I finally get a PS5. Very unexpected. Glad you're having a good time.
  12. Surely it still works to your local bandwidth though? If you live in the middle of nowhere without decent speeds, a new PS5 won't help, eh?
  13. I'm going level-by-level to get clear gems inverted gems, NSPR and platinum TTs in that order. Just finished Home Cooking before going to work... that means I'm up to No Dillo Dallying... and then the bear levels... and then eventually the hardest levels... Now I get to see if I have what it takes to complete this game. Please wish me luck πŸ™πŸ™
  14. I've only taken the mask power off the R2 trigger on put it on L2. The dead zones for the triggers are horrible for the precision required for the LaliLoli mask power. I recommend this for everyone. Once I get the the end game I might make further changes.