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  1. Microtransactions are down already. Cross-Play is down on 9 December 2019. Online functionality otherwise continues. Account copying begins on 9 December 2019. Console Gwent servers are down on 9 June 2020. Trophy hunters seem to flock to online games upon service closure announcements. There is still time to unlock the platinum!
  2. So this is the 100% ending right? The game says you need to apprehend 7 of Gotham's Most Wanted before I can activate Knightfall Protocol (ie, complete side missions) My "New Game 1" has all side missions completed except for the Riddler collectables. My "New Game +" I've just finished the main story as the trophy guide said, and ignored all the side missions. Does Knightfall Protocol have to be in New Game +? Or can I unlock the Riddler trophies and return to New Game 1, apprehend the Riddler and then activate Knightfall Protocol?
  3. I've just spent three years of vanity in building my PSNP profile and enjoying this console generation's evolution while playing through a tonne of great titles. Ever since a friend began unlocking trophies on my account years ago I've been paranoid that my account could be hacked, or my consoles being stolen etc. Anyone else worry about that at all? For example, if I get burgled and my consoles are stolen, my account is unlikely to mean anything to the thief, but it means more to me now than the physical copies of the games that I've collected over the years. The point of this thread is to ask what methods you have taken to safeguard your accounts from cybertheft or physical theft?
  4. Is there a brand new player out there that can confirm that the new requirement to unlock this trophy is simply to unlock ONE leader skin for ONLY ONE leader via the reward tree?
  5. Removing the leader cards also removed a large chunk of my premiums. I had 144, now I have 128. FML.
  6. Posted in the wrong forum. If you know how to delete posts, pls share
  7. 113 hours single player (4 days 17h) + estimated 15-20 hours for the gold medals + 47 hours multiplayer 180 hours total (7.5 days) ...over 11 months.
  8. Howdy. Can someone provide current tips, tricks and estimated times for the multiplayer trophies? Any boosting strategies? I can see possible issues with the following: - 10 assists in a single hideout - posse up (create a posse with max members) - public enemy for 10 mins and escape alive - win 3 consecutive FFA matches - win 4 consecutive team matches - reaching level 50
  9. This should finally bump TLOU's platinum rarity into Ultra Rare status on this site
  10. No.
  11. Trophy: The Dash Eternal Game: Hyper Light Drifter Fantastic indie title. Gorgeous and fun. Great trophy list too, except for this one incredibly unrealistic trophy. Massive roadblock. Essentially you have to "chain dash" 800 times in a row. The game gives you a donut-shaped arena to do it in and keeps a counter, but it's incredibly tough. It's rhythm based with a very small margin. Apparently the prevailing strategy is to link the game up to a macro program on a PC through system link, but even then that's Chinese to me. Just too hard!
  12. Worked for me a month ago. Are you 100% sure that you had the exact same cards? Plenty of similar looking cards.
  13. DLC

    What do I want to see in a hypothetical DLC? No more trophies! Please!