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  1. As I read it appears to affect the most basic functions. If you purchased a disc you could prevent updates and not purchase any DLC. Fixes for the new bugs aren't guaranteed. The publisher has a habit of tasking a room of chimps to take over games that the developers have left to move on to new things. Other games from this publisher still have unobtainable DLC trophies from employing this tactic.
  2. 4 LL 2 1 3
  3. Agreed. On that note: please add Ether One to your expanding list of priorities Doc, it's entered onto my radar and a review would be grand.
  4. According to Reddit, the latest update for Surviving Mars causes drastic issues to basic game functions: This is unfortunately becoming a pattern with Paradox Games' DLC packs.
  5. In the words of Taylor Swift: "Haters gonna hate Baiters gonna bait Taters gonna tate." You do you boo.
  6. 😂😂 My go-to was always "laughing Mexican." Got me there straight away too. The clip is such a great little back and forth 😂
  7. I have hope that your wishes will materialise as Insomniac shouldn't be replicating Spider-Man, both because the characters are largely different but also because the same game cannot sell four times back to back (Spider-Man, SM Miles Morales, SM 2 and Wolverine) without diminishing returns. But on the other hand, Insomniac's latest entries are all very teen-friendly.... Fingers crossed I guess.
  8. Out of curiosity... what exactly did you type in to find the clip? 🕵️
  9. Finally finished reading up on this batch. I had to Google THREE words that I hadn't heard before: effete, nadir and pastiche (apparently that's not a pasty-quiche). And you've convinced me to add Persona 5 to my wishlist. And Hades. And Operation Tango. And you've convinced me to put Superhot back on the backlog to revisit it for the platinum. So really you've just added to my problems. Therefore I will review your review: 1/10: how dare you.
  10. Couple more considerations: This is a 100hr ++ platinum. The online was most fun for me by trying to build a criminal empire with the businesses and vehicle exporting activities. This is not the fastest method to reach level 100 but it is less of a grind than actual grinding. Once i got to level 70 I was happy with my empire and stopped reinvesting the in-game currency into new businesses and instead did the business activities to get money to fill out some garages, to then use those cars in Stunt races. If this interests you, a microtransaction investment with real money greatly reduces the boring start-up grind with this strategy. The online heists are good with a dedicated crew. Do each one just once... the pay out aint that great.
  11. How do instapops work? Does the game scan all requirements individually and pop them one after the other? Or does it check prior trophies and pop them all together? For example, does it take a couple of seconds for game A with 40 trophies, making that your fastest platinum? Does it take one second or less for game B with 15 trophies, making that game your fastest platinum afterwards?
  12. While I am very happy for you for achieving this with relative ease, you will be in a small minority. I think that an overwhelming majority of players will agree that Crash 4's platinum relics / no death runs are the reason why the platinum is so difficult compared to Crash 1-3 and CTR. Crash 4's levels are harder, longer, and require mastery of the triple spin (and sometimes, the slide-spin) technique, which requires further practice, dexterity and rhythm than any other Crash game before this.
  13. Checking back in now that I have obtained the relevant trophies so anyone in the same situation that I was in can have some more information... But the two comments from Null_Spectre and BiggerManDan already cover off the issue just fine: The ESRB trilogy is US region locked. To activate the Online Pass (and DLC), you need to either have a US PSN account and download them through that store OR purchase a new version of ME3 through you own region. I did the latter and everything worked out just fine, except, the free DLC that came with my ESRB (US) trilogy pack was inaccessible. For reference, if you are using the Australian PSN store, there is a trial version of ME3 that lasts for all of 24hrs real time that starts from the time of first opening the game. You cannot purchase a PSN version of ME3 because the store won't let you select it... you can only access the trial ME3 even after it has expired, and the store will just say "this game's trial has expired," not giving you an option to actually buy the game on PSN. You'll therefore need a physical copy of ME3.
  14. Even once it is all released, this game will still likely be buggy and require a very large commitment of patience and planning. Consider using a secondary account if you are a 100%er.
  15. All PS3: - GTA V - Portal 2 - Burnout Paradise..... except, there's hope for me on this one. Apparently for the two trophies I need online, there are legit ways to earn them, so I'm going to see what I can achieve. Crossing fingers.