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  1. 🚨 WOOOOT Puzzle Game Post 🚨
  2. Can't argue with your taste!! Some crackers in there.
  3. Anyone else think that Amazing Superhero Squad looks pretty interesting for what it is? I didn't know that I wanted to manage superheroes until today: 




    10mins of gameplay:


    1. zizimonster



      manage superheroes

      You mean like Nick Fury?

  4. I read this yesterday but was out of rep points. Such a good read! Look me up when you come to Western Australia, I'll show you a good time
  5. I LOVE IT!! Thanks @Troz 😍 I'll sub that in ASAP when I can get to a computer. Cheers!
  6. No one seems to have replied to this but I wanted to extend a "good idea" to you for booking that appointment and "thank you" for sharing. I've seen some extreme devastation that suicides leave behind and hope you continue to seek help to prevent that potential future from coming about. If it helps, cutting coffee reduced my anxiety by 80%+, and regular exercise and psychological & mindfulness strategies reduced most of the remaining symptoms, so maybe consider those things for yourself if you haven't yet done so. Regardless, please continue putting yourself out there to help manage your issues. 💙💚
  7. What an interesting challenge. For parkour, you really can't substitute anything for Mirror's Edge. The platinum is definitely not easy, though, and the DLC is even harder if you want to get every trophy. If not, try Mirror's Edge 2 (much longer campaign with less interesting... well, everything... but a lot easier to 100%), or Dying Light might be a suitable replacement for you, but that DLC is also apparently quite difficult. Good luck, I might check in from time to time, especially if the thread gets SPICY. 🤓
  8. Jeepers, you two, making me dread that DLC 😂 The universe is telling me to play this game, so be it! Installing now... 😎
  9. Today I finished Driver: San Francisco which is my third completed game for this event. Looking at DSF in a vacuum of "7th generation arcade racers," I would struggle to find something that could compete with the driving physics, large roster of cars, or with a more dedicated narrative, or, most importantly, with more variety of game modes for the campaign, side content and multiplayer (one exception: Burnout Paradise (now closed on PS3)). DSF has a lot going for it. Again - that is within that vacuum. If you like arcade racers, this one is a must-play. If it interests you, be aware that the servers are surely going to close down soon (Ubisoft are under all kinds of pressure lately and recently closed a bunch of other servers), and multiplayer trophies will require dedicated boosting. Currently, there's less than 25 players boosting DSF worldwide. I know, because I had to play with most of them here and there to get stuff done with my crazy non-gaming schedule. I spent about 60 hours from start to finish in DSF. Half of that was boosting the multiplayer. I must have spent easily (EASILY) 10 hours in lobbies while others tried to sort themselves out as for once in my life I was not one with internet trouble. I could have avoided that by 'selfish boosting' but that would cheapen the win for me. In any case, the PSNP guide's completion time (20hrs) is pure lies and slander 😂. I think a factor in that is how the in-game time tracker can't count. The boost isn't that bad as the gameplay is fun and you can actually compete with each other in the game modes half of the time instead of "my turn to do this, now your turn, etc etc" but hey - it's still boosting. Co-ordinating 4-player trophies with worldwide players (all requiring decent internet connection) on servers this old was tough. I know that's part and parcel for everyone in this thread but this was a big ask for me personally... it's just another example of this thread pushing me to be better and go for that ✅. Would I recommend DSF? Yes. But be quick! Server closure yada-yada servers are probably going to close soon aaaaaaaaarrrgghhh...
  10. It’s been a while since I left a decent comment behind – I have been saving up some thoughts that are nearly finished cooki- oho! Here they are! Apotheon (yeah we’re going back a few... just coz I haven’t commented doesn’t mean I’m not reading 😉). Doc, you are added to what is becoming quite a long list of Checklisters that have played this game and regaled at length in support of Apotheon. Surely you can’t all be wrong – I’ve just got to add it to The List now. The artstyle truly does leap off the screen and as a fellow fan of the Greek mythos, there’s more than enough there in that game for me to pick it up, I think. Control This baby is burning a hole in my dashboard. To play ASAP or to play when I get a PS5... nah I can’t wait that long. You point out that the map system is woeful but juuuust adequate enough that you would keep attempting to use it instead of following the environmental directions; I will try to remember this when I play it. Don’t. Use. The Map. Ok I think I got it. I am very much excited to see the visual strengths and the depth of the lore that Control received praise for. I’ve actually seen VERY little of this game (maybe a forgotten trailer here or there), so most of what I imagine Control will look like is based on a quick scouting of the PSNP trophy guide with extrapolated imagery based in your own review, and I have to say, I am excited. It has a lot of ingredients to be a sleeper-hit for myself. Dead Cells’ DLC On the flip side of you getting me hyped for most games, occasionally it backfires! 😱 Your Dead Cells DLC compares it to Dishonoured 2, Transistor and Dark Souls. I am looking forward to ALL OF THAT except for the Dishonored games. I am a little worried about em. I’ve got them but they don’t look so much like something that is in my wheelhouse. I’ll start Dishonored 1 in about a month’s time – no matter what – but my hype metre is petering out a bit. Can you help me moisten the appetite if you have the time? Elden Ring That’s quite the opus (x2!! FromSoftware leaving a mark and you leaving such a chunk of heart behind on the thread for it). The bit that really stood out to me was that this is like a Greatest Hits for FromSoft and not so much like a brand new album. That sounds PERFECT for exactly what I want to get out of Elden Ring when I get to playing it myself as I’ve only played Bloodborne. Better still I am intrigued how one can go from a fleshed-out castle to an icey blizzard to a desert oasis to something else in one sitting and have all of those biomes blend together in a natural way, but if you say it is so, then bring it on. It is a shame that there is no overt narrative though (a shame for me, that is, because FromSoft fans don’t seem to care/they seem to enjoy the communal acts of piecing the lore together in these games). I was a believer in the GRR Martin hype and to see that I won’t get much out of that is a letdown. Mark of the Ninja ...are you praising another Klei game? 😏 Yeah, I’ll buy it now. Convinced! I needed a review from a trusted source. I’ve had it recommended a few times by people that I do not consider to be good judges of games and the trailer is a bit sub-par, but yet, an old (definitely “pre-Science Checklist” old) post from yourself about hidden gems mentioned it so, well, as review requests are your specialty... why not? Thank you 😘 The Swapper Seriously, this has to stop. You add games to The List literally at a 2:1 rate relating to how fast I can get through them. I have neither the time nor the money. You are tearing my family apart! The Longest Road on Earth Will you use this for the MHA Community Event? The trophy rarity (98+%) just makes me shudder a little bit... I will order colourful cocktails, I will point out shirtless dudes for my wife if they run by, and I will publically admit that I will pre-order a game if I truly trust the developer, but I don’t think that I am secure enough in myself and how I may be perceived by the world if I was to have a 98 percenter on my PSN profile. Am I iNsAnE ? Put me on the couch again Doc, I'm ranting in public again.
  11. Swing and a miss.



    1. Troz


      Quick!! Hide some games!! We gotta try again!!

    2. AK-1138


      So close to momentary feng shui of the soul 😞

  12. I recommend that you play The Adventure Pals. There you go, now you have that as an option as well as "side-scrolling" and "has a sword." Definitely play in small doses.
  13. Sure but together you completely demolished my argument! I'm perfectly fine with that. 😎 Veto; I've already bought you both a bike and a matching costume. That is still absolutely insane. Are they weapons-grade/hunting arrows that cost that much? Or hobby arrows? I'm assuming there is multiple types like that (like firearm ammo). I'm sure you'll do absolutely fine at the competition... and that old codger in Two Towers did nothing wrong, those Uruk-Hai didn't run from Isengard for a taste of Longbottom Leaf. I hardly think they were about to turn around and go home 100%!! Ask me tomorrow and I'd say a different answer. Yes I like that Yakuza trophy too. I had a look through the trophies that I've earnt... I like these three (RDR1, Rime and Oxenfree respectively): ... buuuut then some of these Mass Effect tiles kept catching my eye! how does a gamer choose?
  14. 🤓👍
  15. 😲 Make two separate CDs you absolute psychopath! Enjoy your holiday mate, hopefully somewhere good