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  1. Lovely Wipeout HD! Very nice collection, congrats!
  2. 11/10 Incredible list, with some beauties like MG Revengeance, Jotun, Vanquish.... And a lot of other ones! Congrats! Off-Topic: I've had The Flame in the Flood for a long time in my Backlog, it is too difficult? Or glitchy?
  3. 10/10 Don't know about "We are Doomed", but the plats of Black Ops III and SO are awesome enough! Congrats!
  4. A lot of awesome plats, but I really love the one of Overwatch! Great collection!
  5. What is Survive? owo Terraria
  6. Haha, nope. This is the cards one... Final Fantasy XIII-2
  7. Incredible plats! Killzone 2 and Resistance 2! Bleach~
  8. Well, you had the patience for Trinity Universe... Always wanted to play that one! Congrats!
  9. Max Payne 3... Hell of a plat!
  10. 10/10 That plat is a real pain...
  11. Infamous 2... (Persona 5 is tempting too =P)
  12. No. Assassins Creed 2