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  1. Finally got the plat, those 100 floors were (without a doubt) the most boring grind in all my trophy list... And the patch for the Chrome Dragon on level 50 seems to never be released on Vita, asked them via twitter like three times but always said that they didn't have an ETA for it...
  2. Let's hope than when Sony finally lets change your PSN ID they won't f*** the timestamps of your trophies, or then there won't be more cousins messing your timestamps and just "Sony messed everything" when I changed my ID...
  3. Final Fantasy IX
  4. IS<インフィニット・ストラトス>2 ラブ アンド パージ *_*
  5. A lot of good ones, but I pick Overwatch
  6. Deadly Premonition
  7. Nier Automata... I want to play it u_u
  8. Batman Arkham Origins, I wanted to have all the batman games plats but f*** online trophies u_u. Congrats!
  9. I think that a lot of us in the beginning got a lot of easy trophies just to build our level quick (Like on an RPG ), but after some time it's normal to get tired of that, especially when time to play gets shorter as you get more obligations IRL. I started to get trophies because I've always liked to "complete things", and trophy lists are kind of all the things that you can do with a game (well, not in all games is like that but in the vast majority I think it is), thanks to trophies I've done a lot of things that I never have thought to do, some of them amazing, and some of them just boring but a lot of times there are things that you've never experimented or played if a trophy wouldn't make you do that. That's why for me is more important to complete a trophy list than getting a lot of a few trophies of different games, and lately since I don't have too much time I've been trying to get only the trophies of games that I really like and enjoy (Especially if it's from a saga that I like, I finally got all the plats of Kojima's MGS Games and someday will get all the KH plats ), but if I still find an easy plat from time to time I will give it a go =), just that now that isn't my priority.
  10. That sounds nice, it has worked like that in another games with this type of "battle points" for ranked matches?
  11. I read today one or two people complaining about the same problem, but it seems that after some tries it unlocked...
  12. Nice example, thanks. Now I have a noob question since my experience with multiplayer games is most in the Destiny line and similar... In Monster Hunter you need to organize a team before going to hunt a monster or you can find people in the world and help them with a monster? Or there is any kind of matchmaking? Thanks!
  13. I know that this game is more fun in multiplayer and so, but it's possible to do all the things on the trophy list (beside the multiplayer quests trophies obviously) alone? Or there is things that are locked for multiplayer only (Like stupid Destiny), it's possible to hunt even the biggest monsters alone? Thanks!
  14. I hate online trophies, especially the ranked ones u_u... At least there is no "10 in a row ranked matches"... In other ArcSystem games the ranked matches could be boosted?