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  1. Got the plat of Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 for team Cujo and completed the games that I picked for this event. Thanks a lot to the organizers for all your work!
  2. But you at least need to beat him once without the beginner mode to get the trophy of finishing the game, but you can use the Hyper Chip... You can use passwords to reach there with everything (That's why some people get this trophies so fast) but I'm trying to do all the games without passwords just for the sake of nostalgia XD... I remember how I idolized this games as a kid... But I'm not sure with the second collection, I liked X5 and X6, but X7 and X8 are boring... I didn't even finished them on PS2 >_<...
  3. I got this trophy some minutes ago, but this trophy is a lot more easier if you use Beginner Mode, I found more difficult to beat Sigma Kaiser the first time even with the Hyper Chip, because hitting the little head of Sigma is a pain (My advice for that is always trying to hit him when he is on your left, when he is on your right just evade his ray and the stupid blue things that took a lot of life if explodes on you), once you know the patterns from the first fight it is a lot easier to beat him without hyper chip but using Beginner mode... Oh, and I understand your problem of dashing and charging at the same time, my advice for that is just changing the dash from circle to L1 P.S. I beat Kaiser Sigma with the Z-Saber too just for fun and the problem was that firing the Z-Saber has some lag so I had to jump to the full top of the screen and then release it so that it hits that little head when X is falling...
  4. It could be stupid but can I compare this with the speedruns of Shantae half Genie Hero DLC's? Or this is a lot harder? It seems that you can save in-between...
  5. Got the Plat of Rise of the Tomb Raider for Team Cujo... Nice game, but got tired of all that score attacks >_<... Question, I see that some people use DLC's as games to complete for this event, since I got the plat of Rise of the Tomb Raider and now I want to complete the DLC's so can I use the Endurance DLC for the 5th category and the Baba Yaga DLC for the first category (For me a witch is the symbol of halloween XD)? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. Oh! Now I understand... That's horrible!
  8. mmmm, I'm confused, so there is 42 bosses, they are divided in 5 pantheons... And you can save each time that you finish a Pantheon? So you practice and practice un til you beat the first batch of 8/9 bosses, save, than you can start for the next batch of 8/9 bosses? And if you die you can start from the last save? Or you need to get to the first boss of all? So what is the point of saving?
  9. Argh I see, messed with my time zone, thanks!
  10. Got 5 yesterday, don't know if them were confirmed
  11. I helped with 5 trophies of Rise of the Tomb Raider... It's something =(
  12. I'm really interested on this game and the trophy list looks nice (I was worried about the permadeath trophy...), I think that I will bite and buy it at release... (And probably at retail next year XD)
  13. I want to add Rise of the Tomb Raider for my third category. Thanks!
  14. Reporting Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris for Team Cujo