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  1. Star Ocean: The Last Hope... Very nice!
  2. Great work like always! I hope you make more videos for the dlc's too!
  3. Resident Evil 5 + Dante's Inferno = Resident Evil Inferno!... As is fighting zombies wasn't enough... Now you are fighting them in HELL!
  4. A lot of great plats to pick... But I will ask for Tales of Symphonia, loved the game on NGC and I would have liked to play it again on PS3... But time issues =(
  5. I think that DesmaBR was the last one that actually gave a score before the thread derailed a little so I will rate his plats... 9/10 Nice collection with good diversity, loving some of your RPG plats like Paradox and Agarest 2!
  6. 10/10 Very nice collection, love your Star Ocean and Tales plats, and a lot of CoD ones too, I enjoyed those games too but the hacked mp trophies keep me out from the latest games...
  7. Resonance of Fate... Always wanted to play it, I need to play at least the remastered one...
  8. Terraria... Always have been interested on that game...
  9. Killzone Mercenary
  10. Final Fantasy X-2 Definitely. Another game that one day I have to play...
  11. Monster Hunter World
  12. Assassins Creed Odyssey... I want to play it but have to complete Origins first...
  13. Birth by Sleep... It's my next kingdom game to play but it is too long T_T