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  1. Yeah, to get everything in the store you need the bundle, unlock key and season pass (And counting with the last DLC to be free) and it will net 91.97 US, in the other hand you can get the DX retail version for 7050 yen aprox (62.75 US with today exchange rate), so even with shipping I think that it's a better option and you get the retail version... The only problem that worried me was the japanese only in game but it seems that the game is pretty straightforward =) MUSYNC looks pretty nice, I would like in on Vita but I'd need a retail release =(
  2. Thanks, I think that there was a post in this forums explaining the controller layout in japanese... And even if the trophy list is the same I have no problems because I haven't played it yet n_n. mmmm, I think that this physical release is still cheaper that buying everything (including the season pass) in the US store... Thanks for the info about MUSYNC, but it will be released on console? Well, with the physical release on Japan of Senran Kagura Bon Appetit there was a little change in the trophy list, the original digital version has a DLC with extra trophies (but already had a plat) and the physical version added the DLC trophies to the main list (So, they changed some silver trophies to bronze). If they did something similar to this then maybe they will had to add a plat because the number of trophies is too big for a normal PSN release...
  3. Hi guys, I want some advice about this game... I'm currently playing Project Diva X and wanted to buy this game later (waiting for a sale since it's only digital), but now that the DX Japanese version will be released maybe it's better to buy this version with all the songs/DLC's, maybe it's only on japanese but since the trophies doesn't need any friendship, items, mini-games or similar maybe with just knowing the menus it's enough to get the trophies (and hoping for a plat). So, should I wait for this version or it's better to buy the localized one just for the language barrier? Thanks!
  4. Maybe this could be just 15 trophies, but this will take some time to get, getting all the subclasses of each class, getting the exotic weapons and all that got me some time in D1, for me this list is very nice, better than a bunch of bronzes for doing nothing (And thanks god for not Epic Rider)
  5. Yep, you can, very expensive but you can.
  6. Well, there could be a theory of what happened (but it's pretty farfetched tbh ), you finished your Octopus run, got all the emblems and got the iPod song (iPod songs trophy unlocked), you were so happy after getting the trophy that you reset the game without getting the other items. Then you got your (apparently) last trophy (corpse cammo trophy) but the plat didn't popped so you checked the list and noticed that you didn't get the stealth cammo so you reload your last save, get the octopus emblem again and waited to receive the stealth cammo (Stealth cammo trophy) and then your plat... Something of this sound familiar? I really hope that you got this plat legally because it's a pretty hard plat and it's very unfair to lost it....
  7. I played the game recently and got the plat, even if the octopus emblem was in your last run (pretty pointless because getting the octopus emblem in the first ones could have make the other runs (except BB) a lot faster but that doesn't mean anything tbh) I don't understand why you got the trophies for the stealth and all the iPod songs with 47 minutes of difference (since you get all the bonus items at once at the end of the credits)... Maybe you could have got the iPod song, got the trophy, let your PS3 afk for 47 mins then press X and get the stealth cammo and then get the other trophy, right? But then how did you get in between another trophy that needs you to actually play the game?
  8. Maybe I could say the same, sometimes I feel like playing is more work than fun because of trophies, but then I try to play a game in another console without worrying about getting everything (in 80% of games trophies are about doing everything, but there is a 20% with just idiot trophies) and then I miss wanting to get everything, because I always liked to play like that, so maybe my problem wasn't to get to trophies but just getting too much games to get trophies and then you need to play a lot to get all of them to cover all you want to play . It sounds stupid but it's like that haha. My biggest mistake was playing Street fighter IV on my account haha, I never have been good with fighting games (I love them but I'm not good with them) and I wasn't to conscious about trophies, so I started it and got a trophy by just doing Hadokens , well after that it has been the only game that I haven't got a plat on my list, I tried my best and could just get to 80%, well at least 80% for a mediocre fighting gamer like me is a proud badge . (And even if someday Sony let you to erase games with more than 0% I doubt that I will ever erase it, I would feel dirty if I do that)
  9. I came precisely to ask for the same feature, nice that it has been asked before =)
  10. I liked to check this on my log =P... Nice feature =)
  11. when you began your speedruns in hero mode you already have most of your transformations (sadly not the upgrades), and having the harpy transformation made your runs even faster and you can get some upgrades early because you already have some of your transformations unlocked and that gave you a lot of advantage.... The only "big" problem that I had with the 100% speedrun was money, because you don't take your time to repeat stages or kill most of the enemies, so the best you can do is using the jewel pot transformation (You can get it from the snake girl vendor) and position yourself between two walls and just move the sticks until you reach 999, it takes less than 10 minutes to get from 0 to 999 jewels...
  12. Yeah, I got the trophy for the speedrun any% under 3 hours and 100% just under 4 hours, I think that should be the limits or something near...
  13. I don't know if somebody addressed this before but in the "Completion" filter of your profile we had the option for "Incomplete" games (I think it went like that), and it showed the PSN games with less than 100% and the games without platinum, but it didn't showed the games with plat but not 100%... I liked that option =(
  14. Aw, they could have released this on Vita too =P