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  1. This one should have been called "Ugly Bastard"
  2. I was thinking the same, MGS2 all over again XD. I hope it is just complete and not first place on all VR missions, MGS controls hasn't aged well...
  3. I just need Metal Gear Solid to have a plat to be happy, everything else is a bonus.
  4. Nah, I like more the PS exclusives atm and because of the trophy system I want to continue my way on PS than starting all over again there... And I couldn't care less about the studios that MS has bought, don't like their games. IF I would buy another console I prefer to get a Switch, but with so little free time that I can't even deal with my PS3 backlog... Why would I change?
  5. Triple S tier profile. If you want more fighting games to add to your list I would suggest Blade Strangers and Fantasy Strike. 

    1. zizimonster


      Blade Arcus, too!

    2. DeepEyes7


      Thanks! I have been interested on Blade Strangers since some time ago but still waiting for a price drop or a good sale.


      Didn't knew about the Blade Arcus games and I'm kind of interested on the Shining saga, looks interesting, thanks!

  6. I don't say that they won't maybe eventually fix it again, but it's difficult to put pressure on them or "rush" them because... They don't care, this is an old game, MK11 has already some years out, MKX is even older and they are already thinking on the next game instead of a mode that probably only people play because of the trophy/achievement, as long as the matchmaking online works I think they are happy. They took out MK9 online without even a notification and never fixed it again... So there is only hope that they will eventually make Invasion available again in the future...
  7. Well, a lot to chew in your trophy list, in first place you have a perfect completion rate, congrats! You said that you don't get into fighting games but you have some nice plats like Injustice and MK that aren't easy, big fan of souls games as I can see, and a big diversity of genres with beautiful plats like Catherine, MP3, Terraria, Bioshock 1&2, Last Guardian, Bastion and so... Great average rarity too, amazing trophy list! 10/10 P.S. I think that if you take out your Bethesda and Souls games we kind of like similar games XD... Nice wordplay with your trophy cabinet btw.
  8. FF XIV: ARR - Great game
  9. Not too many games but the ones you have done are very good, USF4, KOF13, GG, MvC3, DMC5 and so... Great variety of plats, I know this only rate the plats but your completion and average rarity is very good too! Congrats! 10/10
  10. BlazBlue: Chronophantasma [PS3 & PSV] [2.92%] [2.85%]
  11. Great news! Looking forward for it!
  12. 9/10 Good diversity of games, and some great plats like Mugen Souls Z (love it), RDR 1&2, Rayman Legends.... Congrats!
  13. This one is easy, I'm so jealous of your Mugen Souls Z plat!
  14. Not too much plats to pick one from, but I will go with Dragon Age: Inquisition...
  15. FIFA09 Diablo3 on PS3 was a huge gold grind for sure, didn't knew it was nerfed on PS4, now I understand why a lot of people has it on PS4...