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  1. Yeah, it's possible, but with wired connection is more stable. I tested both.
  2. Maybe this is off-topic but I think that precisely what you say about the easy game of 200 hours versus the difficult game of 20 hours is what makes the rarity interesting, to me both of them could share the same rarity and it is ok, because there is some people that have the ability to be pretty good at games but their levels of frustration are very low, at the first obstacle or thing "out of their way of playing" they left the games and their patience is very low, so having patience and persistence is another skill that a lot of people lack, so don't disdain "easy" games with long plats, because if the rarity is low is because a lot of people didn't want to do the farming or the repetition that other people did...
  3. Technically the host never enters LAN, he enters in co-op offline and the ones in LAN "join him", thats why it works for the host. I can help you with "Look Out Below" if you want, as I said we did it with Clavietka this weekend, and I'm in to try the other 2, since we need to repeat it some times for each one of us. This video shows how to use xLinkKai, once you get the gist of it is pretty easy and useful...
  4. I think that you are mixing "Hoarder" and "Collector", "Hoarder" has PvP treasures so until now is unobtainable, "Collector" in the other hand is full of co-op treasures so "we think" that is still doable (since you can get treasures on co-op offline), gladly Clavietka is very advanced on that trophy so maybe he could gave us some good news soon, I think that what Clavietka means with the hard runs on adventure is that he didn't get the sets of hard adventure for the "Hoarder" trophy EVEN if there is some way to get the PvP treasures in the future... It as just some sort of info, nothing more... "Look out below" is obtainable via xLinkKai, Clavietka and I got it this weekend that way, the only thing that you need to have in mind is that you need to be the one in COOP to get trophies for medals (Statuesque, Look Out Below, etc... Anything that has a medal on it... So practically every trophy XD), the ones that join in LAN doesn't get the trophies..... So what this means? If 3 people joins to get Overseer they will need to do it three times, each one as the host in coop to get the trophy. (Maybe I need to explain it a little more, the only way to play coop using xLinkKai is that the host is using the co-op menu and the other 2 ppl join them from the LAN menu, that's why the people that join the game via LAN doesn't get trophies or advance on medals/treasures) And we got "I'm on a roll" this weekend using xLinkKai so I'm 90% sure that Triumvirate, Overseer and similar can be gotten this way... But of course we had to do it two times, once for each of us... I don't know if you can get "Buddy System" in co-op offline, but you have the retail version of the GOTY Uncharted 3? It seems that you can't play co-op offline on the digital version, and that message looks like you are trying to join the online version?
  5. It has taken so much time that the second question included 75% just for games like spider-man and now spider-man is under 50% too
  6. As expected "Firefighter" can be done on co-op offline
  7. And now hunter arena isnt available on coop =(... Only on LAN...
  8. Painful question about the treasures... When a treasure drop it always is a new one or it could be repeated? I was sure that I had an Ivory Incan 1/2 and got another one Ivory Incan 1/2, so it means that the first one didn't saved or that I got a repeated one? (I know that Ivory Incan isn't from the Antiquity Set but for the sake of the Example)
  9. The glitch only works on LAN because you need to disconnect the host, so I did it with LAN local and LAN via XLinkKai anf in both ways it worked I got one for Fly on the Wall but started farming Shade Survivalist that is longer, easier and give me levels, farming it solo with a second controller
  10. Deathless/Immortal/Omnipotent/Invincible were obtained using LAN (We tried both methods, with 2 PS3's local and with 2 PS3's using xLinkKai, both methods worked), but should be doable in splitscreen offline too .:Edit:. Got "Not afraid of the dark" in co-op offline, already reported on the list.
  11. For the treasures of coop arena they are totally random or there is some of them that only drop in the last waves? And it is possible to finish all the adventure coop solo (pushing the cart and killing at the same time on London? Haven't tried but it comes to mind)? Because for some treasures I think that you need to finish the adventure (last boss drop) I have only tried doing Borneo solo, it's not hard but it's boring as hell, you have to kill more enemies, keep looking for damn hunters, protect your afk partner (If you re-spawn he usually spawn on the middle of EVERYTHING)...
  12. Good news, this glitch still works! So Immortal, Invincible, Omnipotent and Deathless could be done using LAN (And probably xLink), I just got Omnipotent and Deathless, so I suppose the other two should unlock the same. So, what is the point, we knew this trophies could be gotten on co-op offline, but doing that Solo or with a couch partner would be pretty hard, with this glitch you can do it solo (At least co-op adventure, I can't with co-op arena until now, hate Gold Rush solo...)
  13. The worst part is that your profiles of LAN and Co-Op Offline aren't the same, so going for the treasures at least for Collector is a HUGE leap of faith! But at least I got Buddy System via LAN, but Thrillseeker didnt unlocked, I tried as Host and Guest .:Edit:. Got like 80 medals of Head Hunter on Co-Op Hunter LAN and "Head Crusher" didn't pop.... sigh
  14. In theory you can play with other players around the world as if you have them in your house on a local LAN network. But have never used it. Thanks, I hope than I can get at least a pic if I could get any trophy when Im tryng this haha