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  1. That is basically the point and why, in this case, definitive proof should be provided. Not because it is RD4 or whatever, but because you are defying the purpose of the trophy itself... What a damn glitch that one XD. We have seen some glitches doing big things, but the difference is that in most cases those glitches are replicated and even posted in the guides, here we have one very convenient and seemly very difficult to replicate (not wanting to say impossible because it seems that was already replicated?)
  2. lol, what is happening here? When we changed from "present proof of how you did that" to "shit happens and it's too difficult to replicate"... I didn't want to believe it but this now turned biased as s***
  3. Now this became people that like the guy vs people that doesn't... But asking just for a way to replicate the glitch isn't that farfetched for me and the best way to clear all of this, we have seen that in some other disputes, if it isn't possible and the guy has prior offenses... It's very weird that it has to happen just to him... Isn't the presence of another cheated games one of the motives to flag people with doubtful trophies?
  4. Learning the ropes of Super Meat Boy... Just perfecting the Light Salt Factory
  5. Question, the game can already be preloaded? Or somebody knows when? Size?
  6. It's finally here!
  7. Some people is just answering the poll just reading the title on the thread, and don't understand WHY late syncs could be flagged and how farfetched need to be your late syncs for the flag to stick... If there will be an official poll some day (I doubt it) things needs to be explained better and not just throw a sensationalist headline...
  8. Sadly, Mathias_aren't_on_PSNP_LB anymore...
  9. Sadly there is no middle ground here, or you go full with it (PSNP right now) or you do nothing (All the other sites) because the middle ground always open the option to "why that guy flag was lifted if we cheated very similar?", we have seen that in the problem with the BO2 MP hacked trophies. lol at hit list, people badmouth the CRT all day and later they are asking "Why the CRT isn't answering?"
  10. Custom Firmware and Cheater Removal Team
  11. And this is the problem, a lot of people here claiming for their "rights" to play how they want are just wanting to cheat all they want just for the sake of it and then brag about how they BeAt ThE sYsTeM!... That is the people ruining the LB, not the CRT or the bloody rules...
  12. As we have said since the beginning, there is always a reason for late synced trophies, auto popping and everything you want if you really put your imagination to it (the evil cousins are the best solution in most cases), so if we go with that line so better to don't flag anyone... Because shit happens... BeCaUsE tHiS iS a BlOoDy CuLt
  13. For me the trophy screenshots are treasures like the trophies themselves, I keep all of them and were one of the greatest addition of PS4 for me (I even took screenshots of my trophies on PSV)... But well, its just me...
  14. Well, if I'm not mistaken the CFW flag confirmed means ban, even with just one... Usually I have seen that the CRT doesn't share the common tactics of CFW users so that they continue using them to easily identify them