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  1. It's just REACH the first boss on hard ffs
  2. After reading some comments here I won't be surprised if in some weeks there is a proposal of removing the "rarity" of the trophies because people feel opressed...
  3. But the trophy system is an elitist mindset itself! If people tell me that it is not like that, and that they play just for fun and tracking the progress in their games, then why are they so concerned about a ribbon and being "discriminated" in this site?
  4. Discrimination...? Shaming...? Bullying...? Why nowadays everything is a problem? People like to get platinums to show acomplishments (and sadly a rare platinum is better, maybe in those ezpz games of Ratalaika the concept of rarity on items is lost), and now cant show off them because another people gets offended... If you don't care of what other people thinks of the games you play then why do you care about a ribbon? Please add a Ratalaika Stack Ribbon too, I will be happy to keep it at zero.
  5. This is a great idea! I hope it gets implemented soon (And not after the series update on 2047 XD) I would like to add two things: Maybe with the ribbon of rarity (Or a new ribbon) you could add the games with DLC trophies that get an overall rarity under 5% after getting 100% of the trophies, sometimes keeping the 100% of a list with DLC's is very hard and could be recognized too (Look at Uncharted 4, 3 or 2, the plats are somewhat easy, but the DLC trophies are horrible) It could be interesting to know how is the ratio between your plats under 75% and your total plats, this ratio is a better indicator of how much ezpz plats do you have in your trophy list. And trying to get this ratio as higher as you can is a good incentive. I don't know why some people get offended with this, this is a leaderboard, so yeah, people likes to compete, and if long time trophy hunters now see how a lot of people get a lot of ezpz plats and get ahead of them in no time is normal to get pissed... Should I play this type of games just to get your place back on the leadeboard? Nowadays I prefer to see the average rarity of people trophies instead of their level or number of plats, that number now means nothing.
  6. Wow, a lot of UR plats! But I pick Batman Arkham Origins!
  7. I will pick three beauties: - Street Fighter x Tekken - Street Fighter V - Marvel vs Capcom 3 Congrats!
  8. Mortal Kombat X
  9. On Friday I contacted Sony via chat because I never received anything from Sony even if I had checked the notifications thing on my account settings, they made a change and today I received this avatars, maybe you could do the same...
  10. NA Account, haven't received any of the avatars for the plat =(... Not this one or the former ones... I'm the only one?
  11. People buy their simple games in all the stores for the stacks, so yeah, they're rich
  12. Thanks! Didn't knew about this but now I understand why there is a lot of people with Ratalaika games from another regions XD.
  13. Sorry for asking here but what is the VitaTrick? And reading the other other post of the OP there is problems with unlocking trophies on Vita because of loading times? Now Im worried haha
  14. I know that the game hasn't been released yet, but do you guys think that the Nitros Oxide version is worth it for the extra 20 US? It's basically 20 US for an extra char, kart and some skins... Looks expensive =/... I just hope that the online trophies will be doable u_u (Or just no online trophies XD)