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  1. Sony will never give points again for trophies thanks to our lovely ezpz games for 1 dollar.
  2. Took some hours but the campaign of fighting games unlocked after playing a bit of SFV this afternoon...
  3. "Sony will reward 10 PS Stars points for every $1 that PlayStation Plus subscribers spend on games." So every point is 10 cents spent in the PSN Store... To get Nier automata at 10.000 points you need to spent 1000 dollars in the store
  4. I dont know how has been the experience with shareplay, but I dont think that you can do something that requires a lot of precision or timing using this kind of remote control, I remember having some difficulties keeping my combo up on batman arkham knight using my Vita to play remotely from my PS4 in the next room... So I cant imagine with more lag doing somethink like 1 frame combos for trophies on fighting games... or no death runs on SMB... maybe it could be better than my experience but I dont think this could be used for something really worth it in terms of trophies... I doubt someone will use it to hold a button on a 1 min plat game...
  5. It says "Grab your next favorite game! Buy one of these select games from Playstation store". I would say it is digital only...
  6. I played 2 online matches of SFV, dont know if that is enough... Nothing unlocked yet
  7. Our usual spanish site did their respective article of "Stroke the Parrot", they never did any other articles about this kind of games and their fast plats, so now doing one article for each game is obviously paid content or they are behind this. Looking in the PSN Store, next game is "Stroke the Rabbit" (Oct 4th) and then "Stroke the Fish" (Oct 7th)... One game every three days... Hope they break the PSN Store soon...
  8. They didn't had Animal Letter, Stroke Animals and Jumping Food games yet, when we were happy and we didn't know it.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to answer me, good info there. Will give it some time and come back to it in some months, maybe can see it with other light, other dungeon crawlers games growth on me faster, maybe this one could take more time.
  10. I started this game some weeks ago on my alt account as something "light" to play when I had some free time, since I had played some dungeon crawlers like "Demon Gaze", "Dungeon Tavelers 2" or "Ray Gigant" and I like RPGs I was sure this would be a good option for me... But I have found this game so ANNOYING, and I'm not talking about the story, I'm talking about the gameplay, for sure some of the things that I didnt like are my fault, but some others looks like just annoying things to make the game look more complicated... 1. The MC and girls mechanics... In just the first dungeon and the start of the second you get a lot of mechanics and explanations at the same time that I couldnt keep up with all that, and to be honest some of them looked useless, the MC at the beginning just can protect the girls later he gets some abilities like making blood or purge the girls... In all the time that I played I didnt had to use any of that, so I didnt knew what to do with the MC besides being a lunching bag protecting the girls... Then you have the girls, that massacre mode, the skelter, the blood splatters... At the beginning I tried to find the vulnerabilities to make the splatters rise faster but then they get unleashed on stupid moments, it was difficult to control them, later I just was killing everyone with basic attacks... then you had that annoying thing with the blood items to evolve everything, even your skills, weapons, gear... It was better to waste your blood items evolving a weapon or just wait to get a better one? I didnt knew... 2. The sidequests... Usually you get sidequets that you can do in the part of the story that you are, but here you get sidequests for items that you saw once and never got them again even repeating the same floor over and over (one item I had to get from the annoying vendor because it didnt drop again), so probably those sidequest can be done easily later... But then why thye are available from the beginning I had a lot of sidequests that I didnt even knew what to do with them... 3. The jail... I will forget about the nightmares besides being an annoying element to make exploration annoying, that damn place has three states, hunger was easy to increase, but the lusty one only can increase with the hearts that you foun in the map? And how the hell did you increase the sleep one? And that mature thing about the jail that makes it open some new areas... 4. The Map... Well, this was the deal breaker for me, in first place, the indicators are so poor, when you found stairs in one floor you can jump one, two, three floors without knowing, the map doesnt show where each stair leads, so you dont know if you already got an stair or if you will go to the next floor or three floors above... And the worst of all is that you dont go to the same location an stair is in the next floor, so you cant even try to know where you are just trying to overlap floors in the map, and dont make me talk about the teleporters.... In conclusion, I really wanted to like this game but I found it so chaotic, maybe I should give it some time? Should I skip some mechanics and just follow the basic ones (main attacks with the girls, ignore the MC) and I will be fine? It's better to not explore and just going with the main path, enjoy the story and will be enough to get the plat? Thanks!
  11. Now the only thing that interest me on this games is to see the next animal to stroke or food to jump... I'm not kidding, I really want to see how many animals/food will they add... If they make a final game Stroking all the animals in the saga or jumping all the food in their saga will be a better crossover that Avengers.
  12. We try to have some discussion and fun with this threads, people say that there is always the SAME people complaining, but there is always the SAME people getting offended, the SAME people victimizing and derailing the thread, and then the mods have all the motives to say "We leave this go but problems started so closed...", why instead of getting offended by this threads you guys don't go and pop 60 platinums and leave us complain about the same over and over?
  13. You need to register to participate (like in the previous rewards programs) or this is automatic once it launched?