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  1. They will kick Play-Asia from the chat, they are leaking everything
  2. Hope they wont add more DLC trophies, got bored doing all the Colosseum part.
  3. Thought this was a Finding Nemo game, even the title font is similar...
  4. This trophies are very doable just with text chat on discord, my boosting group of randoms from a PSNP session got them all at first try without headsets, you just need good planning before doing the session. I just comment this because I don't like when people on sessions start making headsets mandatory when it isn't really needed, this makes things harder for people that aren't native english speakers and aren't good with hearing or speaking (like me) but can write decently.
  5. Don't remember very well but have you tried doing an uppercut and then pressing the interaction button? You see it glowing in the video after the uppercut.
  6. Great work, a lot of useful info there. Don't know if this should be part of your list but "BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend" has a JP stack that seems to be Digital only, will link the trophy lists...
  7. Thought that this game was a baseball game with otters.... Was getting interested... 😐.... Evansville Otters came to mind... Well, trophy thoughts? Looks like another easy one... Not eleven golds? I like more this distribution of 3G 11S 30B
  8. Enjoyed the showcase, will be looking forward to: KOTOR Remake Project Eve Wolverine SpiderMan 2 Forspoken God of War 2 Still think that this was a pretty bad moment to announce the U4/LL release on PC but oh well... Ngl, I really was waiting for a MG announcement 😞
  9. Hi! Good day, I wanted to know if it is possible to download your trophy log and trophy advisor as some sort of table or spreadsheet to mess with data on excel or similar? Thanks!
  10. Having problems with the activation thing too every time I want to play a game. It doesnt take too much time but it's annoying
  11. I hate Parace I hate KOF XIII Trials I hate Survival crap And I hate this...
  12. But what happens when people is happy arguing about whos virtual trophies are more impressive? Not talking of you but some people on this threads just like to post to look like the cool kids that doesnt involve in petty discussions... But here they are...
  13. 1/10 is now reserved for a new Elite of games