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  1. Date, price and hopefully a new game announcement...
  2. The three games rule was meant for games with hacked MP lobbies or games with glitchy trophies, because as some people have said... shit happens... But using saves should be insta-ban like CFW, that shit doesn't happen without you allowing it... The solution for your problem OP is starting another profile, it sucks that you will lose years of games but you should have done that the moment you realized that you f***** your profile, the more time you wait will be harder... All cheaters that get caught will try to get it legit a second time... Who says how many times are this allowed? How many trophies? That would be so convenient for some people... Climbing in the LB now is useless if you don't play Ratalaika/VN games, lets hope someday the rarity LB gets some attention...
  3. Really looking forward to this game... Looks so beautiful and the gameplay is very good too... Waiting to preorders to be open! Any news about the price?
  4. It's great that Ubisoft is still releasing games for the PS3...
  5. What do you guys expected? I knew this would look pretty average if it would be released on Switch too... Still I have to recognize that it is a challenge to make a game looks like a PS3 one with the development tools of this time... Nice demake...
  6. If it will be released on Switch too then it won't be anything too impresive, we already know the game, gameplay and mechanics, so the only thing that they will improve should be graphics and performance (I don't think they will do a FFVIIR... It's Ubisoft...) but releasing it towards the end of a generation and in the weaker one too.... I really doubt it will be a remake...
  7. Why do you ask if this is normal in Anime? The anime was based on the game not viceversa, so you should ask "Is this normal in Visual Novels"?
  8. It wont have a disc reader, you can buy all the old games digital too?
  9. Personally, I'm not sold for a watered down version of next gen consoles even if it will play next gen games at $299... $499 is a good competitive price for the Series X, lets hope PS5 has the same price at least...
  10. I noticed that I haven't had a match of "Rock n' Roll" in a while, but now I have a match of "Fall Ball" on all of my runs, even with 10 people it send me to a match of Fall Ball instead of the final... And sometimes with 12-14 and directly to the finals... I just hope they never take out "Slime Climb", runs with that game are a lot faster since a lot of people die there...
  11. What? Well, the maps to avoid depends of each of us, Fruit chute is very easy IMO
  12. I don't know if I am making up things here but I think I remember Nintendo doing something like that before... On the NGC era they didn't release a Zelda collection with Zelda 1, 2, OOT and MM and the only way to get it wasn't through coins on the Nintendo Club? It was another very limited collection of ports that wasn't on sale... I got it on ebay years later and not that expensive XD...
  13. #211 Marvel vs Capcom 3 #212 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PSVita) #213 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS4) #214 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS3) Finished with MvC3 saga, always wanted to play this games and totally loved it... Had to play them back to back so that I didn't forget those horrible missions 🙄
  14. I still remember when Sunshine had the best water graphics on consoles . One of my favorite games, the Gamecube was very criticized but it was one of my favorite consoles... Well, I lost touch with Nintendo after WiiU, maybe will pick a Switch in some years.... maybe...