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  1. @Nooterman Glad you found the alcove! At least our recipe totals match. I guess I just have bad luck with the ingredients bit... I just realized something. There are 10 recipes missing and there are 10 characters you help through the course of the story. Maybe if you catch them in the cafe post-game they give you a recipe? I'll test this theory after I'm hope from work and catch last night's episode of Better Call Saul. @DoctorBaofu I did notice that as well and would make it a point to talk to each of them constantly so I got many recipes and fragments this way.
  2. I've beaten the game, collected 90 recipes and collected 135 ingredients. (The maxes are 100 recipes and 160 ingredients) but the bridge at the edge of the road is still closed off. I've combed every piece of the sea and land available and squeezed it dry of everything it has to offer. What am I missing? Is anybody else stuck here or has anyone been past that bridge?
  3. Not sure. I've beaten the game and squeezed everything possible out of the areas I can access and there are a few things of note. 1) I have 90/100 recipes. 2) I have 135/160 ingredients. (Different types, not rarities so it's not really RNG) 3) I have scoured every area open to the player at the point of post game. 4) There is a bridge at the end of the road which simply says "I shouldn't wander too far for now..." Or something similar. It is the same message presented when the player attempts to access areas that are not open to them yet in early-game. This leads me to believe that there are two possibilities: 1- There is some sort of secret condition locking me out of the final area with the last 25 ingredients and 10 recipes 2- The last bridge is bugged and I cannot pass so I'm screwed
  4. Yep! There's naturally no more story, no cutscenes or anything but you're free to play on as you have been.