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  1. In the options there's an auto aim setting, by default it's set to off. Has options for default, low, high etc. Regardless of what you select it doesn't save the change so it'll probably be what's adding to the clunky feel
  2. Many thanks, great stuff!
  3. Thank you! Will try this when I get home
  4. Yup me too, done every quest apart from the point of no return and re spoken to all of them
  5. Edit. Now have the 50, thanks! But am still looking for someone to boost quickly 25 events played on a super short 1.20 race! PSN - Nemesis_1991
  6. Thank you so much! Came here looking exactly for this, my man!
  7. Messaged their facebook page and they told me to email [email protected] with proof of purchase, platform & region and they'll sort me out. Edit: Yup, super quick and got a code from them!
  8. Well aware of that... Have seen it not being installed at the time mentioned multiple times with people who can't find it in their library/download list so who knows. I'd be curious to know the circumstances for other people when it added to their library.
  9. Not free for me at all, as others stated the store is showing full price. It's not in my download list, it's also not in my game library. I'm wildly guessing its something to do with the fact I didn't have it installed when MCD came out. I own both superhot and superhot vr, both purchased at launch. Shame really
  10. Get a grip kid.
  11. Yeah a few are like this it would seem :/ Wagner port - Peekaboo didn't unlock for me either yet the in game trophy unlocked
  12. Do it online/invite only on outpost, hop in the glitchy little corner and hope you get hans at the end. I'm finding the difficulty spike from waves to end boss a little bit ridiculous and have yet to beat suicidal or hell on earth legit online with others. I'm a level 24 demolitionist and usually a high/full level team. Waves are no problem on any difficulty but then the boss comes along and shreds everyone.
  13. That is true. However, bit of an odd type of delayed pop.
  14. Just had it pop. Spent forever trying to win 5 team games, awful multiplayer. Won 5, nothing, won 8, nothing. switched to gun game over ffa to make sure i was mvp. Won 5, nothing, won 7 nothing. Placed second and it popped. Really bugged.