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  1. erm... you could always try the Farming Simulator Games?
  2. My top 3 so far: 1) Spintires: Mudrunner - great game especially multiplayer, trying to work out how to get vehicles out of mud when there stuck is funny especially when all you do is make it worse and add more vehicles, spent 4 hours on one map due to me and a friend getting stuck in a bog 2) LA Noire remastered - owned the original on xbox but never completed it, got it on ps4 and forgot how much i enjoyed the game 3) Resident Evil 6 - a lot of people hate on it as it took a different turn to what the other games bought to the table but again if you find yourself a decent co op partner its really enjoyable
  3. using R1 to go into aero position will help, i shaved half a second off my times with that but still cant get the golds, those times are ridiculous
  4. You do realise you have just admitted to hacking the trophy, it wont be long before someone reports the trophy and you will have to hide the game? meaning its pretty pointless to go on with the platinum unless you dont mind being off the leaderboards Edit: suppose i should have read the whole message, apologies
  5. The Tour De France Series, not for everyone, but have enjoyed the series so far, getting 2018 today aswell
  6. When you log in does it state you have a flag on your account? i see you joined just 1 hour ago, beleive when a new account is found that someone hasnt looked at on the site it takes a little while to update on the leaderboards.
  7. Ill take your Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Plat
  8. Hi, i know you can go back and get roscoe and friends trophy through case select, i did it myself, missed the pistol that Cole starts the game with as for the 95% Clues, not too sure as i got that through my main playthrough, someone else should be able to confirm though. hope this helps
  9. top 3 for last year 1) 7 Days to Die, absolutely loved the idea of this game, i kept going back with each update to try and create unpenetrable bases, never expected to get the platinum until the trader exploit to get the 2500 player kills. 2) Tour de France 2017, follow cycling all year round, easy plat but very enjoyable. definitely recommend to anyone that likes cycling 3) Life is Strange, very easy but oh my god the story was excellent, if you havent played it, go play it now, looking forward to the new one when i get round to it
  10. Trophies added when the details released, most 1 or 2 weeks before the game/DLC are even released
  11. I would definitely give RE5 a go, really enjoyable, easy platinum and a lot of fun co-op also RE6 different to the other RE's, more action based but again enjoyable co-op how did you find RE7, ive done about an hour on it, scared me half to death for 50 minutes of it on normal.
  12. Finish off Table Top Racing World tour, easy platinum, only 1 drift challenge that might cause a problem
  13. Ill take your Gran Turismo 5 Plat got rid of my PS3 before i started trophy hunting, plus cant do it now anyway