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  1. Hmmm maybe thats the reason why it not work. 2 of the afterlive worlds have 2 Selket Places and the other 2 have one. Dont know that there is one in the overworld too. Here was my screenshot for the Customer Support.
  2. I complete 5 Selket Places but I dont got the trophy. I'm not finished with all "?" at the map so I dont know if there is an 6th Spot. Any one had this problem too?
  3. I had the key so I have to go first. The Survivor escape automatically if you use the key
  4. Not all trophys are patched. The "Where did they go?!" still not working. I escape with the other survivors with the hatch but I dont get the trophy
  5. Ah thanks
  6. I deceide to cut off his fingers but I dont got the trophy... After Reload the game this is already happened... Still no trophy.
  7. Yep. In my opinion this is a Team Archivment. With randoms you dont have an chance to get it. You need a full Survive with friends Lobby.