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  1. Banned for leaving your storage cabinet in my driveway.
  2. Detroit Become Human
  3. Is the battle between good and evil over yet?
  4. delivered by UPS
  5. Nope Are you willing to try something new to make your life better?
  6. Does it make you feel good when the bright winter sun shines directly on your face?
  7. Then one day
  8. I usually have trouble starting any new game no matter how much I end up liking it. It’s all so overwhelming getting used to the graphics, gameplay, and understanding what will be required for the trophies. I was really inexperienced when I started playing Skyrim. Started over a number of times. Really didn’t get the hang of it until I actually platted the game a few times, by then it just got better and better.
  9. So, don’t know much about the character, but this one gets a 200/10 Might wanna hang on to this one for awhile
  10. Too many carrots and not enough hip hop?
  11. Nice 10/10. Here's a western that hits the spot in game
  12. C ya... (If you happen to hit my android I must warn you - he’ll be back)
  13. Ya mean like the easter bunny?
  14. indistinguishable from reality