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  1. I've done it twice on two different accounts as well. If my memory serves me right, I think you have to let the long credits roll until you're back in the Skylands after beating Kaos in this way (the Lair part doesn't matter), then.... wait for it... and Voila!
  2. Yeah, still Ghostbusters Do you have your cell phone set up to ring through your landline (*physical phone) too?
  3. Excitement
  4. Live and let die🎵 Sleep on it or talk about it?
  5. Was it when he was dating Lois Lane? uhmmmmm:)
  6. Show me a whale's tale.
  7. Comcast Xfinity 1gb download but only 35mbps upload lol. Got upgraded from 200mbps to 1000 for only $30 more. At the same time my landline (internet based) works better & got reduced to $10; cellphone from $75 to $15, so I'm saving money and getting the most out of what I use the most which is unlimited streaming internet. I stream music and UHD ocean waves, better than being at the ocean when it's on the big screen 😁. Plus I really enjoyed my PSNow game Brave and thinking about going back to it to finish the extremely difficult hard play through. But after hearing some of the realistic comments in this thread I do have to admit that the same game is much easier on the PC (never played it on PS3) because of aiming weirdness. Also! I played Brave before I upgraded my internet to 1000mbps. I thought it was great then, now it's got to be even better! It's good to take all these comments to heart in making your decision, but sounds like there are many variables that can will alter your experience. I downloaded FO: NV on PSNow because I'm thinking it HAS to be better than on the original PS3. If I ever get to it, I'll let you know how it went for me and if you end up playing it, hopefully you'll let us know.
  8. Can you steer clear of the Kryptonite?
  9. Dang, you'd think it was somebody's birthday the way this party is goin 😂, course we won't mention any names hahaha
  10. Was at Walmart very early this morning and this is what they're playing... and it doesn't take much to get me shaking my booty lol
  11. Will I need a x10 magnifying glass?