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  1. I like the idea of games quite a bit, BUT the simple truth is I haven’t had time for them lately. I’m having more fun exploring real life now and (actually having one) and games could be slipping away... lol.
  2. Probably a stretch, but medieval racing game.
  3. This doesn’t mean I surrender, ya know.
  4. Getting ready to mow before it gets too hot.
  5. So when is this ‘Old enough to know better’ supposed to kick in?
  6. In Fallout3, yes. Will you visit a famous cathedral and send me a picture of you in front of it?
  7. No, you can have some milk and cookies.
  8. Now that they’ve got Bethesda... Xbox, Starfield plz One leaderboard for everybody or two leaderboards for extra recognition
  9. Will it turn them into tigers?
  10. Oxygen
  11. with edgy haircuts
  12. I have my limits:).
  13. Thankfully No Have you ever been so tired that you fell asleep on your feet and crashed into a wall in your house?