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  1. Nun other lol latex or feather pillow
  2. With all that talent, shouldn’t you just ask for it?
  3. to the refrigerator
  4. Double payed work day trumps day a off every time. Would you rather spend all day goofing off and getting nothing done or working hard at something that is never finished?
  5. Yes. Have you ever hosted a formal event wearing athletic clothes?
  6. Yes. Do you get any form of stress relief besides gaming, such as exercise or sports?
  7. while still alive
  8. Gooorgeous view with practical usage somehow very close by:). your own problems or someone else's problems
  9. Doesn't that almost sound the same as being at the bottom of the totem pole?
  10. Detroit Become Human
  11. after being hypnotized
  12. No. Are your best conversations the ones you have with yourself?
  13. whoever wears them
  14. Rock'n Roll dance 🎶 inner child or inner demons?
  15. people switch avatars (nice one)