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  1. Welcome Back HQ! Actually I just lost my husband who made my gaming life possible (by doing so much irl) so I may be taking an endless break. But it's nice to see your re-ignition. Have fun on the forums!
  2. solid and stable
  3. I hear ya. And can identify with most of what you say. Can’t plat Ratchet & Clank because of the races! 😂 I say quit for now. It’s not fun at the moment. That’s what I’m doing. I’d rather do nothing right now (or clean house - if that tells you anything). Don’t push it. Happy wife = happy life. There’s nothing stopping you from coming back to it at a later date when/if it or another game sounds appealing again. Peace!
  4. Thanks you guys. What a fantastic invitation! Unfortunately, no can do. • Is very kind and has great friends!
  5. When you wrote that you had 4777 rep, didn’t you? You didn’t want to mess up your sevens? This is hilarious. I’m just the opposite. I’ll do almost anything to avoid a seven. Right now I’m getting dangerously close to a seven in fact. 😱
  6. Will Valerian put you to sleep?
  7. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. So where were we? Was somebody talking about Clem? Well, I don’t know where we’re headed in ep. 4, but I really like where we’ve been on episodes 1-3. I love Clem as ‘stepmom’. My how’s she’s grown into the kind of loving/caring parent that Lee was to her. I’ve noticed a reduction in violence this season and more drama. Besides a little more effort for hidden trophies. I can’t bear for it to be over really. Gonna hold out hope for some kind of continuance for this and WAU2. Blind hope.
  8. is a Sweetheart who listened to Johnathan
  9. for saving lives
  10. Winter storm Maya. Record breaking 7 inches of snowfall overnight. 18 inches in total. We’re ready for it here. Snowplows out and in force. Pacific Northwest, USA I like Maya Angelou's quote, “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.” Good name for this storm...
  11. Kingdom Hearts III Way of the Pirate Adventure through The Caribbean and complete the story. The most realistic, fun, and beautiful pirate adventure in a game I’ve ever had. Swimming, diving, batteship fights, crabbing ..... an ocean lover’s delight. My trophies are so few and far between, might as well savor each one. That was fun, wasn't it @Feral ?! 😂😂 Cheers!
  12. Suppose they’d have to give it to ya for free. It’s Disney - no rum. 😇
  13. Had to look. You deserved all the rep you got on that post.
  14. I ‘like’ this lol. Except, maybe people are more careful about what they say because of rep or the lack thereof. In other words, we learn from the feedback of others. Could it be that psnp is the awesome site that it is because of the way it is set up, rep points and all? I mean, it seems almost humanly impossible to have such decency in the large numbers here from people all over the world. Yet, this community continually improves itself. And it can’t just be the fear of Sly. (could it?) Here, your gaming profile reputation is at stake. So there is motivation to behave well. The result is this is a very fun place to hang out.