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  1. Wonder if I’ve still got time to register for the 24 hrs Nurburgring race.
  2. No, because seriously I'm still laughing over that! ^
  3. after that haircut
  4. Pulled this out of the Amazon prime movie: Troop Zero. If by listening to you mean dancing to ... waaaahoooo!
  5. I could fry you to a crisp.
  6. Currently all my trophies are hidden and my profile deleted. Public trophies put more pressure on me than I need right now. I don’t have a problem with anyone who does that nor do I think they’ve hacked any trophies. But if I feel like getting involved in discussions that it would be helpful to show my trophies, then I end up bringing them back out. Hopefully not any time soon and maybe not ever. Kinda tired and dizzy from going back and forth over a stupid, unimpressive profile lol!
  7. friend
  8. Are you surprised
  9. Uh hm. I know they’re not in control. Especially now. Have you ever decided to fully embrace an unpleasant situation that you can’t do anything about anyway?
  10. Skylanders $120 for the Dark edition with Kaos. Counting all the Skylander figurines from each of the six games in the series easily over $1K. Was it worth it? Well, some of the Skylanders were not as powerful as others and I could have done without them, but overall, I had a blast with this series. A person could build a life around these games, they’re so rich, justifying the cost. Especially if they were a kid...
  11. Having looked them both up, I’ll take anime Fruit smoothie or protein drink
  12. Ha ha, actually I don’t mind the silly stupid cinematics as much, even though they might be long and boring. I mean the scary, realistic cinematics where I’m out exploring the wild open world one minute and the next I’m a hunky man having a serious, mean conversation with another one who is outwitting me by a landslide, like maybe in LOU or Witcher or GOW... Reality scares me...😂
  13. Incredibly good, well thought out and demonstrated list OP, A+. (The plus being so well expressed presumably from another language origin). My bullshit list is probably exact opposite of yours. Yours being better, mine being mine alone. 1) Too difficult and not having plat achievement possible by the easiest mode for those who choose it. Oh yeah, I know all you highly skilled bad boys with excess energy on your hands need trophies to show off just how good you really are by ultra rares, But how smart are devs who can only sell to you virile geniuses?! 2) Too many cinematics. I don’t want to be told who I am or watch who I am, I wanna PLAY who I am and BE who I am w/o cue.
  14. clumsy fond farewell
  15. Always outside. So if I’m in some maze of a dungeon, or a house, or inside any building, I get like claustrophobia and have to get out before I will save again and exit. Like I never want to come back to a game and find myself trapped in a building lol.