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  1. in creative mode
  2. Do we need anything besides a pay phone and Will Ferrell going bananas in there?
  3. gorilla glue stimulant or tranquilizer
  4. after waiting indefinitely
  5. Seal
  6. @ProfBambam55 brief list huh? Wonder what the extended version looks like... I'll add: Rango, Ratchet & Clank Into the Nexus, and Skylanders
  7. Rats!
  8. You ARE? Is intrigue an emotion?
  9. to prevent lightning
  10. Non-writing hand Would you rather live in a cold climate and use heat or a hot climate and use air conditioning?
  11. Aren’t they always on the end of my bright orange lanyard which is like impossible to misplace?
  12. Yup. Would you enjoy singing a duet with the opposite sex?
  13. Sly Cooper trying
  14. Gonna have to hold on to my Switch! Sunk 3 months and 200 hours into Breath of the Wild. Can’t wait for this sequel!!!!