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  1. spiked with concrete
  2. looking for action
  3. Conner has arrived randomly in sensational mode again. rescued
  4. Banned for running an unauthorized beauty salon.
  5. Yes but I'd like to win just ONCE!
  6. Great question. The fantastic personality (especially in a man) overcomes the ‘super unattractiveness’ at first glance and makes him look like the hottest guy alive. Lol. So yeah, I’ll always go for the personality and get the looks as a bonus because of it. Would you rather be well hidden and very safe or well known and at risk?
  7. Arrested for not dealing me in.
  8. I blame you for making me switch avatars after hearing there was a snake in my boots.
  9. Wise and insightful, so I'll know how to deal with life's inevitabilities. Would you describe your experience with coffee?
  10. nice life. Being a no-one rocks! Would you rather be known for your words or your looks?
  11. oh, ballet I guess truth or dare?
  12. No. Have you ever made a mistake in a game that meant hours of backtracking for a dumb trophy?
  13. SuchANiceCreep
  14. Did you make the pie?
  15. Oh no. Did I turn the burner off before I left the house?