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  1. What about a sandcastle on the beach?
  2. How much time do you spend daydreaming about this sort of thing?
  3. make you sneeze
  4. Is that why you’re so squeaky clean all the time?
  5. I’ll try to use it to chisel away at all my faults and hopefully learn and grow. If life gives you extreme sensitivity/empathy for the suffering and pain of others?
  6. or nerf basketball
  7. War & War ......This might be my favorite part of the soundtrack, which is saying something. NieR: Automata They don’t mind if you want to skip the grind and buy extra trophies after the long story. But they accept no substitutes on one thing. You’re gonna watch those credits roll and if you die during those, you’ll have to be resuscitated until they are finally over! After about a 4 hour final boss, you better rest up for the credits! 😂 I can see why this game is hailed as being so great. I dragged my feet in the beginning, not having any cravings to play a game with scantily clad maidens at the helm... But the music was fantastic and the drama/romance was very well done and in such good taste imo. I laughed out loud at several parts too. Just Wow. The gameplay was flawless and fun enough. If this is a JRPG then it was my first. I think everybody should play this, even if you’re not into JRPGs. I really love all things android and this was no exception.
  8. Arrested for spying on tow trucks.
  9. Yes. Do you enjoy teasing people and being teased yourself?
  10. I'll be a kitten. If life gives you a mandate to spend the time you now use for gaming - on something entirely different.
  11. I can make a real mess even from left things. I can't survive pvp in any multiplayer game.
  12. Don't they give you enough the first time?
  13. skip around barefoot