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  1. When you grab something like a disc via chapter select, do you have to finish the chapter for it to stick? Or can you quit out immediately?
  2. For those of you who may have given up, see below from the developer discord today. Sounds like Dead Cells won't be my rarest plat for long! Our latest update 'Breaking Barriers' is live on PC & consoles and making Dead Cells more accessible to everyone. It's been five years since our Early Access release (yep, five freaking years!) and we realised it's about time we made sure that Dead Cells can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. TLDR - Loads of new options to improve accessibility, such as adjustable font type & size, input customisation and individual adjustment of sound effect volumes - Assist Mode including customisation of enemy health/damage, trap speed/damage and parry window. Plus options for multiple lives, auto-hit with primary weapon & full map reveal - Big reduction in cell cost of early-game weapons - 8 weapon reworks Read the full Steam post with the link below, if you prefer videos, here's a VLOG showcasing all the changes. Warning for short attention spans: it is 9 minutes long! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joDnuQaGXsg
  3. i was a little worried about this. The levels do carry but when you check the trophy progress menu all of that is reset (even though I had 3 power level 10 characters) so I reverted my save because I was worried it wouldn’t register.
  4. exactly what we did with no trophy, three attempts. Must be very inconsistent. did you (the host) get hit at any point prior to them joining the lobby? Prior poster meant that the new player obviously got no hit because they’re there for the final blow. I think the host has to be able to do it legit.
  5. Had the same thought, tried with a friend multiple times. It doesn’t. Got the trophy tonight after an hour or so of practice.
  6. Is there a point to farming kills if you have to get all endings anyway?
  7. I'm stunned we're getting trophies at all so I'm grateful - but I really hope they put more effort into the lists eventually. This is a free plat in every since of the word. It's not My Name is Mayo, but it isn't far off either.
  8. Just wanted to also confirm that it worked for the albatross for me as well.
  9. Well thanks all. Jumped the gun on this - it was the food one.
  10. given how many people seem to have it, I just seem very unlucky.
  11. It seems I’m impacted by the glitch noted in the guide for the pouch upgrades. Have them all but only showing 4/5. any known workarounds for this??
  12. Quit on this game 10 years ago over these orb issues, and now it's coming back to PSN. May finally clean up the plat all these years later.
  13. Agreed - was able to get the plat! Officially my second most rare plat, behind only Dead Cells.
  14. It's an option right in the UI when you're playing online. Approach their character in the social hub and just copy it to you. The skills are irrelevant because you'll be using the character to sink a putt that's just a few feet away. It's awesome but I slightly prefer World Invitational.
  15. Got this last night as well. Just the special characters trophy and plat!