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  1. Just got the plat yesterday. I whiffed on the Barrett date, but the Cosmo Canyon glitch made it easy to bounce back.
  2. Are the S ranks entirely based on score, or are there other factors (character selection, number of deaths, etc)?
  3. I'm in the same boat. The guides feel like they're for people who are already very familiar with the game but I haven't played through it in 20 years. A lot seems to be "When you get to Point X..." - well I don't know til I'm already there so I'm worried it'll be too late. Oh well, that's what multiple save files are for I suppose.
  4. Is this specific to one level, or all of them?
  5. Nothing on my end, but I'm only grinding away on 1BC. Wish I was on 4BC!
  6. Can you save and quit right at the start of any boss fight to just reload if you get hit?
  7. Finally getting around to this. Heard the latest update lets you roll back versions of the game making it easier.
  8. I loved the PSP and the Vita. But overall they're both commercial failures. It would be hard to try a third time, and now they'd be trying to compete with the Switch. It would be a wasted effort. I'd rather all of that time, money and resources go into making the PS5 and its games better.
  9. I made a lot of progress today and I think it's a case of the early game being way more rough than the late game. Now that I have 6 vials and all weapons, it has been pretty smooth sailing. I'm still having a pretty good time though.
  10. I wouldn't call it hard, but the 2/10 on the Powerpyx guide is way underselling it, currently struggling with the boss that has two flying demons on the shifting platform. However most of the games difficulty is artificial. It's very much of its time, and they did nothing to improve the truly awful controls and camera. The mechanics in this game consistently work against you, not for you. I'm always fighting the game itself as much as I am the enemies.
  11. That's............what I just said. I was agreeing with you. Awkwardly irritable for someone with that username and avatar. Relax.
  12. That's true, but there are games that show over a million game owners too. Maybe there just aren't as many ACTIVE users on the site anymore as someone pointed out. But damn that's a HUGE drop off if that's the case.
  13. More of a question than an issue - but can anyone say how the total game owners calculates? Has this changed in recent years? Total game owners for games seems very low so I'm not sure what the trigger is to add as a game owner. Noticed for a while, but really odd to see the new Modern Warfare with "only" ~8900 game owners. BL3 was oddly low too. Only using them as a reference point since there are obviously millions of players. Thanks for any info and sorry if this has been asked!
  14. A lot of feedback is that the game is incredibly easy, almost to a fault, on normal. Many putting it to hard just to have a normal difficulty feel. Shouldn't be too bad.
  15. Been really wanting to play this - excited to see it listed for PS4. Anyone already play this on another platform? Can't tell if these trophies are as simple as they seem, but I'm assuming not. Anyone have any insight?