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  1. I'm looking for to get a lifetime premium, however I'm not being able to pay using BTC This is the error I get:
  2. how can I pay for premium with bitcoin?
  3. Maybe that's it... At this moment I can play like 4 hours per day max, because I have to work, but I guess if I get more free time I'll probably play 8 hours per day. Thanks for the reply! Yeah... I wish I have more free time to play 😕
  4. This game is huge! I'm looking at the 100% club at this game and a lot of players are getting the platinum is just one week. 😱 How is that possible? I mean, even if someone play this game 10h per day, thats 70 hours in one week and I think this game is at least 100 hours to platinum... I'm just curious, because maybe they are doing some different than the rest of the world, mere mortals 😁
  5. I know this is an old topic, but I've just gotten the platinum. For me the hardest time trial plat was Rock Blocked, Nitro Processing and Toxic Tunnels.
  6. Probably it'll be very good for new players... For old players it did not change much
  7. Thank you, @NathanielJohn! What a incredible job! Currently I'm at level 285... Try to climb my way to the 300s
  8. I've just started the NG+ on Death March and I'm finding really tough at the beginning, specially because your equipment you be like shit :/ I hope it gets easier late in the game.