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  1. How big is the update if you don't mind me asking
  2. Hey i saw your comment on SAO FB. I have written down the requirements for you hope that helps :)

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Omg thank you so much, it surely clear things up for me. Sometimes I'm just so stupid I need to be hand held all the way thru. 😅

  3. No. Its a decade old at this point.
  4. Mine doesn't sync trophies, cant access the store or my profile. Im getting the NW-2304-9 error
  5. I have a couple of problems myself. Firstly my Vita trophies don't sync and gives me an error. I can't see mine or my friends avatars on the PS4. I was also playing a game this morning which kept giving me the blue screen. PlayStation is a mess at the moment.
  6. In all honesty it depends on the game. If its a very story based or dialogue heavy game i don't focus on the trophies and play through the game first. Then i come back to the trophies after the story. It would be fun if earning trophies in a game would also give you a reward in game. That would really enhance the experience.
  7. Its a nice idea and i would like to see it implemented but their is a gaping hole in this proposition. How would you account for the rise and fall of the trophy rarity. If for example a trophy with a 5% rarity were to rise to 10%. How would people who have already earned that trophy be compensated. Or perhaps the amount of points you get for the trophy remain the same?
  8. Yup do the rest of the trophies then reset your game and get this skill for whichever trophy you have left. I think you can get this skill very early on.
  9. No. Looks a bit old for my tastes. Great Pretender?
  10. Apparently this is a glitch/bug that other people experience as well. Here's a Reddit post with the same problem: No solution yet. Try to backup your save data to cloud delete the save and download it back. Restore licenses. Reinstall the game. Here's another right from Ubisoft's forums: Apparently they never bothered fixing it so your best bet is the solutions i provided above or if all else fails you have to start a new game.
  11. Not completely sure why you cant get the skill. I got the game a long time ago and platted it so i don't really remember. Have you completed the main story? Perhaps you're missing a side mission where you can obtain this specific skill. I know for a fact that its not unobtainable.
  12. Nothing really catches my eye for now.
  13. PSPrices is the best. It shows games on sale from different regions and you can add an account so that whenever games go on sale you get notified immediately.
  14. You have to come first in the race and your friend also has to complete the race. If he doesn't complete the race it won't pop.
  15. Well maybe thats a PS5 problem. I did it on PS4