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  1. @Erkawest It's easier if you have the DLC Dissonance of The Nexus. Just do the same dungeon over again. It gives you decent proficiency even on normal. I managed to max out SMGs, Shotguns and Handguns in that one dungeon. If you don't own the DLC just run through the biggest dungeon killing everything. Don't travel to the Midpoints just run through the entire dungeon.
  2. Well I think it's either the cheap (no offence intended) TV or you aren't using the correct HDMI cable or port. For 4K I think it requires a high speed HDMI cable. Just search it up. The cable you are using is capped out at 1080p most likely.
  3. Nah that's not how it works. Weapon proficiency counts on a per-shot basis not how many kills you get. If you are going for all the trophies you should have enough time to max out most of them. I have completed the story and working through the DLC now. Have most of the weapons maxed except the swords, launchers and snipers. It's a bit of a grind but shouldn't take too long. Use dual wield weapons with a high fire rate and you will get there. Happy hunting.
  4. Rocket League
  5. There are many other good Japanese Visual Novels which don't have an English translation such as Plastic Memories
  6. Never heard any of these and never played any of these. Except Hitman of course.
  7. It all depends on the Rarity of the trophies. Ultra Rare Bronze in my opinion are better than common Gold trophies you get from Ratalaika. Also easy platinums don't really make a good impression on other people. Its not about your level or how many trophies you have. Its about the amount of effort and persistence you showed while earning rare trophies that you can be proud of and show off to other people.
  8. My favorite NFS games were back in the days of Underground 2 and Carbon. Those were the times.
  9. From 15 to 270
  10. Don't know where you live or how good your ISP is but a 20Mbps should be a decent enough speed for your needs. It's cost effective but the only downside is that you may have a limit to how much you can use, so you may need to use sparingly.
  11. I personally like the KF2 cover
  12. Well, mainly Visual Novel creators
  13. SAO Hollow Fragment. Not hard just insane requirements and way too long in terms of time to plat
  14. So i'm going for the True Ending and have everyone to Level 4 75% affection. I just need to clear the green bubbles but they seem to be glitched. In the trophy guide it says to reload the map and pick different responses but no matter what i do i can't seem to make the green bubbles disappear. (I have the home upgrade quest completed for anyone wondering). Anyone has any advice? Managed to fix it by going on multiple dates with the same girl
  15. I'm watching Kiznaiver. Really enjoyable. It's about a group of school kids connected by a wound. They must expose the reality of each other. Overall 7/10