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  1. Well thats a bummer but you can do the online trophies with bots anyways so its not a big deal.
  2. I w I would go for Ni no Kuni
  3. Likes open world and motorsport games
  4. I second this. It would make browsing games easier.
  5. Modern Warfare Remastered. Easiest COD platinum.
  6. Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Very long and tedious game. Took me 100 hours total. DLC's alone are like 50 hours. At least it was a fun game. WatchDogs Fun game but there is a trophy where you have to obtain every single song in the game. By far the most annoying and time consuming trophy. Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness Its a pretty standard visual novel, easy right? Wrong. The mini game is insane and requires the patience of a monk. Some of them are extremely hard and you have to get around 600,000 points which is impossible so you have to use the save exploit. Even with the exploit its insanity.
  7. Use Noelle. Keep your distance. Use your allies as bait so the enemies won't attack you. Use your shield attack and heal as often as you can. Don't try to depend on your teammates they won't help you. Try to focus on the objective and kill enemies trying to kill you. Took me around an hour. If I can do it you can too.
  8. Its a pain in the ass. The AI are extremely aggressive and hard hitting and your friendlies have brains the size of peas. The best bet you have is to use Noelle as she can heal and her attacks are decently strong. Haven't played this game in a while so I'm just saying from memory. Happy hunting.
  9. @Erkawest It's easier if you have the DLC Dissonance of The Nexus. Just do the same dungeon over again. It gives you decent proficiency even on normal. I managed to max out SMGs, Shotguns and Handguns in that one dungeon. If you don't own the DLC just run through the biggest dungeon killing everything. Don't travel to the Midpoints just run through the entire dungeon.
  10. Well I think it's either the cheap (no offence intended) TV or you aren't using the correct HDMI cable or port. For 4K I think it requires a high speed HDMI cable. Just search it up. The cable you are using is capped out at 1080p most likely.
  11. Nah that's not how it works. Weapon proficiency counts on a per-shot basis not how many kills you get. If you are going for all the trophies you should have enough time to max out most of them. I have completed the story and working through the DLC now. Have most of the weapons maxed except the swords, launchers and snipers. It's a bit of a grind but shouldn't take too long. Use dual wield weapons with a high fire rate and you will get there. Happy hunting.
  12. There are many other good Japanese Visual Novels which don't have an English translation such as Plastic Memories
  13. Never heard any of these and never played any of these. Except Hitman of course.