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  1. Platinum #450
  2. Guide is already finished and awaiting mod review. It's not hard just tedious and kinda unknown.
  3. There are 2 online trophies and that's it. The game is very long and boring if you're going for the plat. It will take around 80-100 hours approx. I'm working on a guide so it should help if you are planning on getting the game.
  4. I played this game ages ago and it was terrible. There were many errors that would cause the game to blue screen in the middle of a level. Now the game doesn't even start due to how unoptimized it is.
  5. Platinum #400
  6. I personally did not have any issues popping the trophy. I did all the maps on the last chapter with randoms online. I also did not play the maps in any specific order. It still popped pre patch.
  7. Fumetsu no Anata e (To Your Eternity) This anime has the potential to be anime of the year. Its premise is quite unique and it executes it perfectly. The first time you watch it you know its something special and quite honestly its phenomenal. Its about an immortal "being" which can take the shape of those who have a life force and or strong emotions. This being then sets off on a never ending journey in search of new experiences, people and places. So far 10/10.
  8. They had us in the first half not gonna lie.
  9. How big is the update if you don't mind me asking
  10. Hey i saw your comment on SAO FB. I have written down the requirements for you hope that helps :)

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Omg thank you so much, it surely clear things up for me. Sometimes I'm just so stupid I need to be hand held all the way thru. 😅

  11. No. Its a decade old at this point.
  12. Mine doesn't sync trophies, cant access the store or my profile. Im getting the NW-2304-9 error
  13. I have a couple of problems myself. Firstly my Vita trophies don't sync and gives me an error. I can't see mine or my friends avatars on the PS4. I was also playing a game this morning which kept giving me the blue screen. PlayStation is a mess at the moment.
  14. In all honesty it depends on the game. If its a very story based or dialogue heavy game i don't focus on the trophies and play through the game first. Then i come back to the trophies after the story. It would be fun if earning trophies in a game would also give you a reward in game. That would really enhance the experience.
  15. Its a nice idea and i would like to see it implemented but their is a gaping hole in this proposition. How would you account for the rise and fall of the trophy rarity. If for example a trophy with a 5% rarity were to rise to 10%. How would people who have already earned that trophy be compensated. Or perhaps the amount of points you get for the trophy remain the same?