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  1. 5 crowns to go - both black diablos, and large kirin, vaal, and kushala. Come on psnprofiles complaining gods grant me these crowns!
  2. Friendly reminder to also check out non-target monsters if you’re able. Had a bazelgeuse 2 faint/30min/3 repetition investigation, got both a large bazelgeuse and a small odogoron from it
  3. Save scummed both Teostra, got a small Nerg without really trying but that’s about it. Teostra was a 2 silver 1 gold, 3 repetitions 30 minutes for the curious. Probably ran it about a dozen times before getting both crowns.
  4. I’ve gotten 2 gold small crowns tonight after reading some of the messages posted in this thread about investigations with 3 attempts having higher chances, bringing me to a total of 3 gold crowns after about 100 hours
  5. If you don't enjoy the minigames you can AFK this with the right tools. I posted the method on playstationtrophies but basically if you use remote play on the computer and an auto key presser, you can mimic a turbo controller. Go to the mini game vendor at port zekson and have the auto key presser spam the enter key, and you'll be in a loop of starting chamballoon 2, completing it and getting coins, and starting the challenge again. Some might say it takes the fun out of it but if the grind seems tedious, it's an option.
  6. Just to expand on it I found a second Crystal Skull on Floor 12, and an Emperor's Amulet on Floor 11, so for anyone looking for those higher level treasure demons the last few floors of Path of Sheriruth seem to be the best way to do it. Treasure Traps will help but aren't required - I've found 3 so far without using one
  7. I've been playing on Safe and I encountered Crystal Skull on the 13th floor of Path of Sheriruth, so difficulty isn't going to stop you from that encounter. I'm trying to get Hope's Diamond now, I don't have a Treasure Trap and it's the last day that I can be in Mementos so I can't make one. I'll update if I find something
  8. Thanks for this - I didn't know that Akechi was only available for that one part of the story. I'm up to the 'take the treasure' part for that now and I'm trying to get a few more lines in the palace before I finish it. Found an encounter of 2 Kushinadas and 2 Queen Mabs, and it looks like they can burn, shock, and freeze, plus Kushinada reflects blessing so you can have Akechi use blessing moves on it so that he doesn't kill anything. There's also an enemy that can inflict confusion but I wouldn't recommend using that for lines [I've probably thrown away at least 500k in confusion] Editing to build on it - looks like you can get effects from attacks [like shock, burning, and freeze] while you're blocking, I guess because you still take damage the attack is successful. Bring a persona with Stagnant Air - lets you use an attack so you're not blocking and it increases the chances of you being affected by an ailment. Valkyries have Mind Slice which causes confusion, so that's what you want to watch out for. Kumbhanda has Wage War which inflicts Rage on everyone, but if everyone's raged then you won't get any dialogue since you'll never have a turn. So if you're fighting them at least have one person block [ideally everyone but Akechi to maximise the chance of that line appearing]. So there's still plenty of options in that palace without resorting to mementos
  9. Make sure that your time is under 3 hours if you're going for both trophies, I just finished my speedrun at 3 hours 20 minutes, and I only got the 100% trophy
  10. Generally speaking I don't pre-order games [i want to see how big the file is before I decide on digital v physical, and that information doesn't come out until the game's almost out] but I think I might pre-order Persona 5..that steelbook looks pretty awesome