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  1. I would delete a single game since it’s unobtainable, but I would never delete anything that can still be obtained. I think it should definitely be possible. However, if it was allowed, I think should be capped at around 3 trophy lists to prevent hacking deletions as well as people deleting everything that’s not 100%. If capped at 3 games lifetime it would also largely preserve the rarity stats. It should also require 2-step verification.
  2. I explained the logic for it. I think many trophy hunters have some level of OCD and a completionist mentality. I highly doubt people will just start deleting 30 games off their list. If it’d make people feel better Sony could limit it to something like 3 lists lifetime to delete. However, I do think with all the server closures making it impossible to complete a game it’s a reasonable request.
  3. Can you explain this one? I honestly don’t understand it. Trophies simply reflect accomplishments in your games. How does deleting a games trophy list from your profile defeat the purpose of trophies in any way? It’d be like deleting your saved game file on a game you had previously beaten...does that destroy the point of gaming or save files? My personal example is NBA 2K15. The servers went down after 1.5 years and the majority of the trophies are online. How would deleting the BS trophies I obtained in a 1 hour play session defeat the purpose of trophies? I’m just trying to understand the logic.
  4. From most ubiquitous to most controversial: 1.) Trophy Progress Tracking -This one seems pretty universally agreed upon 2.) Hours Played Log -See above 3.) Trophy Sorting -See above 4.) Ability to Delete Trophy Lists -I’ve seen some people against this, but I think it’s very reasonable. With ever-increasing unobtainables and glitched trophies I think it’d take a bit of stress off the hardcore completionists. Sony has 2-step available and could require this in order to delete a trophy list. 5.) No More Separate Trophy Lists -A game should not have a separate trophy list for PS3, PS4, PS5, vita, NA, EU, HK, JP. The exception would be true remasters obviously. 6.) Return to Some Level of Platinum Quality Control -And that brings me to my last, and probably most controversial request. I DO NOT believe every game should have a platinum. Clearly, many EZPZs have already slipped through the cracks, but it doesn’t mean it needs to continue. Returning to the mindset that platinums should take effort and for Sony to maintain some higher level of quality control would be the best thing long-term for the trophy hobby IMHO.
  5. I gotcha. It wasn’t my personal experience so that’s why I wasn’t sure. We lost 3, long, drawn out wars in a row and it never really felt easier. We just won the 4th but that was after 34 days. But it’s good to know that arrowhead actually confirmed the wars get easier after losses.
  6. I have to say though, it seems as with most things with this games campaign mechanics, it's all speculation. There isn't really any proof that the campaigns become easier after lost wars. The community had won 70+ wars in a row and has now lost 3/5. So while it may be true that arrowhead has a campaign failsafe in place for when the population drops, I'm not 100% confident.
  7. It’s getting a little iffy with this trophy. The community had won about 80 wars in a row and is now losing more than winning. If this game is on your list, you may want to hop on now or avoid starting it.
  8. https://lbp.me/v/q5b3j-q/activity Just starting this journey as well. Would hugely appreciate as many level hearts, creator hearts, and plays as I can get. Will obviously heart and play back as well! Thanks!
  9. PSN: kal2210 Level name: Covid-19 https://lbp.me/v/q586hgt/activity Looking for the 50 plays trophy and will happily return the favor!
  10. I’d be interested in boosting this game as well.
  11. I guess I don’t expect to necessarily break into the top 1000. I still think that a new leaderboard like this will help combat the EZPZ/stack issue for a lot of players at least to some extent. And you can still track yourself on a leaderboard that you trust more. The difference between being 30k on a leaderboard and like 10k is definitely possible so to me it’s worthwhile. I strongly disagree that <1% of the site would be interested in this. You’ve seen the monthly “rata-EZPZ” complaint threads that go on for 30 pages say that “trophies aren’t worth anything anymore”. This would be a strategy to have those voices be heard while still mostly maintaining status quo.
  12. I don’t understand this argument at all. I feel like this assumes that people only care about the absolute top of the leaderboard? The leaderboard is a nice way to track your progress for the middle of the pack as well, which this would likely impact quite a bit. Not sure why the focus on the top 10 who play most games in existence.
  13. Well it solves the problem of EZPZs and worthless stacks which I think is what a lot of people would prefer removed. It also gives a weighted bonus for rarer trophies. To me, there’s no perfect leaderboard, but this would serve its purpose well. And, if after removing ALL those games, the leaderboard is relatively unchanged (which it won’t be), then at least people won’t have an excuse anymore. You can check the leaderboard with all trash games removed and your proudest trophies emphasized so no one can complain about how useless the leaderboard is because of Ratalaika 6 stacks. I think it would be a great additional leaderboard.
  14. I don’t think the goal is to take away trophies from people. An uncommon trophy should give points, just less than something rarer. It’s fine that quantity has some impact. Most uncommon plats can’t be done in under an hour. This would at least get rid of all ultra EZPZs and EZ stacks which is the primary hope for a lot of people I think. The goal for those common plat games would be for them to not count at all because the primary reason many people play them are for easy, quick trophies.
  15. Personally, I think either a <.5% or a <1% cutoff would definitely improve the formula. Extraordinarily few trophies are <.1% anyway. The only other thing I think would improve Beyond’s formula, though again would complicate it, would be making platinums add some type of additional value (obviously common plats still worth nothing).