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  1. Wow, that’s messed up. Print it directly on the packaging and then just completely ignore your duty to your customer. Such a shame.
  2. @Chettlar any updates you’ve heard? They closed my BBB case because insomniac never responded.
  3. Supposed to be within 5 days. I actually got an email from BBB letting me know they still hadn’t received a response and will leave it open.
  4. Where was he? McFarlanes Ranch?
  5. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything back this time.
  6. Yeah, if only Activision would respond to “Big Leagues” issues. But I agree, there is precedent for this with other petitions having succeeded. When people are over the top rude or become threatening, it obviously hurts the cause. Respectful, but firm and well-reasoned is the way to go IMHO.
  7. Agreed. I don’t think that’s productive. That’s why I’m always a fan of the BBB for policy issues even though so many complain that they have no power. I don’t want to be threatening to the company. I just want to have a rational conversation where my complaint is viewed, escalated appropriately and actually responded to.
  8. If only they brought those PvZ 2 modes back…
  9. BBB does take replies. You can “reject” the response and provide the reason why you are rejecting it, which I did. I copied the response that insomniac provided to @akdkiller in my response.
  10. As an update, this is the response I received re: BBB complaint about the Fuse servers going down without notice. “Hello, In this case the responsibility lies with Insomniac, as they retained ownership of the maintenance of online servers. EA was only the publisher. Any sunset messaging would come from Insomniac rather than EA. Kind Regards, Electronic Arts EA Help” I guess I’ll also submit one for insomniac with this pasted in the complaint.
  11. I think that businesses are still more responsive to multiple BBB complaints than they are to random forum complaints.
  12. Bought from Walmart online on 5/29 after checking my email confirmation. Received a canned response from EA via BBB as now updated above, which basically just said “we’re looking into it”. My complaint is with EA, not Walmart. The point of my post was essentially a “bump”. BBB tracks North American companies regarding their reputation. They don’t ever give out refunds themselves. They contact the company for consumers when a complaint is filed and, if too many unresolved complaints, will give these businesses lower scores.
  13. I received a BS response from BBB and hope they follow up again. I bought the game the day before it went down (after looking up when it shut down, purchased 05/29) and was reassured by the promise of one months notice. Seems pretty messed up on their part to not honor what’s directly printed on their packaging.
  14. They’re likely still weighing cost vs benefit of turning them back on. I filed a complaint with BBB because I purchased the game literally 3 days before it went down without warning even though the packaging clearly stated 30 days of notice. I’m still just waiting. Until they officially acknowledge it, there’s hope of them doing the right thing.
  15. You do realize this already happens right…?