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  1. I don’t understand your comment at all tbh. This is just another option to track for those with different interests.
  2. any word on when this will be back up?
  3. I would enjoy votes, particularly regarding estimated time. I don't care quite as much about difficulty though i still think that's a reasonable vote as well. I still go check the other site before I start every game to get an estimated time. I find the average guidewriter's estimate to way off a lot of the time, typically an underestimate. The voted estimates have definitely helped me get a more realistic idea of what I'm getting into from my personal experience.
  4. As frustrating as this game can be, I’m finding the rarity pretty surprising. I’m finding it significantly harder than [email protected], which I honestly didn’t struggle much with at all. Obviously, the difficulty can be overcome with persistence, but over 10% is still surprising.
  5. I assume you have to do it solo with this method correct? Are there any guides to complete this solo? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for this. Finished Missile Boy tonight and gonna start on Demon Boy in the next few days. Hopefully it’s not that much worse than Missile Boy.
  7. Going for this now. Had done the first 2 worlds (light and dark) a while ago, but doing missile boy now. Just curious as to what I have ahead. How difficult is demon boy compared to missile boy? Hell light and rapture light easier than salt dark? I already know rapture dark, girl boy and obviously impossible boy are the main hurdles but was curious about the others.
  8. A few thoughts after reading through this: 1.) MMDE put a decent amount of work in and most seem to agree it’s a solid formula. 2.) This leaderboard will NOT be perfect. It’s not supposed to be, nor can it ever be. It would still, however, be an awesome addition to the site. 3.) Some people are acting like all of those advocating for this rarity leaderboard would want the top positions (i.e. Hakoom) to change drastically. I don’t actually think that’s the case. I think this LB could actually be really cool for the mid tier players. There’s a big difference between world rank 30k and world rank 15k to some trophy hunters. 4.) It’d be strange to not count platinums IMO. 5.) With the addition of a rarity LB, is there any talk of updating profiles similar to how they were before? This would help obtain more accurate rankings, particularly between console generations.
  9. the match also doesn't count for the specific counselor if you came back as Tommy Jarvis
  10. When you say near their respect repair point, do you mean in the closest house or can they spawn anywhere? Thanks for the tips!
  11. Any tips for these 2? Do car and boat parts always spawn in the same areas on a map? Any helpful videos you guys have come across? These 2 trophies feel terrible so any helpful tips would be appreciated. Edit: In addition, can you perform multiple repairs each game and have it count towards the trophy? I’ve seen conflicting information on this.
  12. I understand not updating weekly, but why not update monthly or even every 3 months? Makes no sense to me. Has a reason ever been provided?
  13. If I plat it on NA, will it still autopop on EU without the dedicated servers?
  14. I’m actually unaware of this though, anecdotally I have noticed this between PS3 and PS4 games. What is the cause of this? Why were more gamers tracked during the PS3 era?
  15. Sorry to hear that. I haven’t heard of that glitch, but if you’re confident you’ve done them all it might be time for an uninstall.