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  1. You do realize this already happens right…?
  2. Don’t get me wrong, I agree and the lack of a substitute is why we’re all still here. But, that does mean there’s a bit of an opportunity for someone with web/programming/marketing skills to take advantage at the moment. Sly seems to have handed over reigns for things like cheater removal/mods in the past, so I don’t understand the hesitance to create an update/quality improvement team of sorts.
  3. Yeah, if the poor communication and lack up updated keeps up like this, the masses may quickly migrate somewhere else. Kind of opening themselves up to that. It’s a shame though. Hopefully something changes.
  4. Thread link?
  5. I got it to work, but it was confusing getting it setup because with the drift setting it wouldn’t allow you to change the number of laps. However, I changed the laps to 20 on the race settings, then went over to drift and it worked.
  6. How does this work? I need to actually load up drift to get any drift points…
  7. So, while not a 10/10 difficulty, this game has been quite challenging while going through it. I am fairly decent at platformers so I always knew I’d be able to get the plat, but 17.3% is…quite surprising. Is there something I’m missing?
  8. Definitely not getting my hopes up, but I know that @MMDE has a lot more contact with Sly than I do. Was curious if he had spoken to him or could shed any light.
  9. @MMDE People seem to like your formula a lot. Any chance of it being implemented? Thanks for the work. Just looking for a bit of clarity whether or not this is being seriously considered.
  10. I don’t understand your comment at all tbh. This is just another option to track for those with different interests.
  11. any word on when this will be back up?
  12. I would enjoy votes, particularly regarding estimated time. I don't care quite as much about difficulty though i still think that's a reasonable vote as well. I still go check the other site before I start every game to get an estimated time. I find the average guidewriter's estimate to way off a lot of the time, typically an underestimate. The voted estimates have definitely helped me get a more realistic idea of what I'm getting into from my personal experience.
  13. As frustrating as this game can be, I’m finding the rarity pretty surprising. I’m finding it significantly harder than [email protected], which I honestly didn’t struggle much with at all. Obviously, the difficulty can be overcome with persistence, but over 10% is still surprising.
  14. I assume you have to do it solo with this method correct? Are there any guides to complete this solo? Thanks!
  15. Thanks for this. Finished Missile Boy tonight and gonna start on Demon Boy in the next few days. Hopefully it’s not that much worse than Missile Boy.