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  1. Can also confirm it still works. Up there with the most frustrating 3 hours of my life lol
  2. I think we need both. This community could use a bit more leniency IMO. Whitelisting a single unobtainable trophy in a major series that took no skill and like an hour to complete seems like a no-brainer to me. Obviously, curbing flagrant cheating is important, but trying to build community workarounds for shitty developer practices is a bit different. It would be wonderful if Sony and developers/publishers ensured trophy quality at the very least until official server shutdowns, but that seems unlikely to ever happen. It’d also be nice if, when possible (read: a single trophy that before becoming unobtainable required minimal skill and minimal time to complete), we gave each other a bit of a break if there becomes a mildly shady way to obtain it.
  3. If “Big Leagues” was a difficult trophy that people put significant effort towards obtaining I would understand the hesitance. Given how simple it was though, I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be whitelisted if that’s the only thing unlocked. You’d have to put in significant effort to ensure that you don’t run into modders and have all trophies auto pop so it’s not really an easy way out.
  4. All the guy did was propose his idea for a topic that a portion of the community cares about. He’s not a native English speaker and said nothing out of line. Some people here are being insanely toxic towards this guy for no legitimate reason when you could have just scrolled past the post. Everyone trophy hunts differently and has different priorities with this hobby. Everyone needs to just chill.
  5. Yeah, that’s how I had to do it last year. Had to be same record for me but others claimed they matched with same number of wins
  6. Yeah, I haven’t found an NA boosting partner either. I don’t think there are that many people that even know it’s possible
  7. Yes, you can reset your fut team (or at least you could in fifa 19)
  8. Just a PSA, many people thought that division 4 qualification boosting method used last year no longer works since they got rid of the jersey screen, but it still does work. Adding in a second controller gives a notification to the other player and you can use this to match up. It seems that 4 wins and a draw gets you directly to div 4 so not too much of a hassle. Hope this helps some people out!
  9. Deleted
  10. Tried the method again but boosted 4 wins without the other side quitting out and it still put me in division 5 at 1203 SR. I lost the 5th and final game 3-1. I had two people boost wins for me after that so ultimately it was still successful but just something to keep in mind.
  11. Tried this method. Got 3 wins, played out the last 2 and was still put in division 6. Just an FYI for anyone else going for this. Definitely not guaranteed
  12. Yeah, I’m having a really difficult time as well. I think it partly has to do with everyone’s stacked teams. Those of us starting now are essentially a year behind and basic 82-84 gold cards are significant disadvantage.
  13. I still like this numerical idea better than a ribbon system. As of now, it is very difficult to get a sense of a profile based on plat count and the leaderboards are filled with stacks on stacks of ezpzs. A numerical leaderboard with a weighting formula based on rarity (and ideally took away stacks) would be a tremendous alternative for those frustrated with the current system. The standard leaderboard can go on living without any changes and people can follow whichever board they like. I know the algorithm is challenging to make, but this really does feel like the best solution. EXAMPLE NUMBERS: (cutoffs made by looking at popular AAA game percentages) >75% could give almost no points (.1x multiplier), 40-75% modest (.75x multiplier), 20-40% moderate (2x multiplier), 5-20% significant (4x multiplier), 1-5% heavy (8x multiplier), <1% jackpot (15x multiplier).
  14. I mean, its just my opinion. Why even have a site like this that tracks and ranks players if others don’t care? Some people get so crazy on this site that they report and have someone banned for one accidentally glitched trophy from a glitched lobby, but then no one sees any issue with 300 stacks of 15 sub-1-hour games? Gaming is fun regardless of trophies/achievements, but the competition made it more enjoyable for me personally. The leaderboard aspect of trophies is now just silly with constant, money-grabbing 6 stack rata-esque games everywhere. To each their own, but it’s definitely impacted my enthusiasm for trophy hunting. Glad that it hasn’t done the same for you friend.
  15. Ratalaika Games and other publishers/developers abusing Sony’s absurdly lax trophy standards are ruining trophy hunting. Platinum count means almost nothing at this point.