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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Just depressing 😒
  2. Congrats
  3. Cross breeding is the quickest method. There are 2 ways you can get the flowers you need. Assuming you need a certain silver flower, you can either: 1) mix (any) two 3-star flowers; or 2) mix another silver flower with a 1-star flower. So cross breed your 3-star flowers to have a bunch of silvers. Then start mixing your silvers to get all your golds. You can even cross breed using two of the same flower. Results are always random so keep trying.
  4. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. And they did a number of re-releases for this without trophy support. I will never get over this..
  5. Sadly there's no way of cheesing this. I'd highly recommend you watch the video in the PST guide. Certain boss fights are really hectic and some weapons are definitely more effective than others. Not sure why they rated this 6/10 difficulty. This trophy is one tough cookie. Great game though.
  6. I enjoyed this game too. Got 100% both on the vita and the ps4. I'm excited about this new stack. Looking forward to getting my hands on it! Always thought there's more than enough room to give this game a plat.
  7. I've seen a rating of 9/10 on PST but I know sometimes they factor in the time frame to this rating. Is this game really that difficult? Also, is it possible to enter all dungeons in ad hoc mode?
  8. I was just about to give it a start. I hope the daily challenges come back.
  9. Am I missing something or have the daily challenges disappeared? I can only see the weekly challenge and a bunch of weapon/armour challenges.
  10. Or they're just playing dumb. They don't want to do anything about this.
  11. Proximity could possibly an issue for matchmaking. I don't get why invites are failing though, not just to and from friends but also from my second and third ps3s in the other room. I had a very smooth run on the vita a couple of weeks ago, both with invites and matchmaking. This is a nightmare. I have tried a number of things - changing my connection type to NAT open, searching with my main account on different ps3s, invites from different alts, invites from friends in different regions, asking a friend in the US to play it for me with his US online pass - nothing seems to work. Some people are still earning the trophies though, including Friendly Competition. It doesn't make sense. I wonder if Sony is aware of the problem or whether they are even bothered. People are still purchasing this game for the purpose of earning the trophies yet the mp locks them out of the plat.
  12. Same issue on my end on the ps3. Invites fail every single time. I tried lobbying up with my alts and some friends but no luck. Also been searching endlessly in both Ranked and Quick matches but I get the same Opponents Found message before it reverts to Searching and ultimately failing. Haven't been able to connect to a single match yet. I did the vita version a couple of weeks ago and it was nowhere near as bad. Beginning to lose all hope with this. If anyone knows of a workaround it would be much appreciated.
  13. I'm having issues connecting 1v1 too. Searching endlessly to no avail. We didn't have any issues before but since last night it's a never-ending searching game.
  14. You need to finish the stages in under 30 seconds
  15. I just got my 100%. What a sweet game. I love the way they used gravity as the game's main object. Not to mention the story, the characters, the sense of humour, the dlc! Some of the challenges did try my patience like the air boat challenge in the base game and the rift plane health race in the Spy Pack. But they're all doable with high stats and some practice. I would highly recommend this game to anyone.