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  1. Does this game even have trophies? It was released in 2011, but I don't see any trophy lists for the game anywhere.!/en-us/games/cohort-chess/cid=UP4167-NPUZ00250_00-COHORTCHESS00000
  2. @Beyondthegrave07 @grifteskymfning I know about Bakugan (I played Battle Brawlers on the Wii) but I'll definitely check Ni No Kuni out. Thanks!
  3. Can you earn trophies with the demo version?
  4. What, if any, PS3 games are a lot like Pokemon? My brother loves playing Go on the phone and I thought he'd might like a PS3 version of it.
  5. Eon's Apprentice for me, though I'm sure I'll plat the first one soon
  6. Mr. Yellowhead for me
  7. FNG for Ghosts (I'm working on it!)
  8. Will the price ever go down? I suspect it will fall after Destiny 2 releases since no one will want to buy the original but they obviously want to continue selling...
  9. @JNSpradlin he has AC2 on both PS3 and PS4 as well as Syndicate
  10. I don't want to trigger anyone, but why isn't Cars 2 on the list? I mean, I understand that Hannah Montana is laughable, but Cars 2 is (somewhat) respectable. And plus, the game was based on the movie, not the other way around.
  11. Yeah, I think I got the DLC trophies before I played the main game, you don't need to play the main one first
  12. If I don't own Taken King but I'm a part of a fireteam whose leader has it, can I still play Taken King missions with them or no?
  13. Just curious, but shouldn't Watch Dogs and WD2 have their own bonus award? Some people have said that Blume is hella affiliated with Abstergo while Aiden worked with the Assassins in the past...