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  1. You have to go into Map>Pivots>Info and then a very very short "cutscene" will play, giving you the trophy.
  2. Just got AC4, my first Assassin's Creed Plat. I definitely intend on getting its DLCs soon, so I'll be back after Freedom Cry!
  3. Zoni Caretaker for me. Just finished All4One today. I plan on finishing the trilogy very soon.
  4. Is your MP stuff like Extinction and Squads saved on your console or on your PSN account?
  5. For me, I downloaded the update and when I clicked install update my screen went black. I left it on for a while before turning it off and then turning it back on. My PS3 says it's 4.84 and it could sync trophies so I guess it's good for me.
  6. Ok, I know it doesn't work on the PS3 (I tried it myself).
  7. @Skeptical69 does the glitch still work on the PS4?
  8. @ShakeNBake663, is this PP part of the leaderboard?
  9. I've only completed one - Minecraft Story Mode on the PS3.
  10. 1. An All Hail King Julien game 2. A Voltron game that has a platinum trophy and is still listed. For me, really any of the Netflix shows could have a game and I'd enjoy it greatly.
  11. If you don't mind, could you tell me the coordinates for the end gate and where you got the eyes of ender?
  12. I know this game is really old, but I'm trying to get the Peak Training trophy with a pitcher with maxed control and maxed sliders. I have three pitches: fastball, curve, and slider. The break for all 3 is nowhere near close but their control is 99. I'm stuck on the knockout training level 3 but everything else is level 5. Is it easier to get the trophy with a hitter (and do 5 events) or stay with the pitcher (and do 4 events). Should I try to get the trophy with a pitcher or upgrade my hitting stats?
  13. I think they're all offline trophies.
  14. Good question-I don't know. What I do know is that you can earn trophies and play certain games from beginning to end. You can also use your own PS3 saves. My question is, can you take the file on which trophies are saved and paste that in the PS3, then connect to PSN. Would the timestamps match when you earned it on the emulator or would they look like you used a save file (ie all messed up and in close proximity).
  15. The reason I ask is because I'd love to play games on my laptop when traveling, but I'd prefer not to get a Vita (at least for now).