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  1. @killerJAZZ420, well in that case, I can hold off playing the game
  2. @killerJAZZ420 Can I send my progress from the mobile app to the Vita or no?
  3. Can you earn trophies just by playing on the app or do you actually need a Vita for it?
  4. Change of sheets Minecraft
  5. It's Ultrarare now
  6. You're right, there are worse games (Ben 10 Omniverse 2 is actually 33, but a couple of the games you put actually have different PPs, like Transformers, Harry Potter, and Ghostbusters)
  7. Why do different regions have different trophies? I thought PS3 games were all region free.
  8. Oh, that makes sense
  9. Why are there 2 Krinkle Krushers for PS3 and like 4 for PS4? They're all about the same game, right?
  10. Oh, ok
  11. Does this game even have trophies? It was released in 2011, but I don't see any trophy lists for the game anywhere.!/en-us/games/cohort-chess/cid=UP4167-NPUZ00250_00-COHORTCHESS00000
  12. @Beyondthegrave07 @grifteskymfning I know about Bakugan (I played Battle Brawlers on the Wii) but I'll definitely check Ni No Kuni out. Thanks!
  13. Can you earn trophies with the demo version?
  14. What, if any, PS3 games are a lot like Pokemon? My brother loves playing Go on the phone and I thought he'd might like a PS3 version of it.