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  1. @Kevvik are you going to join Jem's leaderboard?
  2. Thank you! Is the Leaderboard 3.0 going to be updated as well or are you going to join @jem's leaderboard?
  3. Just curious, did you guys finish updating? I can help you guys out if you need it, but I can't do it regularly (once or twice a week max).
  4. Ex-Fireman for me; I platted Watch Dogs on the PS3.
  5. I'm pretty sure there's a map online for the royal convoys.
  6. I think that if they don't fix this, then they should at least release an update auto-popping the trophy for everyone and informing us.
  7. How do you save your progress in the game? EDIT: I know the game has save points, but where are they?
  8. I finished Wolfpack on all the maps so I unlocked hardcore difficulty. Do I get more xp by doing hardcore rather than regular? Is there a difference in difficulty or is it just 5 extra sequences?
  9. So is he good or not? The problem with the rank trophies is that it's very likely that they were hacked since it's so common online, the bounties are similar. The whitelisting system needs to be decided on quick, cause I'm starting to think this problem is going to get even worse, at least for GTA V.
  10. My trophies glitched and never popped for a bunch of story missions... would replaying those specific missions pop the trophies?
  11. I personally don't have time to or meet the requirements to host it, but what about a mixed bag for cricket games?
  12. I think Beavbeats is good. The trophies he's been flagged for are common targets by hackers. I know this because a month ago somebody put a $1,000,000 bounty on me, but I had already gotten the trophy in July. The trophy for rank 100 is also a common target.
  13. Anybody notice that the people who say a modder put the bounty on them also take advantage of the bounty even though it's against Rockstar policy?
  14. Aren't COD World at War and Black Ops II whitelisted?
  15. @killerJAZZ420, well in that case, I can hold off playing the game