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  1. Can anyone with the game and technological capability either find out its SDK or observe communication with the server to create something akin to GoneSpy?
  2. oh just saw the deadline, looks like I missed it rip
  3. Like the title says, does MP still work? I tried connecting a couple of days ago but I got stuck on the connecting screen. Twice. I had to shut my PS3 down both times and then started a different game.
  4. Limbo then Destiny FYI: to the next person in line, can you say something other than AC4? That's up next for me to beat, but I'm more interested in what game next I should plat given the likelihood of server closures and how many people still play (Destiny is off limits bc I don't have Taken King)
  5. I haven't played the game myself, but the timestamps are WAY too close to each other.
  6. MLB 11 The Show I wish I'd bought 12 instead, I was so focused on the price rather than the features
  7. I don't know if it's just me, but some games are better off having the "the" like The Last of Us while others should have it removed, like Swords of Ditto. Maybe a brain thing?
  8. Wait hold up are you agreeing with me or disagreeing?
  9. This is my 2 cents. Sound Shapes is a really weird game, at least from what I understand (I don’t own the game). If the point of the leaderboard is for overall trophies, I see nothing wrong with the auto-pop feature. But it also is there for speedrunners to compare themselves. Sound Shapes’ fastest platinums are like 7 seconds because of auto-popping. I don’t think that’s fair. That said, I think Commodore should be flagged only once, mainly on the premise that he cheated one game and got the others the same way many others have-through auto-popping. I personally would add a condition that Commodore should plat a different version of the game (if there is one) to prove that he does have the skill to plat the original (which I’m sure he does), and then he has to hide the cheated game but can keep the others. Either ways, Commodore shouldn’t have lied. He’s just making it harder on everyone involved. At the end, I respect @MMDE and the rest of the moderation team's decision in this case.
  10. My question is, can this also be done for Disney Infinity games as well? I ask this because I'm still triggered by my incomplete Disney Infinity trophy lists.
  11. Definitely some save file or CFW use. In Crash Bandicoot, you got the trophy 10 relics and then the one for 5 relics. Later, you got the trophy for 42 gems and then the trophy for 21 gems. CB2 didn't have the same problem, but both games look hella rushed. I've never played those two games, but these were my observations.
  12. @Kevvik are you going to join Jem's leaderboard?
  13. Thank you! Is the Leaderboard 3.0 going to be updated as well or are you going to join @jem's leaderboard?
  14. Just curious, did you guys finish updating? I can help you guys out if you need it, but I can't do it regularly (once or twice a week max).
  15. Ex-Fireman for me; I platted Watch Dogs on the PS3.