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  1. I too need to kill One invader to get Pure white char. After i get the ring i Will repay the kill of course. ID: wesker188
  2. As Brenden Said, abose the RAM button, to gain speed and to drift at some courners, as soon you get used to it, you Will see this Will make this Race easy even on classic it took me 1 or 2 hours of trying but as soon i discover this i did it easy, you can get 1st place in the 1st lap,just abose the RAM button with the brake, use R3 see behind and avoid the Cars to get pass you, all the Cars are Faster then yours on classic. I dont coment much here,but as someone who play the original back in 2001 and this Race almost broke my Will to finish the game,but i manage back then and i did it again. On a side note, there is a shotcut but dont use it because you car will fly and you Will loose Control of it just break a bit and continue. Well good luck to you all, its not a easy part,its the most frusting part on classic but the rest of the game its very manageble.
  3. Well i got ir, in fact i allready got it in a while, i had the trophy in the notificaciton but not on the thophy list,i had to go to the notificaciton to force it to sinc, 1st time this happen to me..
  4. Im on the same page, i did more then 300 equipaments for sure too and no trophy, im on the end game, just need this trophy and the absolute conquerer to plat, and this trophy dont unlock for nothing. On Xbox we can disassemble the same equipament 300 Times to get the achiavement, is there something diferent on the ps4?