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  1. Yeah they have a TONNNN of HP. Best is what you said, max out much of your shot and magic as can, try and get black crystal to far right, then blast away the whole time concentrating on it\! Unfortunately my jewel counter max trophy is glitched on my account, I get to 5 on arrange AND time trials all the time yet it never popped after multiple restarts and different days trying as of 11/13/2022.
  2. Years later but good to know as there isn't much on it...I'm playing it on PS4 now and its part of a region free physical disc from China I got for 35$. Check eBay for Gamepoch Super 6 in 1. Has this, only place you can find Spelunker World, Super Combo Man, Element4i, Life Goes On, and Volume. My guess is it will be a VERY expensive physical disc in future a la Aquanaut's Korean version (English lang only release both digital and physical) for the PS3.
  3. Sure, I finished watching the documentary it's 99 minutes, 1080p stereo. 9 Parts go chronologically through the formation of team early on to Super Turrican 2 and lost prototypes and beyond. Everyone but Manfred Trenz is on it (seems like he disappeared from all the guys on the scene after Turrican 2 and is isolated, just vibe I get). Also comes with a bonus longplay from World of Longplay which I did not watch. That's really the only "extra" on blu ray per se. 16 tracks of redbook goodness on CD, plus SLG gave a little extra bonus CD which only has 3 tracks of remixes on it (think was a thank you for waiting so long for these dam preorders lol). The soundtrack takes a little of best from all the Turricans. Album curated by Jan Zottmann.Then theres posters, sticker sheets, pin w logo, postcards, acrylic art, and a nice 150 plus page hardcover art book for all the Turricans and concept art etc. Compared to some of the other sorry excuse for Collector Editions I have bought in past- this one felt much more worth it to me. Hope it helps!
  4. My Strictly Limited Collectors of PS4 Turrican Anthology 1/2 came in days ago...so much better on top of few little nuggets of included extra games and trophies. The map features, real time screen size, redbook or emulated soundtrack and regular or newer studio remake music change on the fly, plus the documentary blu ray I got are all very cool. I purchased Turrican Flashback on cheap earlier this year not knowing how long SLG would take....but that is obsolete to me now and will sell on ebay. If you are a BIG Turrican fan, I'd say this is an easy must getting Anthology 1 and 2. I know post was from May, but between the physical copies shipping now and digital stores having them- I figured it was good to answer and recommend to anyone in the present on the cusp.
  5. Sorry for late response Hunting, but Im going to try that now- still dont have this trophy or others ( I kind of been caught up in Flight Sim I got over month ago). I want to try and clean up these loose ends this week, I’ll let you know if it worked!
  6. Man, lately games like Wonderboy Collection, Burly Men at Sea, Shantae Seven Sirens, and so many more PS4 trophies aren't activating for me. I have a very good, persistent internet ethernet connection w speeds over 400 mbps easy even at console and 780mbps plus on my router point...I know for SURE I did everything to activate...I even reload, retry, restart, etc. anything to get trophy to pop up. Staying on my one local NTSC PS4 Plus account without switching, and Im on a PS4 Pro console. This particular one in Yoku;s Island is annoying because I'm near platinum, I have all 5 sprinkles, tried all 16 combinations including dung ball multiple times. Went down the guide list to be ultra sure. Anyone else having this issue, trying different times on restarted game and at different points in game/save file? It drives me nuts, what's going on?
  7. Arcade Master definitely seems glitched. I didn't use rewind first time I beat, just continues....and it never popped. I tried again today, beat, and this time I DID use a save state right before final Drancon, and again after winning and entering initials, nothing. Then I reverted to save state, and even beat 2 more times for good measure. Still nothing. Others have reported this on other forums too, I contacted Bliss Brain to report, maybe I'll get a reply.