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  1. i got 39% completion now. 

    i remember when i started this in February of 2017ish it was like 17% its wild to see that its gone up this high now from that

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    2. kindajustin


      Same here, congrats to you both ^_^

    3. snakebit10


      Good job. I was around 50% when I joined and have got it to 80% now.

    4. nestamar5


      Same, although I don't remember what percentage I was when I first used the site.

  2. i think miles morales had something similar on the lowest difficulty. i really don't care too much either way honestly like ye trophies are cool but someone earning stuff with this on isn't going to affect my enjoyment of it.
  3. i'm gonna sound like an idiot but how do i start a group thing as i just need one person to surrender an unranked game in legacy of the duelist so i can get the trophy for that as then i'm set for platinum. 

    1. kindajustin


      Create a boosting session here and put the time and date like a week out to give plenty of time for someone to see it


    2. yuber1234



      If you're open with time/date, you might want to just select the latest option and then mention that it's a placeholder.

      Ah, I was a little too slow xD

    3. Gamer-Girl-Noire


      ah thanks i wasn't sure how to do it all 


      hopefully its my last resort as i have found a random online who hopefully will either drop when they can't combo off or just i beat.

      ah never mind i just won by the sheer fact they ran out of time.

      if someone does see this staus tho and you need the trophy just hit me up honestly. it would take me seconds to do and i'm always willing to help people. 

  4. #142 marvels spider-man miles morales ps4 it's honestly just more of the same as 2018 spiderman but i feel as if its new powers really help freshen it up and it feels as if it dosen't overstay its welcome. mandatory new game plus seems bad at first but honestly going from amazing difficulty the first time to the friendly neighbourhood one on new game plus with everything maxed out is so fun as you're so powerful and feel like a super hero but it also isn't overly long so it drags it can be done atleast for me in one sitting in an afternoon.
  5. gonna try god of war again. didn't click the first time i tried it so i'm glad its on ps now so i can try it out again. moving out looks pretty fun too honestly and i almost picked it up a few days back now
  6. honestly no. i just play on whatever platform has games i want and is the cheapest option to play them on the time i buy a system.
  7. i just hid some games. not cause of hacking just cause some are games i added to my list when i first got my ps4 and i know i will never go back too cause i either didn't like them or i just wanted to try everything out for the sake of it and they look at me a i feel pain especially when i know for a fact i will never touch them again

    1. SnowxSakura


      It's a shame hiding games has been so associated with suspicion that someone is a cheater, that people have to say the reason why they hid a game

    2. Hemiak


      Yeah, my kids have started a bunch of random stuff on my profile. I only hide it if it's games I already did that stack of.

  8. #138 Far cry 3 classic edition difficulty I'd say is about overall a 3.5/10 mainly as some of the later missions in the south are absolute terribly designed. it's far cry 3. it was alright for what i paid for it in the sale. some big issues though are driving is like absolutely horrendous though most my deaths came from the fact trying to turn around up a hill sent me backwards into a tree and blew me up. the guns seemigly also are all the vector in fire rate and audio if its an automatic so have fun with recoil on anything not the bushman or the ms16. trophy wise its highly simple aside from the rock throwing one as somehow the stealth ai is so bad. like i've lobbed stones on walls near them trying to get them to turn so i can stealth take downs for that bonus exp but no they won't turn at all but somehow using an rpg to blow up 3 dudes an alarm doesn't make them actually alerted to me in the sense of they open fire they just wander around while i shoot their friends in the face with a sniper on a cliff.
  9. watch dogs legion somehow is so boring it has somehow put me off even attempting to go for the platinum after beating its story. 

    1. MidnightDragon


      That sucks

    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Can't possibly be more boring than the first game, dear gawd that was a chore

    3. kindajustin


      Sorry to hear, but I can respect that. I wanted to love Watch Dogs 2 but it was honestly one of the most boring games I've played on PS4. I'm gonna pass on legion personally

  10. counting all the possible stacks i can do across the ps4 and vita needless to say i have enough easy platinum's to last me a few rainy days where i just wanna see trophies pop up 

    1. Dr_Mayus


      Then you should save some for Beyonds trophy popping day

  11. hentai vs evil is the best yet worst game i've ever played. it's gonna stick with me now as the sign sony is taking over the classic steam greenlight section. 


    brings a tear to my eye we've got em back.

  12. PLATINUM #127 Hentai vs evil it's a true masterpiece of the ages in all honestly. the story is captivating yet beautiful and it makes you cry deeply at the end. nah for real though its pretty trash i only got it cause i got more money than sense today as its my birthday and it did provide a good laugh tbh but i also find the fact the name alone is pretty funny mixed with the fact orcs are very common thing in stuff that's less "normal" stuff.
  13. i got more money. compile heart please stop putting you cool looking games on sale and then making me invested when you have the most weird does it get the sequel or no.


    i mean i'm still gonna buy dragon star it looks alright for like £12 i paid more for other games tbh

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    2. MidnightDragon


      Happy birthday!

    3. The Arizona Ranger

      The Arizona Ranger

      Happy birthday!

    4. Sumire Yoshizawa

      Sumire Yoshizawa

      Happy 23rd Birthday Noire. :)

  14. almost my birthday so time for that tradition of buying even more games i won't play for a long time and putting aside some of my money to buy awful games with easy platinum's 

    1. IntroPhenom


      And what the heck is wrong with that?

    2. Gamer-Girl-Noire


      oh nothing. i was just saying it like it just adds to the ever-growing backlist of games i'm yet to even put in the disk drive or open and i hate it at times its like i wanna get stuff done not add more

  15. #123 Maneater enjoyment 6/10 difficulty 2/10 i dunno really what to say aside from its relatively easy just feels like a few trophies make it overstay its welcome. i feel as if not going for the platinum you would have more fun as you don't have to do the same dull tasks and farm infamy.