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  1. I feel more ripped off by Sony for the times it's asked me do I confirm to the purchase when I click purchase on something I've had in the Cart waiting for it's sale
  2. It's a live service rougelite. Matches take eons to get a boss unlocked most people drop around 30 minutes in basically second boss spawn solo they're unbalanced as hell. The biomes don't really seem to change much and overlap so often it feels like you're in a loop like risk of rain but without the fun abilities or synergy of items that make rougelites fun to play. PvP even with crossplay on and trying at different hours across a day now is absolutely dead with 3 minute estimate times but going over and not finding any
  3. It's a huge grind. Like the kills aren't even the hardest part. The safes and digging is. You just got to rely so much on time gated rng in the open world to really attempt a good farm for them.
  4. God why. They're not even apart the updated content itself. I think terraspark boots have exksted for ages and queen slime I know was journeys end
  5. It's anywhere from 300-500 hours platinum. Even as someone who's gone hard and it at just shy of 80 hours I'm only at about 127 solo missions done. It's a long game especially leveling classes to promotin and especially doing missions higher than hazard 3
  6. Hazard 4 in deep rock really isn't throwing light punches at me. 


    I'd assume After leveling up a fair few classes learning attacks and playing quite a few hours of hazard 3 now I'd be ready again but nah this really needs me to build stuff correctly so it's time to enter the lab and learn breakpoints and meta game like payday 2 again. 


    Hopefully the m1000 Is as good as it looks especially in a duo 

  7. Honestly the trophies are the kind where you shouldn't focus on them tbh. As pure focus will just annoy you if you're actively going for them. Like I'm 28 hours deep and have about 50 solo missions done and most the trophies I think aside from the kicking stuff into launch bay came naturally from just genuine playtime and fun. So far those haz 3 onwards with no downs and no resupply will be most likely the breakers for alot honestly especially as I've done one haz 4 with a few friends and the jump from 3 to 4 is immense.
  8. yo i'm so glad i checked new dlc trophies list. turns out journeys end is on console now.


    sorry Witcher 3 your alright but journeys end. this has been my hype for a year now and its here. i just wish my ps4 auto updated so i wasn't days late to knowing it. time to roll a fresh character and most likely just mess around with the new ability to dupe stuff as i ain't messing around with old afk farming

  9. honestly even without the dlc trophies or not i'm just so hyped for this update. i love this game so much honestly and i'm hoping my friends jump back in with me
  10. i don't understand how the Witcher 3 patched exploits.


    i'm playing goty edition now (it was cheaper to buy it again than the dlcs even when they're on sale) they patched white orchard cows for the bovine defense force and the shell seller in novigrad but never patched the more absurd stuff like there's a farm near novigrad with like 10 or something cows that you can kill freely and the nest exploit still works to get shells. like i have that much meat and milk now i'm basically set for ever and if i ever need more just spend half hour there and i'm back up. then the nest is just afk nearly because i can stare at other stuff,

    1. kindajustin


      Honestly this made me laugh a little, thank you Noire 😂

  11. i'd say yea. it might disable fancy post processing effects but its worth it to disable input lag honestly as it makes everything feel so much smoother
  12. oh damn yes 2 levels for the price of 1. thank the lord for this bargain
  13. honestly might be because i'm a sucker for both series but this looks really fun. i was trying to go in as blind as possible but just all the art i've seen made me cave and look lol. hopefully it can be a day one pick up for me.
  14. #161 Mass effect 3 difficulty 2/10 time to platinum 35 hours but you could get it down more if you skipped alot of optional non trophy needed stuff next to the first game this is my second favourite in the series. i love how it brought back the feeling of 1 and having to fight on multiple fronts and a huge feeling of war and danger going on.
  15. i was going to return to scarlet nexus after i finished mass effect 3 but turns out hades is on ps4 now so that's kinda put that on hold as i really do wanna try this honestly

    1. Sir_Bee


      Good luck, I hope you enjoy it.  Mrs. Bee and I are enjoying it as we play through.