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  1. oh damn yes 2 levels for the price of 1. thank the lord for this bargain
  2. honestly might be because i'm a sucker for both series but this looks really fun. i was trying to go in as blind as possible but just all the art i've seen made me cave and look lol. hopefully it can be a day one pick up for me.
  3. #161 Mass effect 3 difficulty 2/10 time to platinum 35 hours but you could get it down more if you skipped alot of optional non trophy needed stuff next to the first game this is my second favourite in the series. i love how it brought back the feeling of 1 and having to fight on multiple fronts and a huge feeling of war and danger going on.
  4. i was going to return to scarlet nexus after i finished mass effect 3 but turns out hades is on ps4 now so that's kinda put that on hold as i really do wanna try this honestly

    1. Sir_Bee


      Good luck, I hope you enjoy it.  Mrs. Bee and I are enjoying it as we play through.

  5. mass effect's dlc has been weird like i've played them all now aside from leviathan and citadel and i quite enjoyed the falling sky one but anything in mass effect 2 that wasn't the teaser for 3 was just bleh. like overlord was a slog honestly i would rather they have made the me:3 teaser needed for platinum. i am glad though omega for me:3 is pretty damn good and using what i found was one of the coolest locations of me:2 that had nothing really to explore there despite how much the game hyped it up.

  6. from when i played it a few months back before i put it on the back burner it was pretty easy till around chapter 12 if you engaged with side activties because the stuff they unlock can be so absurdly broken like from the real estate game. when you hit chapter 12 though you're forced to grind otherwise the bosses and enemies just will grind you to a pulp even if you do perfect block stuff.
  7. mass effect 2 is down. time for 3 now. i am so glad through insanity isn't needed for any platinum's as the final few missions even on normal brought back those 360 days of doing insanity and that was not a good time.


    i might go back and do insanity on new game + on the trilogy later down the line just to 100% the extra list that is tied to all three games but its not my priroity yet like i don't feel like needing the micro manage my builds for everyone so everyone can be useful for once.

    1. kindajustin


      Best of luck with ME3 ^_^

  8. #160 mass effect 2 time to platinum 25 hours difficulty 2/10 a pretty fun game honestly. was nice seeing how different stuff went from 1 to 2 especially when both are fresh in my mind. i'd argue if you never played 2 much it would be a 3/10 pushing more so 27 hours as a few parts are a pain if you don't know them like horizon is a bit of a spike. there's also because some upgrades are missable you might have to reload to go back to grab it or spend more time looking for it as some are in weird places and you can't really trust shadowbroker to give you the upgrade you need for 7/7 upgrades as rng is a pain. now it's time to start 3 and finish this fight and experience dlc's i never played.
  9. they might have patched out getting 10% of the total credits to the old 360 version of the 100k of the rich achievement for me:2 but they really didn't think it through when if you choose a class that isn't just gun focused but something like adept or sentinel with those really fast cooldowns now you can do the mission super easy get a cool powerful gun and 60k if you pick up all the loot in mission counting Cerberus funding. 

  10. #159 mass effect (ps4) difficulty 2/10 time to platinum 25 hours
  11. hell ye mass effect 1 of the legendry collection done. 


    time to move onto 2 now.


    1. kindajustin


      That's some awesome progress you made!

      Congrats ^_^

  12. nah they're not. i would recommend getting a few though like beta and magic breath as they really are strong
  13. i expected nothing honestly so it was alright. looking foward to seeing more Spiderman stuff though as i really enjoyed those games.
  14. the ps1 remaster of ff7 having the cheat toggles is so much fun. i've played this game alot of the years so its so fun to play it in the really dumb broken ways they didn't intend like meteor rain every boss down.


    i'm also glad i did i get the bromance trophy first try without the guide as i just honestly know this game too well to just know how Barret wants his affection up. also G bike wasn't as terrible as i was expecting in all honestly. don't get why people warned me about this as the possible kinda issue trophy as it just i dunno felt really easy to play now compared to the ps1 version.

  15. #157 outcast second contact It was alright honestly. pretty fun janky 90s game that got remade. nothing too hard not sure on missables maybe there is i'm not too sure as i just played through it without a guide. for how offen its on sale for like £4 its worth it and its pretty rare for how easy the game is to do as most stuff is just like just look at the trophy list and do it.. time to platinum 10 hours in game i'm gonna say and about almost 12 irl cause i took a small break playing. difficulty is like 2/10