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  1. i went back to red dead 2 and i spent about 4 hours fishing.


    i think i'm breaking the economy with how much fish i sell an hour

    1. MidnightDragon


      And you're hurting the environment, too! xD

  2. oh i found the problem. for some unknown reason lego star wars tfa didn't register ottegan ground as true jedi despite having the trophy for all true jedi 

  3. oof i'm stuck at 99.8% completion. 


    i realy hope this game hasn't glitched out on me 

  4. i feel dumb. i thought lego star wars TFA glicthed one me as i'm at 95% completion but did everything and i'm missing characters. turns out pressing L/R skips sections not just a page

  5. oh god eater 3 came out. its trophy list genuinely looks sad. (i'm also sad they don't have somehow my fav members returning like you know blonde girl who i won't name as it's a kinda spoiler)

  6. dunno for like 2018 as that was a weird year for me as i mostly got given games as gifts and i can't remember what was what. this year though i've only spend about £50 on spyro reignited trilogy and shadow of the tomb raider at tesco cause for some reason a super market in a small town stocks alright games.
  7. i remember stopping playing lego TFA when i was like 17/18 cause of a flight level collectable. 


    i just booted the game up as its annoying i quit it as i somehow got it this time without trying just purely through me trying to remember how to fly the ship

    1. starcrunch061


      I had this issue with lego games back in the day as well (and still have one issue to this very day). I remember in a Star Wars lego game, I just couldn't seem to get a block during a race. But when I came back to it later, I...wondered why I couldn't get that block when I played it before. 


      And it's not like I was a kid when I played it. I was over 30, with years of gaming experience behind me. These weird things just happen sometimes. Glad you knocked it out.

    2. kingdrake2


      starting to remember, i got confused on a collectible within that area. it wasn't the blocks i was missing something else. spent a few hours trying to figure it out.

  8. i just noticed to have every nep game platinumed i have to actually play 2/RB2 and i despise that game purely for one ending that ruined a character for me. 

    1. kingdrake2


      yep i hated that ending :( not because of the game but due to what resulted.

    2. TheVader66


      I hated doing mk2 because of multiple endings and ram or rom glitching out. I hated re;brith 2 because of Stella Dungeon. I am glad I am just now marrying Noire/Black Heart in Azur Lane.



      @TheVader66They are in the game? so jelly!! Now if we can get a fighting Nep game....Theres plenty of characters for it. Would be awesome!!

  9. Platinum #43 spyro the dragon fun 10/10 difficulty 2/10 on land levels 3/10 on flight levels never played them as a kid so this was a fun time. it took me about 9 1/2 hours without using video guides as i found that would take away the fun of exploring levels on you own. i also love how the game says its 120% complete by the time you see its secret ending for getting all the gems and finishing the hidden level.
  10. stuff like my name is mayo or something i never got why everyone goes crazy for them and buys them to inflate a trophy peen. stuff like spyro or spider-man that are quite easy i don't mind if someone has them as they're genuinely fun games that just have easy lists but are games that should be played for the game with trophies being a second thought to them.
  11. i don't understand spyro flight levels. it seems as i've gone through the game they've gotten less time restrictive. where the first ones are like you have .5 seconds left to spare

  12. i love how the trophy guide says it takes 7 hours to platinum spyro but i'm at about 6:40 and only just done metal-head. i would say a good hour though as flight levels as i refuse to use guides them as the fun is working out the routes needed.

    1. kingdrake2


      the estimates may be shorter or longer depending on player skill. 

    2. LepreCon91


      Took me 12 hours to do everything.

    3. Beyondthegrave07


      That's the problem with all estimates. Some use the fastest time possible, others use the average time, others use the time it took them, and some do "worst case scenario." While others... do it by feeling. xD

  13. oh i agree it's big for the sake of being big. there's barely anything meaningful here seeing as they didn't even hide the fact most places are copy pastes of others. i would have preferred it to have just been the main regions the storyline takes you too as that was enough for an AC game but a good chunk of these places exist for padding with no real purpose behind them.
  14. love live sunshine season 1 eps 1-8 Gotta admit i honestly prefer sunshine to the original. the cast are just so much more fun. also you is best girl and poke you if you disagree.
  15. Platinum #42 Assasins creed odyssey fun 5-7/10 difficutly 3/10 time to platinum 88 hours its just overly long and defogging the whole map is cool in concept till you notice you gotta traverse sea of nothing at points. its story is alright but god damn are enemys sponges even on easy.