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  1. finally decided to start tackling my backlog kinda before Christmas and i have no idea how i got 24% in conception 2. it's the most bland game i have ever played in terms of "combat" 

  2. this is honestly a terrible idea. if I've been ill and when i returned and found out i got booted off leadrboards for something out of my control i wouldn't be too amused after putting in work to get trophies. especially seeing as this would artificially boost people up the leaderboards
  3. no. i agree with what he stands for but his whole channel is just being negative and it gets tiring fast as he repeats stuff weekly. it would be better if he actually did content that helped consumers find these pro consumer games that actually respect the players rather than just harp on about loot boxes or other crap he harps on about weekly.
  4. fallout 4. it was alright fun with ballistic overhaul
  5. you deffo cheated at this game. i have enough hours across console and pc to tell you its impossible to get 8x combo without 6x popping up. you also can't solve the puzzle before finding all of the puzzle pieces even if you know it from watching a video its also obvious you cheated sounds of animals fighting as its impossible to get that before zookeeper as to use all masks you need to find all masks as i know theres some that only appear for biker who doesn't wear masks.
  6. platinum #39 South park the fractured but whole fun 8/10 difficulty 3-4/10 time to platinum 25 hours its just south park but as a game. it's honestly quite fun if you're into the show as you get to meet everyone you love and hate
  7. bioshock as survival is hell to do. i know the ps4 version has the difficulty swap glitch but doing it legit means you have to know the game inside and out.
  8. wew i've been playing south park the fractured but whole all day. i'm glad i have a ubisoft club account as those artifacts are making me overpowered for mastermind difficulty 

    1. N3xmach-ina


      It's a funny game. Love the hulk move from Captain Diabetes.

  9. 57.42% meh i don't mind i just play video games and see if i enjoy them before committing to platinum's
  10. the trophy art is nice like past games. in terms of actual requirements they seem dull for an online game but this shows its for the bandwagon of live service games.
  11. bulletstorm feels great i just wish more of the guns where like the sniper and have some bizzare perk or effect linked to them that isn't just a charged shot

    1. N3xmach-ina


      Yeah, pretty sweet game. They could had made even more variety of weapons and perks and stuff.

  12. platinum #38 The order 1886 Honestly not that bad of a game if you can get it cheap. it might just be my love for steampunk but i found it a real fun game even though it was short. difficulty 2/10 time to platinum 8 hours across about a day
  13. wait the order 1886 is all gold and silver trophies


    i never noticed this till i looked through my screenshots lmao.

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    2. BG_painter


      It's just a "lamp under the rain" simulator 😂

    3. PooPooBlast


      ^this always gets me :lol:


    4. N3xmach-ina


      Actually really like the game. Its very polished in my opinion but the devs def should had expanded on the longetivity of the game even if its thru dlc. I think people didnt like to pay 60$ for 10-15hrs of play.

  14. it's against site rules as it gives you an unfair advantage even if you didn't intend to join a hacked lobby. just hide the game and earn a new trophy and sync up to appear back on the leader-boards if you don't have 3 flagged games.