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  1. really enjoying mafia 3 and how you can't just rush in to places but i fugged a trophy by accidentally killing one of the racket bosses by shooting a guy who had a molly. why games ai

  2. i don't like how meh the mafia 3 trophy list looks but i love games that focus around the characters in criminal drama like ways.

  3. call of duty classic as it looks like a fun trophy list
  4. this just seems petty. what they see as new and what most people see as new are two different things. they should instead of wasting time trying to file law suits on random people they should invest those resources into things that would help the company and gain more trust from the consumer.
  5. the telephone club in yakuza 0 needs to be its own game. the responses you can give are amazing.

    1. PooPooBlast


      WOOOO HAAAAA!! *picks up phone dramatically*. Mashi Mush. 


      Girl: what sport do you like?

      Kiryu: I like basement. xD


  6. resident evil 2 remake and moment i can doom eternal
  7. the entire yakuza 0 ost while i play diablo 3
  8. its like jojo fan-service meets arena brawler combat. i didn't buy it for the trophies so i cant comment on them but as an actual game it is great fun
  9. payday 2 crimewave edition as i love the game but its stealth only jobs can do one.
  10. its 1;30am i should sleep but i kinda wanna try finish as much of chapter 3 in yakuza 0 as i can

  11. Image may contain: 1 person


    now this is how you appeal to the audience. gamer girls not big tiddy kitsunes 

    1. PooPooBlast


      Just wait till you get the part where Kiryu meets a gamer girl :P


      You'll take everything back xD



      This is for the people who wants to see what I'm talking about and don't care about minor spoilers. 

      [/spoiler] DRXpYDUUMAU-A1Y.jpg


  12. yakuza 0 but i stop getting distracted by mini games when im deep into a chapter

    1. SaltyCatRemi


      I still need to finish that-

  13. go for gravity rush it is an amazing game that offers a good challenge
  14. Platinum #30 horizon zero dawn Fun 8/10 Difficulty 3/10 Time to plat about 35 hours Overall a real fun game where the trophies outside of one or two can be gotten naturally by just playing through the game and getting collectibles
  15. So I just did the save meridian main quest and even though I'm level 50 the game glitched(?) And have me enough skill points to buy the last two skills I needed.