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  1. i actually made legit progress in payday 2. i got a few more trophies like doing golden grin and scarface on death-wish. i nearly finsihed biker off i might need to just do the final trophy on overkill and drop my whole i either play mayhem of deathwish deal as the biker chick is too tanky even if i use something like akimbo crit judge's 

  2. Okay I think Crew management for payday 2 is a tad overpowered. They can carry a DW hox breakout when given lmg's and the AP ammo skill.


    I have a feeling they'll carry golden grin now. 


  3. team AI just made the biker hesit trophy in payday 2 a joke. 


    like put one to the left one on the right give them lmgs and ap ammo and boom mike ain't getting touched. 


    it's also easier than with actual players as bots have super fast reflexes and somehow know if somethings behind them and just turn and blast. 

    1. thelapsukainen


      In Payday the Heist the AI was so braindead the only reason I played with them was so that they draw fire from the enemies. I would've definitely welcomed overpowered teammates in that game, would have saved me from a lot of frustration. :lol:

    2. ihadalifeb4this


      Depends on what you have to do and on what difficulty. AI's are bullet sponges, but that doesn't cut it on high difficulty, or if you have to move fast. You will definitely need team for stuff like Full Throttle trophy from same dlc.

    3. Mikoto_railgun01


      @ihadalifeb4this full throttle is surprisingly easy tbh you just need to a dodge build like say something that dumps damage into the end biker chick the main issue I've had with it is a bad layout of the train and or cloaker or shields getting in the way which is always how my runs get ruined as I end up with just over 2 minutes. 


      Now we have crew management AI speed it up even more as you interact 75% faster and they can just destroy shields with AP ammo. 


      They can just carry death wish now. I've had them carry me through a DW hox breakout as I went infamous just to see how far I could push them. Just smack suppressed buzzsaws on them and they'll destroy anything as they don't even care what or who it is. 

  4. if anything crew management has made it harder as they ramp up spawns now as if they're real players so no longer can you cheese death-wish with a build based around pure survival like anarchist lwbv crit builds and use the AI to purely revive you as they have about 6k hp and won't die to anything not a cloaker or tazer. i dipped and got the game on pc last year and i can say be glad this update didn't have new heists as they wouldn't be dlc they would be part of the vanilla "do every job on death-wish" trophy and alot of these heists aren't fun in stealth and have way too many steps for it to be a quick do over and loud is just the diamond job rammed up to levels of you will pad your kill count to no tomorrow. especially as crew AI now ramp spawns as if you where a 4 player party so you have to carry the same stopping power as 4 people so you can't solo offline cheese the fact the spawn rate is like two cops a second.
  5. holy hell today is great. i unlock pie guy in gta vc in first half hour of starting and payday 2 has an update thats now everything we don't have. this means its gonna be alot harder to platinum due to stuff like hells island and the big final job being hell loud and the one is loud only but we got team AI so three heisters who can now carry stuff you lob at them. also they also offer bonuses. this is good.

  6. i may or may not have abused the fairy fencer f colab in rebirth 1 to level everyone i have at the end of chapter 5 to like level 120+. it is amusing though to see neptune take out stuff in one turn with a rush combo.

    1. OhDearDevilRun


      Love being OP!

  7. honestly i could never do a 100% profile as i played alot of games for like 5 minutes when i was younger now i just couldn't as some of the games i love are stupidly hard like stardew valley and fectors challenge which would ruin the love i have for the game. then there's stuff i play as i just enjoy it for the laughs like the sims 4 and i use cheats to just get millions of dollars and build entire death traps to see how long it'll take for a sim to die off.
  8. devolver. they know there audience and always seem to always publish games you didn't know you wanted or needed.
  9. fectors challenge in stardew valley i'd rather eat quatz than even try that trophy ever. soaring slash in SAO hollow realization as i have maxed out attacker and gear that boosts my attack speed so me trying to SS chain is near impossible as the moves come and go faster than you see the flash. anything from the original Neptune game on ps3 i would rather speed run the conquest ending before i return to that game. also anything in fallout 4 as i ain't playing un modded as i like my remove god rays and un needed foliage to have the game run alright in downtown and because there's a mod that starts you at the moment you wake up so no more half an hour of nothing.
  10. so i've been playing gun's gore and cannoli 2 all day on co-op.


    honestly gotta be one of the best experiences i've had its amazingly fun.



  11. i just want them to stop letting cheap ass asset flip games have platinum trophies it feels wrong when really great games that you can play couch co-op don't have them but require more effort for them.
  12. if it's on pc's its cause its on a steam sale or it's on a weeb game site that localises the greatest of the Japanese pc games like rance. if it's on ps4 mainly as i trade stuff in or buy stuff pre owned years later when it's like £5 outta cex or something. sometimes its cause sony sales where stuff is like super cheap be it a big game i wanted or something i have never heard of but seems fun
  13. depends entirely on how next gen goes as if sony keep up with the underwhelming anti-crossplay and or jack up ps+ price wise i'll probs just jump ship to pc
  14. I'm not really surprised by the reviews open world stuff is something you either love or hate as it's an over statuted market. The whole zombie apocalypse thing is also over done in all forms of media so that probably contributes to people's mixed views on the game.
  15. Persona 5. I'm a huge persona fan to the point I'll defend Tartarus if needed but persona 5 just felt like after kamoshida it feel apart. The twists they tried to throw where predictable. I knew that one person was going to be an antagonist or part the group when he overheard a certain someone talking when normal people can't. The cast are quite bland and forgettable and everything about them can be seen at face value rather than them having some underlying issues.