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  1. Dead cells a super fun 2D rogue lite game that expects you to die alot
  2. I honestly don't understand the biker heist trophys. Like protecting the mechanic just seems boring and dull. I'd rather they have done a finish the heist on deathwish which would be great as then you could actually go and secure loot from the map and bunker down safer in the clubhouse rather than the shack or god forbid the workshop. 


    Finding the secret item on day one I really like that one as it feels more like from the ps3 trophy list of the firestarter trophy of finding the picture of the overkill hockey team.  


    I dislike the train heist speed run trophy as theres a ton of loot and it would have been more fun to fight back up the train to secure it all and have that as a trophy for the minimum of overkill difficulty as then they've covered something for everyone. 

  3. now heres to hoping ultimate difficulty provides some challenge to the game now.
  4. so payday 2 dlc is on sale for between £1.59-£1.79 


    finally goat sim heist pack is worth its money for the shotgun and a mediocre heist. at-least biker is a good heist 

  5. so the pre sequel raid boss actually made the final boss fun to fight. i am glad they let me do it right after as i wanna try get as much done on normal mode as i can so when i hit tvhm at level 50 i can just grind gear for uvhm

  6. but was the account you are using now linked to the vita? if not that is cheating and i will assume your flags will remain.
  7. but using save data not associated with your account as in the one here is cheating. its using a save file to earn trophies in an order that can not be obtained.
  8. thats cheating as you're using a save off a different psn account. it doesn't matter if you own it or not.
  9. there's no original legit version on your profile. i also doubt anyone believes your story seeing as that would still be cheating as it's not a save from your profile.
  10. oof the ending fight for pre sequel was fun but kinda easy. 


    haven't touched the raid boss yet but i'm hoping claptrap's end boss is better.

    1. KingGuy420


      That last boss is the Raid Boss lol. He definitely gets tougher though.

  11. this is a good idea. a battle to the death over trophies/
  12. lord this seems like some petty childlike tit for tat thing. sure leader-boards are competitive but this is ridiculous they should have sorted this out behind closed doors.
  13. 35 heists later and i found an actual decent solo death-wish build as i know playing with pubs on anything over overkill is quite a lets say experience. i never knew the grimms would be this good though they entirely outclassed my old izhma build and i am amazed at how much work 3 of them do. granted i mostly just stun with DB rounds as dodge is nice but i also like having that perfect chance to stop damage from a group for 3 seconds and burn for 300.

  14. the build is just an akimbo dodge now we have the brothers grimms. dlc required: butchers barbecue pack optional dlc: gage spec ops pack link to the build: http://pd2tools.com/l/3f19bf3b992d17f86cfd0197938d66fc (if you lack point break heists just use the nova shank its got the same concealment as the ice pick) Playstyle the akimbo grimms are there for dealing with dozer's and cloakers. the main playstyle is stick to cover and use the secondary grimm loaded with DB rounds as a burn canon as enemy's on fire can not shoot you which for deathwsih is a blessing. if you need to repair a drill or a saw drop a first aid kit near it as aced uppers is a life saver as it prevents the down all together once every 20 seconds questions people might ask and the answers to them q: why did i ace steady grip? a: the extra stability helps keep recoil in check on both the guns q: why ace akimbo? a: because extra ammo is nice and they're a nice fallback in an assault wave where you won't be picking up ammo boxes as often q: does it work with grinder? a: depends on the job a heist like heat street it fails bad where panic room i saw success a lot but it is too situational for the perk deck of choice and i also wanted to keep it as dlc free as possible.
  15. i'm sad i don't know Japanese as i really wanna play Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On as it seems fun and i like my mecha stuff.

    plus i want the trophy art of mikoto on my trophy list

    1. LuciaRosethorn


      You could always learn.