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  1. Platinum #60 REVENANT SAGA fun 6/10 difficulty 2/10 only buy if its cheap and your buying something else. it ain't great. its fun enough for a kinda turn of the brain just watch some movies kinda game. also grind 100 rsp off the slimes at the start back up system data then buy stuff you want from the rsp shop save in a separate slot then re-download the system data back up. the game goes from wanting you to waste time on the grind to actually fun as you can oneshot bosses that are supposed to be hard.
  2. it's exclusive to the java version of minecraft.
  3. i currently use this one. i wish i could find a better video to show it off.
  4. oh i agree. this grind is terrible especially as ammo is super stingy and its not like headshots really help much on most things even at level 34 with 68% bonus damage on a gun upgraded to do more damage on headshots still can take a whole mag to drop some of armored guys even if the gun matches what they are weak too.
  5. saints row 3 and the ho boat trophy come to mind right away.
  6. Platinum #58 murdered soul suspect fun 7/10 difficulty 2.5/10 it's pretty fun figuring out who killed you and being a ghost detective. the collectables while adding background to the world can do one as some are so hidden away it's stupid. i would use a written guide so you don't miss things and so you can use it as a checklist.
  7. i can see some older live service title coming onto ps+ and some small indie title they try hype as triple A
  8. Platinum #56 lego movie 2 the video game You are Just as Special as we are Unlock all Trophies in The LEGO® Movie 2 - Videogame fun 7/10 difficulty 2/10 honestly not too much to say really. it was just a fun sandbox like game to explore and find the bricks needed
  9. Platinum #55 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Master You played the game so much, you made Neptune folks proud! fun 8/10 difficulty 2/10 i did have the dlc though and they break the early game honestly the story is stupid yet fun it feels likea sol meets battle anime tbh.
  10. censorship shouldn't happen in games unless the said content is illegal. if it's not leave it alone and let people actually decide for themselves on if they want the game as there's no point trying to please a crowd that most cases have zero interest in the game regardless of if it gets changed or not.
  11. if you're talking 3rd party cheats that aren't part the game they're crap. if you're talking about weapon cheats in say gta or the whole 99 lives in spyro cheat they're okay to exist and can make playing a game again fun by being able to do more stupid things.
  12. at the moment it's probs gonna be days gone purely as i'm really enjoying it and alot of things seem to be tied to just clear x storyline which i'm already doing due to the fact they offer rewards.
  13. gearbox left in the t-bone junction exp run in the remaster. i am amazed they didn't nuke the exp of these quests as you gain a few levels doing the first 3 if you just run like no one has. 

  14. honestly it doesn't look too bad. i'm just not a fan of it being always online as if the servers go down you can't play it.
  15. so i beat infamous second son on expert mode first run. i was hoping this would unlock cool stuff for other playtrhoughs like maybe carry over the power he wants all game. that would have been alot more fun as expert mode was just dash around and keep pumping damage into sponges and the last boss was a massive sponge with no real idea like the other fights had.