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  1. this feels like they made this up to drum up controversy as the right wing gamer chud bros on twitter love to atleast claim to buy these games to own the sjws. the amount of times you see these companies with barely any name to them when they make a game about violence or have big tiddy girls in it they always seem to supposedly get this kinda controversy. from the sounds of it sending death threats and stuff is now a full time job.
  2. i've played most the stuff i wanted on there like uncharted games over the years and bioshock hollow knight i tried before and didn't really like it or it just didn't click is the better way of saying. vampyr and shadow of war are two game i did wanna try but not spending money on kinda deal. they where pretty good as apart of plus. while i renewed my plus so i can get stuff like savings and online back up saves and all that i went with ps now for games as there's just more stuff i'm either interested in already there or they add new stuff that is something i have an interest in or looks cool.
  3. this is kinda eh. i think i played JC4 just after launch and it was serviceable. it wasn't great i'd rather just have played 3 as that atleast had more dumb explosive stuff. worms i might give a shot but i dunno i doubt it and rocket arena it just i dunno looks kinda meh.
  4. honestly i'd only jump ship to say pc if alot of the devs who make the weeb games i like mostly went from PlayStation platforms. i was thinking about the switch but with some performance issues those ports get it really ain't worth it just for a little less steam at the hot tub when you game lags out when you do simple actions.
  5. i was level 33 with about 14% now i'm level 447 with 47%
  6. its an indie rouge-lite procedural generated game with card game elements. we have had slay the spire for over a year now anyone who wanted that in a game has already got it. i also heard nothing about this game and i'm pretty into the indie scene of games and know others are as well. there's just also a major lack of marketing for it.
  7. as far as i remember Nintendo funded the sequel when no one else would. as sad as it is we probs won't see them on a sony system it is understandable why we wouldn't
  8. Honestly the bigger is that this update has broke hoxton breakout day 1 as it crashes just before you reach the 3rd objective to do before the garage so if you hadn't done it on death wish already youre shit outta luck. In terms of heists though on consoles the heists added by these updates either work flawlessly and feel fun or are a slog as they play at about 20 fps if that like with the new classic heist.
  9. i can't help with last wish but escalation is always going on with randoms on mars. its honestly not not hard to just find people doing it without using your own key up.
  10. i gotta admit i'm enjoying this patch more than i thought i would. i like how combat is sped up but not the pace of Diablo 3's able to do stuff in seconds. i love the new loot as it makes sense now to actually try equip gear that helps your build with stats needed unlike the power level where it was just equip the highest PLV. i think quality just dictates its minimum and maximum rolls within its level and rarity bracket.but i'm not too sure.
  11. Platinum #60 REVENANT SAGA fun 6/10 difficulty 2/10 only buy if its cheap and your buying something else. it ain't great. its fun enough for a kinda turn of the brain just watch some movies kinda game. also grind 100 rsp off the slimes at the start back up system data then buy stuff you want from the rsp shop save in a separate slot then re-download the system data back up. the game goes from wanting you to waste time on the grind to actually fun as you can oneshot bosses that are supposed to be hard.
  12. it's exclusive to the java version of minecraft.
  13. i currently use this one. i wish i could find a better video to show it off.
  14. oh i agree. this grind is terrible especially as ammo is super stingy and its not like headshots really help much on most things even at level 34 with 68% bonus damage on a gun upgraded to do more damage on headshots still can take a whole mag to drop some of armored guys even if the gun matches what they are weak too.
  15. saints row 3 and the ho boat trophy come to mind right away.