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  1. I just finished getting 100% on the HK version and without a doubt I will be doing all the other one's as well and as a fan of survival horror games this one is definitely on my top list so I highly recommend getting the plat and buying the dlc's. Besides some camera problems and the first person view in the executioner dlc which can screw you up everything else is really good and akumu isn't as bad as it seems yet some parts can be very frustrating .
  2. I just checked and I’m still getting an error
  3. Damn that's unfortunate thanks for letting me know.
  4. While I'm trying to connect to the server pressing O and X does seem to trigger the mp menu to appear and I can invite friends and search for a ranked match but unless I do that I continue to get an error. I haven't tried going for trophy yet but once I do I'll let you guys know if it worked. Hey I'll send you a FR as I want to try and see if is possible to earn the trophy
  5. tried to send PSN request for fat princess adventures.  i should be lvl 16 by monday and can start cakemare by then.  im halfway through my hard run now.  im archer class but can grind to warrior in case.

  6. Yes it did it started at 7pm EST for me and all the valor will unlocked once VGC is achieved
  7. The worst part is that the trophy is bugged for him so he will have to go for another run
  8. You’re welcome
  9. They work as I did it today and received my code after checkout in my case I was provided with the codes instantly not sure if Is like that all the time.
  10. The codes are provided instantly after checkout at least that was my case I did this 2 hours ago and I got the dlc’s.
  11. I suppose there's no other choice but I do appreciate all the replies and your helpful method Billy to avoid this from ever happening to me again. Thank you all
  12. The problem is the trophies we're synced overnight since I am a ps+ memeber so the method mentioned by billy wouldn't of worked in my case
  13. I think I should be unflagged because those trophies mentioned above we're earned while in a public game with cheaters present in the match . In my opinion I shouldn't be punished because of some stupid hackers who grant players with trophies and other in game items yet as I said earlier I sadly have no proof to prove otherwise .
  14. I totally agree with you they definetely don't match with the rest of the timestamps and that's why understand why I've been flagged but like I said before those games sadly are flooded with hacker/cheaters and there's nothing you can do about it .I unfortunately can't provide any sort of prove on my defense since it was on a PS3 console.
  15. No it doesn't if you'd checked all of my games aside from those two you would see that only waw and black ops have suspicions time stamp out of my 69 games .Besides last time I check hackers or cheaters don't work for their trophies which I sure as hell have done for mines.