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  1. Break's over, back to 7 more weeks for the semester. It was fun while it lasted :( 

    1. AlchemistWer


      Good luck Terra-kun!

  2. It's more likely he'd show the takedowns and Crash mode from Burnout.
  3. Who the hell though this stupid Bullet Time Battle was a good idea? I keep taking damage every time I replay this trial and im getting sick of it! What a stupid gimmick 

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    2. PooPDeePie


      I'm guessing you mean in kingdom hearts xD . For a sec I thought you were talking about Max Payne 3 and I was like has this guy lost his mind xD. Anyways good luck man :)

    3. Terra


      Actually it's Danganronpa :D

    4. mako-heart


      I just Plat that lmk if u need tips

  4. Play what you want to play. For example, I'm taking a break from Kingdom Hearts. I loved the game but don't really want to go it at for another week. I finished the story so I want to move on to Danganronpa and the 25th Ward Silver Case. I have games on my list that I love but I didn't get the platinum because I didn't feel it was necessary. I also play games that don't even have trophies. That's where my Nintendo's and PC come in handy!
  5. So what was the reason for Crash Bandicoot? The only trophies I see that are kind of weird is that you earned both 10 and 26 relics at the same time.
  6. After Sunday i need a real from KH. Optional bosses are getting tough and some of the enemies I need for the synthesis trophy are annoying to get! At least the Gummi ship missions are complete. 

    1. Super Sand Virginia

      Super Sand Virginia

      Quite the journey, this game! Enjoying it though?

  7. Goals for Kingdom Hearts today? Beat the final boss with by crappy beginner equipment and don't use a continue. Then go back and do all of the grind trophies before I do speedster. Hopefully tackle Hades Cup and start with the Synthesis

  8. After four months the trophy list gets synced. I wonder what took them so long...
  9. Wondering if this is possible for Kingdom Hearts. If I make a separate save file, beat the End of the World to get the Undefeated and Unchanging Armor trophies and then reload my original save, wait til the 100 hour mark and re-do the final boss to get Speedster but this time being able to use different equipment? I really want to use my arsenal or keyblades I stacked up but I don't want to negate Speedster

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    2. Elvick_


      I found speed run easy but I did switch at the end my equipment since I found it hard doing to not die when doing so little damage, and then when I didn't have to worry about speed just grinded a bit so that crappy default equipment was a little more offset by my level. Still need to go back and finish but am sad I have to play through again since I'm dumb and saved after continuing with Maleficent. I just didn't want to go through there again,but... forgot about that trophy :(

    3. RizzleAbbey12


      Yeah, the Synthesis trophies are definitely one of the longest things to do in this game. I've only crafted 12 items which I made from materials I found while playing through the story, but now I've got to farm and actively collect them, they seem to have dried up 🙃. I'm really starting to hate the Pink Agaricus in the Deep Jungle!

      The Kingdom Key is super pants when you get past a certain point in the game and I got so frustrated with it in the end. I literally couldn't wait to finish the game just so I could change my Keyblade!


      Anyway, good luck with getting the Undefeated and Unchanging Armor trophies 😄! If you haven't already, I'd definitely recommend getting Aeroga as this saved me so many times in the final boss fights and also deals some pretty great damage while you have it cast on Sora. 

    4. Terra


      @RizzleAbbey12 Luckily I have Aeroga and Curaga so I think I'll be set. Also have 12 Mega-Potions, 7 Megaelixirs, and 14 Mega-ethers. 


      @Elvick_ Boss battles are a pain with the default keyblade. I still have not even touched the equipment tab to equip anything even though I've acquired so many. The game was easy up until after I cleared Hollow Bastion. Only died once at the beginning so far but I didn't use a continue. Hope you go back and continue it!

  10. Almost near the end of the story for Kingdom Hearts but I'm at 25 hours. Time to do some side stuff to reach that 100 hour mark. However, I don't think I'll be able to get the all of the keyblades, staves, and shields until after I complete the story. Ugh, 15 hours to do all of that may be tough

    1. Avatar_Of_Battle


      You should be able to get it all done before 100 hours. Are you on Proud that's why you're saying that? You also don't need to do all the weapons and such in 15 hours. Just beat the last boss after the clock "resets" before it reaches 15 hours. Then you can take as long as you want doing whatever you want.

  11. After a year in the closet, I finally found the space to hang my Persona 5 poster. I think it looks great next to my Final Fantasy one!


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    2. Terra


      @Super Sand Virginia The only remaining one I have left. Had some decent N64 games but I sold them many years ago stupidly and I'm trying to get them back along with a system. The other one I have left is Forsaken 64 :/ 

    3. Super Sand Virginia

      Super Sand Virginia

      Funny that Forsaken 64 was not forsaken LOL. 


      Many good N64 games cheap but havent checked prices in a while, maybe things have changed?

    4. Terra


      There are specific ones I'm looking for that I played when I was a kid. Super Mario 64, Dr. Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, Cruisin USA, and another one but I can't remember it! Need a system before I invest in any more games. Everywhere I look it's like 50-60 for one so meh, hoping I'll find one for $20 

  12. Looks identical to the PS3 list. Only reason I’ll probably get this is for the DLC. Honestly, the PS3 images look better