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  1. My children died, house caught fire, and the I was paid a visit from the repo man. I shouldn't have left the Sims 2 running that long.

    1. MarsipanRumpan


      Jesus fuck almost got a heart attack by reading the first part. I though it would say like "I shouldn't have left the stove on" and felt heartbroken for you, didn't help I was coming straight from the news of the terror attack in spain. 
      You fooled me good dude

    2. Terra


      I should have worded it differently...I apologize 😓

    3. MarsipanRumpan


      Haha its okay bud :)

  2. Reload the save and try again. It probably glitched out on you
  3. Next game on backlog- Horizon Zero Dawn. I hope the wait was worth it

    1. PooPooBlast
    2. EternalChaos72


      It's a fantastic game, you won't be disappointed :) 

  4. If only...stupid typo. I highly recommend Destroy All Humans. One of my favorite series of all time!
  5. I'll probably be picking up Final Fantasy VIII for $7.99. I've kept avoiding it for too long.
  6. Platinum #91 - Need For Speed (2015). Can't wait for my next game on the backlog list!

  7. Red Alert 3: Commanders Challenge. I feel it's lengthy requirements and skill level are worthy of a platinum
  8. Just curious...


    Does your username "Terra" come from "Terrestrial?" That's the heat produced by the earth after getting heated from Insolation (Incoming Solar Radiation), which is the heat produced by the sun. 😊

    1. Terra


      Actually I never thought of it that way 🤔

    2. AlchemistWer
    3. Mesopithecus
  9. I can consider Need for Speed platinumed. Just need to complete six more daily Challenges though :/

    1. wuthg21


      congrats for now =) 


      Going for the 100%? ( which i don't suggest )

    2. Terra


      100%? I don't think so. Those prestige Challenges are hard to beat

    3. wuthg21


      Wise choice my man :lol:

  10. Looks like it requires multiple playthroughs but I like that it has different modes for each year the game was released. Trophy images aren't to bad either
  11. Alice Madness Returns. Now there's a game I've been wanting to play!
  12. Shadow of the Colossus!
  13. Did anyone manage to get the Limited Run releases of Night Trap and The Bunker today? eBay prices for Night Trap are looking horrendous!

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    2. Thropy_Hore


      this demographic doesn't care though; I've met several collectors that avoid digital at all costs, even if it means paying wayyyy more dough

    3. DaisyVilla102


      Yowza! 💸 

      I figure it's a mix of reasons... some people are probably truly nostalgic for it, some people want own something exclusive, and some people want to cash in on the desires of the first two groups of people :P  I'm sure there's other types out there's but I feel like these are the primary driving factors 🤓

    4. OhDearGodRun


      Pretty sure this was one of the games responsible for the creation of the ESRB (Besides Mortal Kombat). That's pretty much all I know about it, so I'm not too interested in the re-release.

  14. So determined to platinum Need For Speed its all i can think about. I will beat this!

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    2. Terra


      Ugh. It would've been a nice ultra rare one too :/. Congrats though that you were able to snag it. The only trophies I can obtain now are the goal attacks and the drive 5,000 miles trophy.

    3. EternalChaos72


      Lol thanks, I wish R would announce another MC game but they're taking their sweet ass time :( 

    4. Terra


      It'll be ten years next year since one came out. Midnight Club and Burnout have sadly just been forgotten about 

  15. PS4: Need For Speed/Rocket League Vita: CollarXMalice PC: Sims 2 My goal is to complete the three games before the end of the month. For The Sims 2? That'll never end.