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  1. What are some of your guys favorite or least favorite substories from Yakuza 6? In my personal opinion the best ones were the Snack New Gaudi ones and the ones with Ono-Michi-Kun. A close runner-up would be the Girl Who Lept Through Time.
  2. I recently played Twin Mirror and was shocked to see how low the reviews were for it. In my opinion, the game was better than what reviewers made it out to be. I was disappointed to see how most of the characters introduced were not given bigger backstories (citizens of Basswood). Also, for the majority, the dialogue and voice acting were atrocious, with a few exceptions (Anna, Sam, Joan). Additionally, the unskippable dialogue made parts of the story drag. However, despite all the negatives (as the reviewers pointed it out), the visuals were breathtaking, Basswood looked incredible and the amount of details that went into several of the buildings were wonderful. Additionally, the Mind Palace sequences were well designed and honestly, the most entertaining and interesting part of the game. Also, while the story was short, it was at the least, entertaining. The game does have a lot of negatives against it, especially in terms of the dialogue and voice acting. However, most of the hate seems to come from Sam being selfish, which I 100% disagree with. He may not be as likable as the previous Dontnod protagonists (Max & Chloe) but he doesn't try to let his own issues affect the people he cares about (depending on the choices you make in the game). So, what are your guys opinions? Did you like it? Hate it?
  3. Taking a long hiatus for a few months. Im in the process of moving and with grad school in session I don’t have the time nor motivation to play. Maybe once I move in to the new place but alas, consider this a farewell for the time being.

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    2. Honor_Hand


      I hope everything goes well with the move. Once you're all set in your new place, you'll probably get the motivation to get into gaming again. I know I didn't get back into it after like a year of having moved, and although that was mostly due to other reasons, after one year without anything to play on my new place I was like, "Shit, I need to get all my consoles and games here somehow" and so I did. :P


      Anyways, see you soon. :wave:

    3. Terra


      Thanks guys! :D

    4. MidnightDragon


      Bye for now and good luck

  4. Haven’t played games in nearly two weeks :/. Been busy. Bought Raging Loop for free today so thats added to my backlog. I pre-ordered Disaster Report for PS4 but thats probably the last of my gaming purchases for a long time. 

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    2. PooPooBlast


      Hope you enjoy man! It's good to takr a break every once in a while. 



    3. Terra


      @LucileRosethorn Agree! Not to many of those games are made anymore. Last ones were on the Ps2 i believe.

      @PooPooBlast Thanks :D. Ill be jumping back into SpiderMan when I get the chance to get that platinum!

    4. PooPooBlast


      Spiderman was fun but imo it was alright. I'm a DC guy after all though which may have played a part in that (and the bajillion crimes)

  5. Two new games for Christmas. SpiderMan: GOTY Edition and AI: Sominum Files. Got $50 GameStop card to get one more though. Not sure what yet. 

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    2. Terra


      @MidnightDragon Maybe wait till a sale? Or save it for a 2020 release date game?


      @Yuna4353 Nice haul. Been looking at Tales of Vesperia myself.

    3. DistantFox


      Ai The Somnium Files is my GOTY, I loved it so much. Have fun with it!

    4. MidnightDragon


      @Terra Have an idea now for the Amazon. For Best Buy, will hold onto it.

  6. Merry Christmas to all my friends on here! And to everyone else :D 

  7. Finished Fire Emblem: Three Houses and sorry to say i was disappointed with the ending. I chose the Blue Lions arc and while I was invested, payoff just felt weak. Don’t feel like giving it a second run.

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    2. Terra


      Yeah. More of the fact it just ends there and all I got was text describing what happened after. Not even some decent cutscenes

    3. Yuna4353


      Yea @Terra I think they did that because of budget who did you get with if I may ask. and honestly the second run is mostly the same (except for the second half) 

    4. Terra


      If you mean by ranks, I was supposed to marry Annette but I had to wait after the war to see it (which I never did). I sided with Dmitri though for the second half of the game.

  8. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II: Relentless Edition is on sale on Amazon for $29.99! 


    Link for those interested:


    1. LunarCharm


      Awesome.  That's a good deal.  P3 Dancing also dropped to $19.99. :)

    2. Masamune


      I recently got the Early Enrollment edition of Trails of Cold Steel III on there for $40. Too bad it doesn't have a steelbook like that one though. 😅

  9. 100% agree. I can play games from twenty-thirty years ago and they still look good me too. Graphics are great but I feel gameplay, story, and characters drive the game more.
  10. Plat #182 - Storm Boy. Last of the easy platinums done!

  11. Plat 181 - Fullblast. One more easy game to go even though I didn't find Fullblast that easy.

  12. Having both is fine. If it really bothers you though, pick the one you play the most and you feel you will get more out of.