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  1. I only have Tokyo Twilight for the PS3 but I saw that the PS4 version was $10.00 on Amazon brand new so I'm tempted to pick that up but no one has platinumed it yet. I wonder how hard it must be for that to happen. Kyoto Winds is only have a game then? Ouch, I think I'll wait until it drops in price to buy it. That wasn't a smart move by Idea Factory to do that. For XBLAZE? Well let me see if I explain it to you without giving away any spoilers. It's not really an otomate VN but more of a mystery VN with your protagonist trying to discover the cause of a terrible accident and he soon discovers a bigger plot behind it all. That's the idea for Embyro. For Memories? I couldn't really tell you, it jumped all over the place too much to make sense. I can only recommend the first one. It's optional? I hope that's the case. And I agree, VN's are better for the Vita. However, I did enjoy playing Steins;Gate/Steins;Gate 0, Root Letter, Nonary Games and Psycho Pass on my PS4.
  2. No More Heroes was a tricky one to find. I eventually found it at a local GameStop for $8.99. I have the Wii versions but I couldn't get used to the controls so I'm thrilled to use a normal controller to enjoy the game. To bad it doesn't include No More Heroes 2
  3. Chaos Child is another one that I heard is going to be coming out later this year but I'm not sure if it's for PS4 and Vita or just for PS4. The one's that I've bolded are the ones that I'm currently missing from my collection. I have the Nonary Games, Psycho Pass and Root Letter for the PS4 so I have to get the Vita versions of those eventually. I heared Hakuoki is not that much different from the PS3 version that I already own so I may pick it up to keep my Limited Edition of Shinsengumi still sealed. Danganronpa utilizes the rear touchpad? Oh dear...maybe I should've went for the PS4 versions instead. Oh well, I'm sure I'll manage. Oh, do you know about the XBLAZE visual novels? I would look into those. Code Embyro is pretty decent but Lost Memories is pretty terrible.
  4. Star Wars Jedi Starfighter. I would have never imagined a Star Wars game to be that challenging.
  5. I loved this game but I wouldn't replay it again. I had to do it twice four years ago and because I knew everything that was going to happen, It made it more of a chore. Those collectibles were a pain to collect too.
  6. Only the PS4 version of Steins Gate 0 is on sale, not the Vita
  7. Platinum #79 - The Town of Light. One more to #80!

  8. Sing
  9. Picked up the first two Danganronpa games today for $30.00 along with Horizon Zero Dawn, Senran Kagura Estival, Nobunagas Ambition and some more PS3 titles. What to play first after Town of Light? Still need to finish Persona 5 in the process

  10. Tears To Tiara. I don't see many with the platinum!