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  1. I was using it a few hours ago while doing Trivial Pursuit and it worked just fine. That site just isn't what it used to be anymore sadly.
  2. Trivial Pursuit - 6/10 - Enjoyable but dated
  3. SOMA
  4. KH: Birth by Sleep
  5. Impressive. 10/10
  6. The Souls series. Demon's Souls to Bloodborne. I don't need any more broken Dualshocks.
  7. I had it happen to me too. I was OCD updating :/
  8. 163 - Trivial Pursuit Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 6/10 Honestly, It's not that bad of a game. There's three modes you can choose from: Classic, Friend vs. Facts, and Clear The Board. I personally found Classic the best option because of its simplicity and unnecessary gimmicks. In short, you have to answer either Science/Nature, Arts & Literature, Geography, History, or Entertainment questions to fill a wedge and then once the wedge is filled, make it back home and you win (at least for Classic mode). The problem I had with this game is it's age. This came out in early 2009 so all of it's questions are only from 2008 and down. I got one's wrong simply for the fact that the fact is outdated. The biggest offender of this category is Entertainment so unless you remember the movie,music, and pop culture scenes from 2006-2008, you'll need to have Google handy to get any right. A good game, but one I won't return too. Stick to a more modern game with updated facts if you want a similar experience
  9. Platinum #163 - Trivial Pursuit (PS3). A very dated trivia game

  10. Yakuza 4 is one i'd like to have.
  11. Tomorrow im going to do a PS3 game for a Valentines Day Platinum! I picked Trivial Pursuit because it’s one of the shorter ones of my Backlog. 

  12. Not sure what to tackle next in Kingdom Hearts III. Synthesis? or the Recipes? With so much content left it's a bit overwhelming! 

    1. DrakeHellsing


      I would say the recipes myself, mostly because from the Flans, if you manage their high score, you'll get one to the Orichalcum+ in the process.