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  1. Never heard of it
  2. Gummi Ship trophies in Kingdom Hearts III down! All I need to do now is the Master Chef trophy, the remaining mini games and then finish with synthesis and that plat is mine! Hopefully before the month ends 

    1. Yuna4353


      Good job, I am planning on finishing the story this weekend than coming back to it after a while 

  3. I did at Level 50 using Highwind, lots of magic, and lots of Ethers, Elixirs and Payback Strikes to defeat it. I had a Kupo Coin in my inventory that prevented me from dying so I recommend having that in your arsenal just in case. I managed to defeat him with lots of countering and combos.
  4. I managed to beat Dark Inferno in Kingdom Hearts III on my first try at only Level 50. I call that impressive. Can't believe I'm almost done with the game though :(

  5. It should be tied to your account still regardless of the version.
  6. Hardware Rivals. Might be a pain to do now
  7. SOMA’s At 100%! But it hit hard. Frightening message for the future but enjoyable all the way

  8. Only got to 35 but that's 5 levels up in a short time so I hope they do another one shortly.
  9. Weekend goal met! Up to Level 35 in Battlefront II, got that pesky hero trophy, and with my brother out, the new game room has started to take shape. Just needs some painting and by March it’ll be all set! But, one day at a time first. SOMA for tomorrow then Kingdom Hearts III to get that platinum!

  10. After playing Kingdom Hearts III I decided to catch up on the three Disney movies I haven't seen yet. Just gone done with Tangled and I was thoroughly entertained and invested the whole way. Don't know why it took me nearly 9 years to finally see it but I would watch it again. Frozen? Eh, that one's going to be harder to handle

    1. Yuna4353


      what is the thrid one you have to watch. Also tangled was very well done and Tangled had the best world in my opinion in KH3 

    2. Xerxes


      Big Hero 6. Not sure how that will go

  11. I was using it a few hours ago while doing Trivial Pursuit and it worked just fine. That site just isn't what it used to be anymore sadly.
  12. Trivial Pursuit - 6/10 - Enjoyable but dated
  13. Crysis 2
  14. SOMA