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  1. What about this "glitch"? Still working?
  2. Shadow of Mordor 100% or BO 3 plat
  3. Still works with two controllers. (split screen method). Make sure player 1 should not move until player 2 sits in the chair and the menu is loaded. It will not give u a prompt to sit down mind u so u have to do a small trial and error around player 2 until u can sit down.
  4. Forget the expert difficulty. Head for the GHTV and beat the online related trophies. You have to grind...a LOT for the strummilionare. If you can reach an avarage 95%+ on the regular songs in GHTV on advanced difficulty, than you can beat the Imagine Dragons in GH Live. Trust me! It's about practice. Guitar Hero Live is my first GH game... i bought it on october and a played a LOT! I've started on beginner difficulty! Finally achieved the Oh you fancy in January.
  5. You can strum ~2000 in an avarage track. Ohh boi.
  6. 600.000 left.
  7. This works but... If you played the game on normal mode, the chapter select works also in normal mode. So. If you want to play on chronological order, you have to start the game from the beginning.
  8. Oh Thank you! And the "endgame agenda" is the same but on right before the ending?
  9. <- And that.
  10. C'mon guys... Don't worry. They gonna patch it. The Battlefront 1 had a bugged trophy too but they've patched it in the next update.
  11. BustedUnanimously identify who has the Hidden Agenda Can somebody explain what should we do for this trophy?! Thank you
  12. Woa... I'm gonna stop @ lvl49 until further updates...
  13. I've played waaay more than 30 game and still not popped up for me the last trophy.
  14. Thanks Mate. I have the stage 1-5 on *** I almost got the stage 6 but a random guy joined and messed up the whole cliff-glitch thing. 😤 Still need the lvl 5 weapons. M14 & ak.
  15. Hey Guys? Any difficulty difference playing on solo or with friends? I mean, for example... the boss has more health or something?!