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  1. Yeah! Congrats!
  2. I got it on wave 30 (solo) with a very-very easy method. You dont have to train them. Just go to the belly of the beast and just teleport back. Than you get a fresh spawn. Now throw a Lil' Arnies here (on the front-left side). So every attracted zombie are in plain sight. You can "beam" them before the Lil'Arnie kills them. It won't work while zero gravity is active on eisendrache. if it's turned on then the zombies will not run as fast. You can use this methon on the other portals of course. I got it on the Mob of the Dead. I think it's better.
  3. Just take a Locus from the box. I suggest to play it coop because the other guy can defend you. I'll help you if you need somebody. Instakill doesn't count.
  4. Mp trophies can be boosted with two players? Or it needs more players like 3 or 4?
  5. I dont think so... i've checked your profile and, you don't have to worry anything. It's very doable for you.
  6. The health, stamina, deadeye level is carried over via replay? Or you got a full stock Arthur?!
  7. When you get the Master of will get the another 2 with the personal decoratory trophy.
  8. Yep! But "imo" it's easier with two controllers.
  9. Yeah! I'm still grinding the camos on Hypocenter so still did not finish the level. Maybe that is the problem. Yes! But my problem is the "Decorated III". Why is it just 9/11 and not 10/11?!
  10. Hey Guys! How can i get the last two?! Decorator III is the only one left, and the camo-s of course but it's still 9/11. How? What is the 11th?! It's very confusing. So I've every campaing challenges except the decorator III. But one of the medals needs the decorator III. I don't get it...
  11. What about this "glitch"? Still working?
  12. Shadow of Mordor 100% or BO 3 plat
  13. Still works with two controllers. (split screen method). Make sure player 1 should not move until player 2 sits in the chair and the menu is loaded. It will not give u a prompt to sit down mind u so u have to do a small trial and error around player 2 until u can sit down.
  14. Forget the expert difficulty. Head for the GHTV and beat the online related trophies. You have to grind...a LOT for the strummilionare. If you can reach an avarage 95%+ on the regular songs in GHTV on advanced difficulty, than you can beat the Imagine Dragons in GH Live. Trust me! It's about practice. Guitar Hero Live is my first GH game... i bought it on october and a played a LOT! I've started on beginner difficulty! Finally achieved the Oh you fancy in January.
  15. You can strum ~2000 in an avarage track. Ohh boi.