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  1. Oh Thank you! And the "endgame agenda" is the same but on right before the ending?
  2. <- And that.
  3. C'mon guys... Don't worry. They gonna patch it. The Battlefront 1 had a bugged trophy too but they've patched it in the next update.
  4. BustedUnanimously identify who has the Hidden Agenda Can somebody explain what should we do for this trophy?! Thank you
  5. Woa... I'm gonna stop @ lvl49 until further updates...
  6. I've played waaay more than 30 game and still not popped up for me the last trophy.
  7. Thanks Mate. I have the stage 1-5 on *** I almost got the stage 6 but a random guy joined and messed up the whole cliff-glitch thing. 😤 Still need the lvl 5 weapons. M14 & ak.
  8. Hey Guys? Any difficulty difference playing on solo or with friends? I mean, for example... the boss has more health or something?!
  9. The platinum is not a big deal.. If you play with friends ...whoever achive the trophy requirements got it. Well The Strongest Link is the hardest trophy...
  10. Is it possible to boosting the MP trophies with 2 players? I mean 1 on 1 game or it needs at least 4 players?!
  11. Assist count when it says elimination! I can confirm that. It popped for me around 20-25 marked <-> marked kill and i had the same amount of elimination assist. I definitely did not kill 50 market target.
  12. Same here.... But only with the Regera.
  13. Omg it was terribly hard for me. I fully upgraded 4 cars... i spend all my money for nothing... I bought the Huracan too (like one of the guides on yt) Same car, same spec, same track(zone).... He got 30.000 pts in the corner... i got 5000. Now i have 30/30 with the R35 premium...just......10-15 hours of trying. No big deal... Rinse and repeat. And still dont know the technique...
  14. You dont have to talk anybody.... No new events on the map?
  15. Thank you Guys! I was scared because it was a common issue 2 years ago...i thought they patched the deck too...not just the trophy. Im on the third playtrough just for the Card Collector but it's enough for me. Im near the beginning and dont want to started a fourth playtrough.