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  1. I killed 3 of them. Bogano, Dathomir and Zeffo... but i saw the albino spider only once. I skipped it on my story playtrough because it killed me. But now... on my cleanup i can't find it anymore. That damn albino spider not spawning. What the hell?
  2. Yeah... It was a fresh start two weeks ago... I wanted to play with the latest upgraded version to avoid glitches. yiiiiiss
  3. Yeah... And i also hate this type of trophies. One trophy with a tons of tasks/work, like "personal decorator on COD: BOIII. So i have to play the whole game again from scratch...and make it 100% for one f*ckin trophy.
  4. I've got the trophy for all scavenging that's mean..yes. I also played an upgraded game from the beginnig.
  5. Digital.
  6. Trophy for scavenging locations and history relics popped, wasteland challenges 190/191.... i’ve played with The latest updates from the beginnig.... Almost 80 hours... Grrrr
  7. So....i've f*cked? I have 39 scavenging locations left...(icon) The statistics said 188/ 227 (39) challenge said 151/191....(40)
  8. Forget the guide. Just go each location and listen. It makes a unique buzzling noise and it's loud enough.
  9. Drones: Careful with the powerpyx guide. I've checked every area and i've found on a different spot in a mentioned location. So the screenshot is not useful at all. Actually it can be everywhere.
  10. Shaw: The trucks with 4 ppl (3 on the back of the truck). (Squad ofc) is a good opportunity. For Woods: Well... Flying with the chopper is not just a task. It's the best vehicle to find a good loot / hiding spot. If you have a good headphones it's okey in solo because you have to survive it anyway...If you die but your teammate wins the match... it's not enough. Bruno: His item is in the LAST supply drop. :/ But you should try it on the Alcatraz. I saw his item a few days ago. Much easier on that close quarters map.
  11. Is that any trophies in the Dead of the Night DLC which can not be obtained in casual difficulty?! Except the EE ofc.
  12. Yeah! Congrats!
  13. I got it on wave 30 (solo) with a very-very easy method. You dont have to train them. Just go to the belly of the beast and just teleport back. Than you get a fresh spawn. Now throw a Lil' Arnies here (on the front-left side). So every attracted zombie are in plain sight. You can "beam" them before the Lil'Arnie kills them. It won't work while zero gravity is active on eisendrache. if it's turned on then the zombies will not run as fast. You can use this methon on the other portals of course. I got it on the Mob of the Dead. I think it's better.
  14. Just take a Locus from the box. I suggest to play it coop because the other guy can defend you. I'll help you if you need somebody. Instakill doesn't count.
  15. Mp trophies can be boosted with two players? Or it needs more players like 3 or 4?