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  1. Community games are fixed. 4 player is enough again... Every misc. trophy is a piece of a cake...
  2. It depends on luck. I made a massacre on all gigs with my overpowered guns. Even if the fixer said "you should play sneaky".... Hiding was never an option for me. I got every trophy. Once i had to skip times for the last blue icon. I had to skip like...4-5 times, and a game restart fixed for me.
  3. Hmm! Thanks. But where can i find the guy?! His apartment is locked. :/
  4. Happy together??
  5. I've checked my diary and it says the "happy together" mission/ Job is failed? Wtf? I missed something? So i have another playtrough for the watson region trophy?!
  6. Same. The trickster door bugged on lvl 12 for me. I've cleaned the trickster room, but it still count as unopened. So i opened it again. -1 key. :/
  7. Okay! What the heck should i do??? I've already completed those event. I've friends ahead of me But the game isnt recommend those events... :/
  8. How can i start the porsche, lamborghini pack missions? I can't see those races on the map. Should i finish the main story first?
  9. Now it's much easier. You can use your current, active horse on replays, and you get 3 snake oil-s. If you replay with an arabian horse, the time limits are soooo easy.
  10. Let me tell you something... My first try to get FC on demons was late october... I got the "Ohh you fancy trophy" on mid january. 2 months of constant trying and practicing... I've almost gave up. Actually in the end i realized that the timing was all along bad in my mind, or in my i had to force myself to learn the correct timing.
  11. Platted without any issues. Just waiting to be synchronized..
  12. I killed 3 of them. Bogano, Dathomir and Zeffo... but i saw the albino spider only once. I skipped it on my story playtrough because it killed me. But now... on my cleanup i can't find it anymore. That damn albino spider not spawning. What the hell?
  13. Yeah... It was a fresh start two weeks ago... I wanted to play with the latest upgraded version to avoid glitches. yiiiiiss
  14. Yeah... And i also hate this type of trophies. One trophy with a tons of tasks/work, like "personal decorator on COD: BOIII. So i have to play the whole game again from scratch...and make it 100% for one f*ckin trophy.
  15. I've got the trophy for all scavenging that's mean..yes. I also played an upgraded game from the beginnig.